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Dear Lazyweb,

FileVault: good idea, or performance killer?

To use it effectively, must I arrange for all my music, video, and XCode build directories to be on another partition? Because that sounds like a pain in the butt.

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Strange Things are Afoot...

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Talisman Against Workplace Injury

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adventures in the service industry

So email from my phone stopped working about a week ago. This has happened a few times before, and each time I had to spend 45 minutes on hold before talking to someone; and then I had to do it again an hour later when the first guy didn't get it right. So this time I decied to try "emailing" them, where "email" is their term for "fill out a 10x5 text field on the web site".

I said: <lj-cut text=" --More--(10%--) ">

I am no longer able to send email (SMTP) from my Treo 650 via It says "invalid login, check user name and password; Failed to authorize to smtp server on account"

My user name is set to "____" and my password is the same as it always was . Nothing has changed on my phone. It stopped working about a week ago.

The smtp server is set to "secure if available (starttls), always trust server" but I have tried it without ssl as well - no difference.

So I think something changed on your end.

Perhaps you have randomly changed or disabled my email password again -- this would not be the first time that had happened, in fact, it would be the fourth.

But I can't find anywhere on your site to re-set my *email* password.

Note: I'm not talking about my voicemail password, or my PCS-Vision password. I can get my voicemail and upload photos just fine. It's only SMTP email that doesn't work, and that password, as far as I know, is separate from the others. But i can't find the place on your site where one sets that.

Their reponse is truly priceless:

Dear Jamie,

Thank you for contacting Sprint together with Nextel regarding the email.

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you are facing. I would have been more than glad to resolve your concern. However, the problem you are facing is technical in nature. We do not have the tolls to handle technical concerns. A better and quick resolution to it can only be provided by a two-way interaction with our technical specialist. We have a team of technical specialists, who are equipped with certain specific tools to help you over telephone. Therefore, I request you to call us at 1-888-788-4727 from a landline phone. Please give a verbal command 'Wireless Web'. By doing so, you will be speaking to one of our Technical Support specialists rather than a customer care representative. We have specifically created this department to resolve queries of our valuable customers.

I appreciate you emailing us today. Thanks.

Devon K.
Business E-Care
Sprint together with Nextel
"Where our customers come first!"

I'm not sure what moon-man language "we do not have the tolls to handle technical concerns" is in -- perhaps he meant "balls"? but my head just about popped off at the notion that "email" support through their web site is not able to handle problems that are "technical in nature". It's a phone! <lj-cut text=" --More--(66%) ">

So, I interpreted that as, "if I was smart enough to understand your question, I'd be answering the phone instead of responding to web forms, call them instead." But, not wanting to be on hold for the rest of my life, I decided to try using smaller words and asking again:

Where on the sprint web site do I set my email password?

I'm not talking about my voicemail password, or my PCS-Vision password that is used for uploading photos; I mean the password that is used for connecting to the SMTP server at

Christ on a pogo stick:

Dear Jamie,

Thank you for contacting Sprint together with Nextel. I will be happy to assist you regarding email setting.

As this issue is of technical nature and it requires a verbal interaction, kindly contact our Technical Support Group by dialing 1-888-788-4727 from a land line phone.

I am applying a note for the same on the account and our specialist will be glad to assist you further with the issue.

We thank you for contacting us.

Business E-Care
Sprint together with Nextel
"Where our customers come first!"

Fuck it, I guess I'll have to open up my home SMTP server to the Sprint network and bounce my mail through there. Bleh. There aren't many things I enjoy more than dicking around with my sendmail configuration. (PS: Recommend different mail server software if you'd like me to ban you, it's no problem really.)

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Replaced By CGI Please Help

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XScreenSaver 5.00 alpha 1

I don't usually do alpha/beta releases of xscreensaver, but I've made such sweeping changes this time around that I think it needs it:

If you use X11:

    Please download this release and try it out. Let me know of any problems you find, especially where behavior diverges from the previous version. Everything should work exactly the same as in the previous X11 version, but as I said, there have been a ton of changes to the source, much of which was automated, so I'm sure I've introduced bugs somewhere.

If you are the author of code included in XScreenSaver:

    Have an especially close look at your code, and send me patches if you think I messed it up. The changes I had to make were:

    • Instead of screenhack() being its own main loop, there are now "init" and "draw one frame" functions.
    • The "draw" function must not run for more than a fraction of a second without returning. That means don't loop a zillion times, and don't call usleep().

    • No global variables. No function-local static variables. All persistent information must be passed around in a "state" structure.

If you use MacOS 10.4 and XCode 2.2:

    Feel free to give it a try, but be advised that it's very flaky. It's also very slow, since I've done almost no optimization. For the OSX version, I'm not (yet) interested in bug reports that aren't also accompanied by fixes.

    About 160 of the savers work to some degree. The ones I haven't gotten working yet are mostly the ones that use ClipMasks, XOR, or that load and manipulate images, none of which I've written code for yet. (Patches welcome).

    Beware that a few of the savers are antisocial and will lock up your display until they finish rendering.

    Knowledgeable critiques of the organization of my XCode project, or the Quartz stuff in jwxyz.m, are welcome.

If you're just a humble Mac noncombatant who wants some new screen savers:

    Cool your jets, Sparky.
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did I give you my Lemon Kittens CD?

I used to have a copy of the Lemon Kittens CD "We Buy a Hammer for Daddy". It's terrible, and I gave it away several years ago, but now I know someone else who is looking for a copy. Problem is, I can't for the life of me remember who I gave it to, and it wasn't any of the usual suspects.

Was it you?

The fact that I can't remember who I gave it to is driving me crazy, because I used to have a good memory. Oh, time's remorseless arrow!

(Incidentally, anyone have a copy of "Jesus Egg That Wept"?)

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address spaces and bad craziness

I have a .saver bundle. It gets dynamically loaded and run by either my test harness, or by the actual screen saver framework. In the former case, it works fine; in the latter case it blows up. This seems to have something to do with static variables getting reset to their default state instead of the values they had been set to. I'm very puzzled, and I don't really understand how dynamic loading of bundles works on this system. Here's what I've got:

ScreenSaverView.m: init() calls yarandom.c: ya_rand_init(). Then it calls dangerball.c: screenhack(), which later calls yarandom.c: ya_random(). ScreenSaverView.m is ObjC, everything else is C.

So I've sprinkled some test code around. It looks like this: In yarandom.c I've got:

    static unsigned int bad_craziness = 0xABCD1234;
    void TEST (void) {
      if (bad_craziness != 0xDEADBEEF) abort();

    ya_rand_init (unsigned int seed)
      bad_craziness = 0xDEADBEEF;

Every call to TEST() made from ScreenSaverView.m after calling ya_rand_init() succeeds. In particular: it calls TEST() then immediately calls screenhack(). The very first line in screenhack() is a call to TEST() which fails, because bad_craziness is 0xABCD1234 instead of 0xDEADBEEF. The value appears to change back to its previous value halfway through setting up the stack frame.

So maybe what's going on is not that it's getting reset, but that somehow there are two copies of the yarandom.o code loaded, and different ones are being seen by the two files? (Update: yes.) But they were all loaded together from the same .saver bundle.

W, I must ask, TF?

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I, for one, welcome our new lilliputian food workers



XScreenSaver 4.24

XScreenSaver 4.24 out now. Don't get too excited; this is just a bug fix release. There's no OSX stuff in this version, but I figured I should push these patches out before I bump the major version to 5.
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