setting view options on .dmg files

Dear Lazyweb,

How do I set the Finder view options on a .dmg file that I am creating?

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  • Create a writable .dmg file, and set your Finder view options the way you like.
  • Unmount that .dmg.
  • Remount it.
  • Save a copy of its .DS_Store file.
    (You have to do this dance because Finder only flushes changes out to the .DS_Store files when unmounting, or when you log out.)

To build your final .dmg file:

  • Creating a "staging" directory and populate it with your files.
  • Copy your saved .DS_Store file into the staging directory.
  • hdiutil makehybrid -hfs -hfs-volume-name NAME -hfs-openfolder STAGING STAGING -o TMP.dmg
  • hdiutil convert -format UDZO TMP.dmg -o FINAL.dmg

You should be able to do that in one step, but that doesn't work. If you don't do "makehybrid" first, and then convert it to a compressed format, Finder will ignore some of your view settings (like icons/list/columns).

A useful tool is Mozilla's "pkg-dmg" script: it supports creation of .dmg files that show a license agreement when mounted, and a bunch of other things. To download it:

    cvs -d co mozilla/build/package/mac_osx
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so, how about that Enceladus

"All these worlds are yours except Enceladus; attempt no landings there."

Observations from the Cassini spacecraft currently studying Saturn and its myriad moons shows Enceladus, one of the brightest objects in the Solar System, to be a geologist's dream, with an active plume spewing water and other material spaceward, as well as a hot spot of thermal activity at its south pole.

Enceladus' active nature points toward subsurface water reservoirs beneath its icy exterior, much like that believed to churn just under the surface of Jupiter's moon Europa, researchers said. But unlike Europa, which researchers believe harbors a vast ocean beneath kilometers of thick ice, Enceladus' water may be just below the surface.

"You've got liquid water, and it's liquid water interfacing with rock... and there's energy," NASA Cassini scientist Candice Hansen-Koharcheck told "We've got the very most basic ingredients here, and so that notches it up on the biological potential list."

"Any life that existed could not be luxuriant and would have to deal with low temperatures, feeble metabolic energy, and perhaps a severe chemical environment," Kargel wrote. "Nevertheless, we cannot discount the possibility that Enceladus may be life's distant outpost."

This sounds like pretty huge news to me: Enceladus has an atmosphere and liquid water -- not just ice -- and I think that makes it the first such place besides Earth where that environment is known to exist. That makes it more hospitable to life than Mars (unless you mean "Mars as of three billion years ago") and possibly more hospitable than Antarctica... The fact that the water is in a geologically active environment is also important, because odds are that you need not just water but a chaotic and mineral-rich environment to get life to kick-start itself.

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Last words: "Oh, Shit."

Father, son die in manure pond
'If you step in, it sucks you in,' sheriff says
GRANGEVILLE, Calif. - A dairy worker and his 8-year-old son died in a manure pit on the farm where they lived, authorities said Tuesday. Luis Gutierrez, 27, and Luis Armando Gutierrez went to feed calves Saturday night and apparently stumbled upon the manure pit in the dark, investigators said.
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