XScreenSaver 4.24

XScreenSaver 4.24 out now. Don't get too excited; this is just a bug fix release. There's no OSX stuff in this version, but I figured I should push these patches out before I bump the major version to 5.
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10 Responses:

  1. curious_jp says:

    Speaking of xss, did you ever get your debugging simplification problem fixed?

    • jwz says:

      No, apparently there's no way to have XCode communicate the name of the active target to the active executable.

      • curious_jp says:

        I don't know if this helps, but I've had some success using per target defines, e.g. setting "Preprocessor Macros" in Target Info -> Build -> Preprocessing to something like TARGET=\"flibble\" and then having a block in my main function that checks to see if TARGET is undefined, and if so, puts a "You forgot to set me, dope." message in. Then I just use TARGET like any other define.

  2. daveman692 says:

    When do we get XLiveJournal? :P

  3. loosechanj says:

    Should you be concerned in the least that I get 'Cannot open 'lots of shit': Too many files blah blah' when I configure? I'm not, since it doesn't seem to make any difference compiling. Just started with 4.23.

  4. hasturkun says:

    I'm getting some breakage in pinion, whenever I point to a gear,
    otherwise this release seems to be much speedier for me with the GL savers, at least