Brand Necrophilia, part 4

" will be revived again by AOL, and will relaunch soon as a Digg-like user-driven news/aggregation site."

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139, 19, 0.

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12 Responses:

  1. acroyear70 says:

    is that more like Netscrape?

  2. sherbooke says:

    By this stage of the game you'd think they were doing this to taunt you.

  3. mikesol says:

    So wait, they're going to use the Netscape name and put it on a Web Portal?
    They could call it... the Netscape Netcenter!

    With the amount of community support you can get around a website these days, they'll probably make a whole web browser based around the name to capitalize on it. Marketers these days.

  4. figg says:

    Web 2.0 + Netscape = Netscape 2.0

  5. phoenixredux says:

    Cut off its head! Run for your lives! Zombie Netscape will eat your brains!!

  6. boldra says:

    Did you notice that some of those hits from google were competing search engines that had the phrase "brand necrophilia" as a stock phrase? My guess is somebot spidered your blog collecting hyperlinks matching /\/search?q=/ and then built a website with everything pointing back to their search.

    Even the hits that aren't search engines look like blogs where they just link back to your original article.

  7. jkonrath says:

    When I worked at Spry ten years ago, one of the products I worked on was Internet Office, which was a collection of crap tools like a browser, telnet client, gopher client, etc. I just googled it and found the name now belongs to a UPS/power strip.

  8. mark242 says:

    Seriously - Jason Calacanis has absolutely nothing positive to offer this world.

  9. cyeh says:

    I find it amusing and sad that AOL keeps trying to revive the 'Netscape' brand. I imagine someone somewhere at AOL ascending toward the lightening storm yelling 'GIVE MY BRAND LIFEEEEE!'.

    In all seriousness, it is possible to rebrand your name into something completely different. Nokia, for example, used to sell toilet paper and other paper products, rubber boots and underwater telecommnications cables before they stumbled into the cell phone business.

    • luserspaz says:

      The difference there would be that Nokia was a successful company that diversified and wound up focusing exclusively on one of the areas they diversified into, whereas Netscape would be a completely dead company whose corpse AOL keeps trying to throw at other markets to see if it will stick.

    • And now we have Time Warner's latest brand expansion... Netscape(TM)-brand Toilet Paper.