4th Amendment Shipping Tape

4th Amendment Shipping Tape:

"You can put this shipping tape on your packages and your airplane luggage. Every time I fly, my luggage gets a card in it telling me how 'for my protection' they have searched it. Now, when they open my luggage, they will have to literally slice the 4th amendment in half in order to do this."

Available at the EFF store, where I see they also sell the awesome Bill of Rights, Security Edition.

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  1. sc00ter says:

    Speaking of squashed rights, see these three parts of my district meeting where they talk about getting lawyers to come after my site (www.elvd.org)

    1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uy90ARJsVg
    2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2ad5FXcOhE
    3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g978M6fx7Ok

    There's more if anybody is interested.

    Seems the commissioner of our district doesn't like people speaking out against him.

    • violentbloom says:

      man what an asshole! so does he just have to much free time on his hands or what? I'm sure it serves the greater good to spend tax dollars on harassing you.
      The calling of the cops is pretty precious too.
      Maybe he should spend less time eating and more time excercising. I hear excercise helps with mental stability.

    • zarex says:

      What's the fuss all about? I took a look at the forum but it wasn't clear what the original conflict was.

      • sc00ter says:

        Well here's the deal, there's a lot of crap going on around here and the other emerald lake site (www.emeraldlake.org) had a forum. Well he started editing and deleting posts, so I got elvd.org and started my own forum.

        I used the district "logo" on my site, I was eventually asked to remove it, so I did.

        After the elections in January I asked the two knew commissioners if I could use it and they said yes, so I put it back up. Joe (the chair, in the middle of those videos) sent me emails asking to remove it agian.

        It went back and fourth until I eventually changed it to the USSR inspired one.

        Now, since he can't get the site shut down based on the logo he's trying to come after me and the forum members for slander and libel.

        The Best (for me anyway) example he gave was this quote from the other forum:

        "So it is up to you people to remove someone if you feel (in numbers) is not governing to your liking. And that means, holding secret meetings and keeping the community uninvolved and spending District capital frivolously. Make the call if you feel left out."

        I don't see how that's slander or libel or anything illegal.

  2. bassfingers says:

    Cool to see Security Edition in more places, but surprised to see EFF charging $10 for one when you can buy them directly from Dean for 4 bucks (or 3 for 9.99). I've IMed him to try to get his take on them marking up the price, but no reply yet.

  3. bassfingers says:

    Actually, the original post is talking about the tape, not the cards (which is what I was referring to). So jury is still out on those.

  4. usufructer says:

    I've been carrying around the Bill of Rights SE for a few years now. I went through airport security a few times with it, but didn't do the little play they suggest.

    It's convenient to have, though.

  5. malice_bd says:

    I love this.

    Just a note to let you know that I'm adding you. I talked to you years ago when you emailed me saying you had "heard there was someone with as big an ego" as you. x) I'm a friend of Alexis. Hi again.