I am the Dobbs of Hell Fire!

Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 19:32:22 +0300
From: Ilya Kolpakov <kolpak@ttk.ru>
To: jwz@jwz.org
Subject: XFlame and XScreenSaver deafult settings

Hi Jamie.

I wasn't sure whom it was better to write to - you or XScreenSaver Debian maintainer, so I've written to you both. Sorry if i disturbed you wrongly.

I think that xflame screensaver should be disabled by default or its default bitmap should be changed/removed.

It has suddenly appeared on my home PC yesterday, while my sister was working. I've never touched XScreenSaver settings - it was picked at random (default setting) from a defalut list. The PC's running Debian Sarge.

In its current state, whith this default smoking face picture, it may be a bit terrifying for an impressionable person. Its associations whith hell and devil are quite clear, assuming it is also offensive for the faithful.


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41 Responses:

  1. pdx6 says:

    Yes, please remove all offensive content from your fancy screen saver program, especially that bouncing cow: the bovine abuse alone! Won't someone please think of the cows?!

    Sigh. Some people.

  2. kfringe says:

    I agree. The Bob portrait can indeed disturb a faithful Sub Genius. Should you ever find one, I would support replacing it with a bitmap Piss Christ in order to avoid further confusion.

  3. badger says:

    1) If the screensaver cut in, the sister wasn't working.

    2) Is there a face he'd prefer depicted in the flames? Perhaps Joan of Arc? Or anyone else martyred by fire?

  4. korgmeister says:

    As a Christian, I am offended by Ilya's implication that I am some manner of easily frightened weenie.

    • strspn says:

      I wonder if the package maintainers will ever figure out how to put webcollage back into its original essentially nonporn mode by random word selection from /usr/dict. That has got to be one of the best stories of all time: the larger the dict, the less porn shows up.

      There is a lesson in there somewhere.

      The most interesting software opens the dictionary.

  5. remaker says:

    "Fuck 'Em If They Can't Take A Joke."

  6. gible says:

    kewl! I don't even use a screen saver, but if that is portable to windows I'll leave it going for ooo at least 5 mins, and I promise to turn it on for my evangelist mother's next visit :)

  7. n3nbb says:

    I'd have thought the response would have to be something along the lines of "yes, I can remove it, all you need to do is send a check to..."

  8. In its current state, whith this default smoking face picture, it may be a bit terrifying for an impressionable person.

    READ: "As hell is a literal reality for me, the tangible fear of which I choose to shape my life around, this screensaver could not be more disturbing if it started spitting aborted fetuses onto my keyboard."

    Delusion: it's what's for dinner!

  9. jerronimo says:

    Dear Ilya;

    I have looked through my screensaver, and I do not have the flaming head screensaver that you mentioned in your letter. I believe that your problem is that your computer is posessed by a minion of the Devil.

    I suggest you bring it to your nearest temple of worship, and have it exorcised.

    Good luck


    • xtkayx says:

      OMG hahahahahahhahaha! this response has me rolling!

    • fgmr says:

      Hee hee, I was thinking that. "Dear Ilya, that screensaver was included as a warning to the faithful: it only shows up when the person at the computer is possessed by the devil. Perhaps you should drive a stake through your sister's heart right now, before the infection spreads through your community!"

      • ru_elio says:

        I advise you to drive a stake through _your_ dumb head. There's too little electricity in California to waste it on such a bastards. Your community will appreciate that.

  10. jgreely says:

    "My work here is done".

  11. bitpuddle says:

    Rectangles make me uneasy. Please remove Cynosure.

  12. mikesol says:

    The person who sent you this message has religious intolerance issues. As an ordained minister in the Church of the Subgenius, I find this offensive. Please remove this person from the Internet.

    Thank you.

    • jagger says:

      Religious intolerance is offensive to me. As an ordained minister of the church of the subgenius please remover everyone who wants someone remove from the internet from the internet.

      Thank you
      the mismanagment

  13. robcallahan says:

    Having now conquered the science classroom and the uterus, we will now move on to the home pc.

  14. ru_elio says:

    I still think that it's kind of ugly. I definitely don't want a little kid to see it.

    WebCollage screensaver is turned off by default, because there's a possibility that it will show an explicit image. I just think
    this screensaver should be turned off also. Am i crazy?

  15. ru_elio says:

    It was definitely a wrong decision to write you. If i've known you like staring at lime green text on a black background....

    Or you disable CSS in your browser, so only not-so-smart visitors are tortured?

  16. jagger says:

    Praise BoB

  17. ammutbite says:

    As an entirely unrelated Ilya, I am offended and disturbed by the association of the name with such assinine statements (both soft and Dobbs -wise)... unless it's sarcasm, but that's as likely as credible evidence of WMDs being the reason for anything.