xscreensaver 5.00a12

New and shiny:


  • I fixed a few bugs that could have wedged things. All but one survive my "click the mouse as fast as you can in System Preferences" test, which wasn't the case before, so that's promising.
  • Screen grabbing works, loading of image files works, and displaying the text of files and URLs works. The UI for configuring that stuff is crummy, though, and I could use some help with it.

  • XCopyArea and XDrawPoints are still slow. I sure hope I don't have to re-target the whole Xlib backend toward OpenGL instead of Quartz to fix this. Help, help.

  • I am still of the opinion that the malloc-error and object-lifetime-debugging tools on MacOS suck ass. They talk a good game, but I'm getting nothing from them. If you think this is crazy talk, then please show me up by doing this: run System Preferences under one of these tools; select the Carousel saver; and tell me where memory is getting smashed (and how you figured that out).

See the TODO list for more.

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parts, parts, parts

I suspect that when I post a link titled Dual Sex Japanese Torso, what's at the other end isn't what you were expecting.

I am compelled by some of this stuff, but then I remind myself that I don't really need more plastic junk taking up space on my desk. (And it's too late for valentine's day.) BTW, skin is gross.

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