Photos of the Death Guild 13th Anniversary:

Also, you should go see my lovely girlfriend's band on Friday. I have it on good authority that they will not be nearly so urine-soaked as their flyer:

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14 Responses:

  1. anti_tim says:

    Babyland AND Chemlab... together?? I have it on good authority that Bottom of the Hill will be packed tight that night.

  2. node says:

    What's with the dress code sign? Is that from some other club?

  3. jsbowden says:

    Wow, Chemlab are still around. That's awesome. I saw them, Die Warzau, and some little band called Nine Inch Nails all together back in 90.

  4. jkow says:

    you can tell her g/f that I do like her music :)

  5. xah_lee says:

    dear jamie,

    i'm collecting photos of girls with the ox horn hairdo.

    do you happen to have more good photos of it?

    i've used one from your site here:

  6. cobrabytez says:

    Is your g/f the third pic that you posted on this thread?

  7. What in the world was I hiding from again in that first pic? I remember admonishing you that my traumatized reaction had suddenly become staged for the camera, but not what had caused it!

    Ahhhhh, alcohol.