Shout Run

Shout Run: Many scenes of a walkman, sliding down a rope, screaming. This is inexplicably hilarious.
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16 Responses:

  1. psymbiotic says:

    LOL! That was really funny. :D

    Egan >:>

  2. hydrozoa says:

    right on, man.

  3. leolo says:

    The stuff of nightmares.

  4. latemodel says:

    It started out hillarious, but after watching it for a while, I decided it made better background music.

    I mean, seriously, how old-school industrial can you get? I kept having this feeling I'd heard that song before, and sure enough, it's like a long take of :zoviet*france:' Io!.

  5. gnat23 says:

    Oh, if only for editing!

  6. ellyjonez says:

    it's making my cats nervous.

  7. rosefox says:

    An entire generation of sociology students will be able to write their graduate theses on what makes that video funny. It's like the horror-flick version of The Way Things Go.

  8. fantasygoat says:

    It's funny because we enjoy the pain of small electronic devices.

  9. kraquehaus says:

    I didn't know you smoked such substances...

  10. angua2010 says:

    Uhm, No?

    What did I miss? I watched it and waited for the moment to like it but I just kept on waiting and wondering: Do they really show each location at least twice? Will I see that basement corridor one more time?

  11. The audio sounded more like a really poorly played oboe than someone screaming. The concept is dead brilliant, the execution left me trying to imagine the screaming sounds in search of giggles.

    Plus points for editing, though.

  12. ex_ilk says:

    Anyone find a mirror? Just will not load for me.

  13. skreidle says:

    ..I think my ears are bleeding.