bringing fresh innuendo to the phrase "Uncanny Valley"

You've probably seen this a zillion times by now, but I would be remiss to not make it a zillion and one. A sports-bra company brings you simulated bouncing boobies. With wireframe. It's creepy.
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  1. azul_ros says:

    That is very strange...
    But it works to sell their product. I can say that, since I have boobs.

  2. bodyfour says:

    I assume this functionality will be in the next xscreensaver, correct?

  3. sethg_prime says:

    Quoth my wife: "Oh, that hurts!"

  4. beezari says:

    heh.. propaganda. the studies say that this wouldn't prevent sagging, rather works in the opposite way (due to athrophy).

    • inhumandecency says:

      What studies? I've heard that you can improve perkiness by working the pecs, but running-related sagging is due to stressing connective tissue, which doesn't strengthen the way muscle does. So I'd want to see citations before adopting an atrophy model.

      • beezari says:


        • rodgerd says:

          ...since google will happily tell me evolution is bunk, man never landed on the moon, and that the demolition of theWTC in New York was an elaborate Zionist plot in which no-one actually died, that's pretty much a non-answer.

        • inhumandecency says:

          If you make an assertion, I'm assuming that 1) you have the relevant information, and 2) you want me to believe you. Those both point to you just telling me what you read (or at least what search terms you used), rather than telling me to do my own lit search. Even if I succeed, I might not find the same information you had, and then it's even harder for me to learn anything from what you say.

            • jeremiahblatz says:

              The first link provided evidence relating to normal day-to-day activities, but did not say anything about vigorous exercise. I can see where they're going with it, but I don't think it addresses the concern that lots of bounciness may reduce the elasticity of the skin, thus causing the breasts to sag.

              In fact, this link on that site seems to support the idea that sagging can perhaps be maintained through skin elasticity.

              The second link was a straight assertion, with no evidence. If that convinced you, well, you're a trusting soul.

              This BBC articles cites Science that claims that jogging and other bouncy exercise sans bra contributes to breast sag. So, I find your assertion that bras categorically do not prevent breast sag to be highly dubious.

            • inhumandecency says:

              Thanks! This is interesting stuff. I still suspect that women with B-cup or larger breasts would really benefit from a sports bra during vigorous exercise (not to mention being a heck of a lot more comfortable), but it looks like the evidence regarding regular bra use is a lot more mixed.

          • beezari says:

            mostly the second link, i guess! :)

    • wormwood_pearl says:

      Even if you're right (which I doubt) Let me tell you that running braless, or even with a normal bra, really bloody hurts! Especially at vulnerable points in one's cycle :)

  5. inkbot says:

    i'm sold! ;)

    • bbsy says:

      For real. Only $40, too.

      • inkbot says:

        k, funny. i completely got this mixed up with a pair of motorcycle boots i was drooling over on another friend's lj. i thought $40, hot damn, gimme a pair! $40 for a bra, though, that's shock(absorber)ing! ;)

  6. ammonoid says:

    Am I the only one that finds the movement a little unnatural looking?

  7. romulusnr says:

    so now i can reenact the scene from Weird Science?

  8. xhugglesx says:

    I don't quite understand how the braless bounce more than the regular bra...

    • jeremiahblatz says:

      Fer real? Have you ever seen a boobie?

      .... because a bra constrains and provides a relatively non-elastic enclosure for the breasts.

  9. ex_sonjaaa says:

    Oh god! that's hilarious

  10. baconmonkey says:

    I'm sure sears will find it's catalog distribution cuts in half as young boys no longer need it.

  11. sazzoid says:

    I totally wanna know where I can get them locally lol.. hypnotic boobies

  12. shmivejournal says:

    A few days ago this link was advertised on Penn Jillette's radio show as the thing that would undoubtably bring about world peace.

    I enjoyed that.

  13. mysterc says:

    Permanent Damage!

  14. whittles says:

    ow ow ow. Watching that made my boobs hurt.
    effective advertizing. Makes me want to wear a sports bra all the time.

  15. wfaulk says:

    Is it just me, or do the animations show the regularly brassiered breasts bouncing significantly more than the nude breasts?

    • pfister_ says:

      Brassiered C looks pretty grotesque at light activity. The other combinations I tried don't. It's probably a bug.

      • nelc says:

        I was guessing that it might be a resonance effect, with the natural frequency of the C-cup boobie hitting the beat of the light activity. Wonder how often that happens in real life?

  16. sherbooke says:

    Lets face it (arf!) who here did not choose the largest size? Purely as a matter of science, natch

    • stickyboy says:

      Oh hell, not only that, but I regularly switched views and made OOMP tst OOMP tst techno noises to the beat.

  17. georgedorn says:

    Being propoganda, it's a bit exaggerated. Even with the a-cups, the nipple is leading the jiggling at yoga-level activity... I don't know any women in even the low levels of capoeira wearing an inferior not-made-by-this-company sports bra going home with sanded-off nipples, which this thing seems to imply happens at an activity far, far less.