stupid iTunes

So here's something really dumb:

  • You've been feeding CDs into iTunes and ripping them.
  • As they were being ripped, you were going through "Recently Added" and fix up the ones that have missing or bogus ID3 data.
  • Now you want to be a nice guy and submit your changes back to CDDB.
  • Nope. Can't get there from here.

As far as I can tell, the only way to make "Submit CD Track Names" work is to do the editing in the pseudo-playlist window that appears when the CD is inserted. If you've edited the metadata in any other window, there's no way to get those edits back into the "CD" window. This also means that you have to do all your editing before letting iTunes rip anything, or else (again) you have to do it twice.

bodyfour: I typed in all the info for your DG mix, but oh well. There's no fuckin' way I'm gonna do that a second time.

I guess maybe this could be repaired with Applescript, but I'd rather eat lint.

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Milky Lovers is a sex-doll brothel.
Meet the Uncanny Corpses:

It is someone's job to clean these.

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I've wanted one for a long time, so I finally bought one of these: a NixiChron Satellite controlled Nixie Clock. Wow, it is so awesome. The pictures on his web site do not do justice to how beautiful this thing is. And it is such a cool combination of Space-Age Technology and actual Futureness! It talks to satellites to display the time on vaccuum tubes.

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this time for sure, epilogue

I got my computer back today -- less than 24 hour turnaround, which was very nice! (What wasn't nice was that I had to spend more than an hour getting hostile at managers on phone and in person in order to make it happen fast, but at least it's done.)

So guess what the problem was? Go on, guess.

The last time they fixed it, the tech forgot to plug in one of the fans, so the other one was going nuts trying to take up the slack. Nice.

On the one hand, I feel a little silly that I didn't open it up and check for something so simple, but on the other hand, fuck that, when you get something back from the shop and it's still broken, you're supposed to turn right back around, not try to fix the non-fix yourself.

But, I'm surprised that in my googling I didn't turn up anything like "lmsensors" for the iMac, since that would have made it pretty obvious what was going on.

Ah, blissful fan-free quiet.

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"Dear Japanese People..."

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More horrors here.


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