zombie ships

Happiness: The Chinese zombie ships of West Africa

He's the 2nd mate, and says that he's been sitting here on his own for five days, awaiting a new crew, He doesn't know when they'll arrive. The trawler itself has been anchored here, at this spot, for three months.

"Is this ship ready for fishing?" we ask. "Yes, of course", he looks around, gestures at the deck. He seems surprised that we would ask. We're amazed it's even floating.

We had been told this was where old pirate fishing boats were left at anchor, abandoned. We didn't expect to find living people on board the dying ships.

Update: Part 2.


XScreenSaver 5.00b1

I've decided it deserves to be called a "beta" instead of an "alpha" now. Whee. And I've updated the XScreenSaver Web Superstore to acknowledge that there are now both MacOS and X11 versions. Let me know if all that sounds sensible (the audience has changed a lot, after all). Get source and binary from the Download page. And as always, the todo list is the stuff I'm still begging for help with.
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