XScreenSaver 5.00a13

Come and get it:

There is a memory corruption bug in image loading that I have been beating my head against for days, and have so far been unable to track down. If you have a Mac development environment, please help me figure out where it's going wrong...

    Some of the image-displaying savers will run for a little while, but most of them blow up immediately in some nonsensical place. Maybe the autorelease pool is getting corrupted? I've tried everything I know (MallocDebug, the various $Malloc* env. vars), and I've gotten nowhere.

    It probably has something to do with waiting for the result of a pipe, because the problem goes away if the "#if 0" is changed to "#if 1" in grabclient.c: osx_load_image_file_async() to make all images load synchronously instead of asynchronously. Perhaps this implicates jwxyz-timers.m, though I've stared at that code quite a bit.

    Update: I think this is fixed now. Thanks, zetawoof!

Other things that I'm still stuck on, and that I still haven't gotten any happy LazyWeb action on:

  • Why do none of my .saver bundles show up with a custom icon in the Finder, even though CFBundleIconFile=XScreenSaver in Contents/Info.plist, and Contents/Resources/XScreenSaver.icns exists?

  • Why is this getting logged every time you hit OK in the preferences dialog:
    "SaverTester[]: ScreenSaverDefaults does not respond to volatileDomainForName:"

  • If you delete all the text in a preferences text field (e.g., in sonar), this happens after hitting OK:
    NSRunLoop ignoring exception '-[NSCFDictionary setObject:forKey:]: attempt to insert nil value' that raised during posting of delayed perform with target 3d9ea0 and selector 'invokeWithTarget:'

  • Assertion failures seem to result in the program just hanging (in the event loop, with the screen perma-blanked). How do I make them cause the program to exit instead?

  • The image-generation preferences aren't displaying quite right; the radio-buttons don't come up selected by default, and the labels are wrong. Basically, I can't figure out how to use NSMatrix properly. (Code is in OSX/XScreenSaverConfigSheet.m: make_text_controls().)

  • The "Text File", "URL", and "Choose Random Image" fields in preferences should probably be spin-boxes that remember all previous entries into those fields in any of the screen savers. I don't know how to do either part of that.

  • When the "Image Directory" preference is long, the field displays the first part of the string; it should scroll to display the last part instead. I tried a few things, but I can't figure out how to do that.

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