Talisman Against Workplace Injury

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  1. ultranurd says:

    There is a landscaping truck that operates near my neighborhood that has a very, very faded Elmo tied on top of its cab. I wonder how long it's been there.

    • quercus says:

      Is this unusual in the US?

      Here in the UK there isn't a dustcart (en-us: trash can emptying truck) that doesn't have a row of old cuddly toys tied to the radiator grille. It's where old Tellytubbies go to die.

      • ultranurd says:

        For a very rough estimate, between Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and Boston, I've seen less than 1 in 100 service trucks, probably lower, with stuffed animals on them. I don't remember ever seeing them in MN, but I've noticed them since I moved out East.

        Maybe it's an American Manliness thing?

      • jkow says:

        never seen anything tied to the radiator grilles of German garbage trucks.

  2. buz says:

    "Come Mr. Talisman, talis me banana."

  3. jkow says:

    the picture didn't come up first, and my brain read "Taliban Against Workplace Injury".. and I thought WTF? That'd be pretty difficult to enforce for those suicide bombers/pilots/whatever...