XScreenSaver 5.00 alpha 9

A new alpha, this time with binaries -- please give them a try, but don't be surprised if they wedge your computer and make you need to reach for the power button (I'm serious: the design of Apple's screensaver framework is dumb enough that this is an easy failure mode to achieve).

These are universal binaries, but 10.4 is required.

Please have a look at my todo list before running them.

I'm also interested in hearing about any problems you have with building/running the X11 version.

Questions for the Mac gurus:

  • Does the "Get Info" stuff in the various Info.plist files look sensible? (Does anything actually display CFBundleLongVersionString when CFBundleGetInfoString exists?)

  • What is the right way to eventually distribute these?

    • Is there any reason to use an installer instead of a .dmg?

    • What's the right way to automate the construction of that .dmg? Like, how do I make the icon for the "README" and whatnot go where I want it? Do I save and restore a magic .DS_Store file or something?

  • I can't figure out how to make the screen-grabbing code work. Help.

  • I can't figure out how to speed up XCopyArea. Help.

  • Is there some standardized way to say "this is the directory that image-manipulating screen savers should search for image files", or will each saver need to have its own preference for that?

  • I kinda hate how I had to add a "Shell Script" build phase to each target in XCode to get the right "Get Info" stuff into them. Well really what I hate is that the script runs every time you build whether anything has changed or not. Is there a better way to do this?

  • When I have to do stuff like "add a new build phase to each of the 200+ targets", is there any sensible way to automate that?

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