Replaced By CGI Please Help

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22 Responses:

  1. I can't wait until I can sit in on my first Flesh Fair.

  2. stickyboy says:

    I want that cylon suit.

  3. cocoajava says:

    Brother, By Your Command, Can You Spare A Dime?

  4. kolene says:

    I know how he feels!

  5. hafnir says:

    He's not ecomonically viable.

  6. ralesk says:

    I immediately associated on Common Gateway Interface instead of computer graphics...

  7. taffer says:

    Join the club.

  8. ultranurd says:

    And good writing.

  9. caprinus says:

    Now at last I'm proud to live in Toronto!

    • mayaknife says:

      I saw the meat market sign and thought to myself, "How many other cities have a street named 'Bloor'?" Then I saw the edge of the 'Sun' logo in the lower right and knew it had to be Toronto.

  10. tokyolove says:

    I would totally give that guy a dollar.

  11. doublejack says:

    Barry Andrews is great. Did you catch him at the Du Nord? I've got a lot of video of that show somewhere...

  12. cryshayn says:

    *smiles* Out of work cyber-battle-bot-ish extras really put my Single's Awareness Day celebration into perspective... Hmm... CGI love life?

  13. mackys says:

    Someone alert <lj user=fantasygoat>!