"It's not a mall, it's an urban entertainment destination."

"Metreon's shattered dreams"

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  1. ammonoid says:

    It's not a mall, it's an urban entertainment destination.

    Ok, whatever.

    For being this ultra-designed new paradigm wonder it was really difficult to move around in and find stuff. As well as being expensive. This is America. People don't want to pay extra for design.

  2. transgress says:

    Is it just me or do some versions (the box I am sitting at is currently 4.15, ill have to check boxes at work) of xscreensaver have an issue with it kicking in even if I am in the middle of doing something (i.e. typing, moving the mouse, etc)?

    Also, I got a rather humorous error message today, it was something like 'attraction: balls too heavy to do something-something'

    • bitwise says:

      I used to get this with certain Athlon chipsets, where there was a bug in the Linux kernel code that handles the hardware realtime clock. It caused software to see, just every once in a while, a sudden jump in time as the timer interrupt died and got restarted, and it puked out a bogus time value. This would cause screensavers to suddenly think it has been ten hours since you did anything and kick in. This would normally happen during high load on the machine.

      I seem to remember there already being some nasty workarounds (which were completely wrong) in the kernel. So it's completely possible this happens on other chipsets too.

      Write a piece of code that calls gettimeofday() regularly, and print a message if you suddenly see a huge jump in time.

      • transgress says:

        Hrm interesting, write something to do a gettimeofday() I shall. This is on an amd athlon 64, and then a p4 as well, totally different chipsets all around as well.

        I'll have to check it out, as its somewhat annoying but all in all relatively minor. Thanks again.

  3. fo0bar says:

    Let's not forget the food court. You have the expensive cheap mexican place, the expensive cheap noodle place, and the expensive cheap meat and potatos place.

    ... Or are any of those places still around? Last time I was in the metreon was 2002.

    • jwz says:

      The food court is pretty much the same as opening day. The sushi place is actually really good.

  4. eviltwinii says:

    Why am I a little bit sad? For me it's a remnant of the .com bubble era. I had fun that year.

  5. gordonzola says:

    hahaha. someone got their marketing mixed up with their reality.

  6. rosefox says:

    As someone who's studied architectural design, I always had a really difficult time trying to figure out what the hell the designers were thinking when they put the place together. You had to visit five or six times before you could figure out what combination of stairs and escalators would get you up to the movie theater. Everything was very spaced out and shut off. It always had that half-abandoned Doomed Mall feeling.

    It's nice that they had a better vision for it. If your execution sucks, though, your vision is worth less than nothing.

  7. pauraque says:

    I happened to stop for coffee at the Metreon with my dad last year (we were on our way somewhere else), and his comment was that it looked exactly like what he imagined The Future would be when he was a kid in the 50s.

  8. fantasygoat says:

    I remember going there in 2001 and thinking it was the lamest "attraction" I'd ever seen. A collection of mediocre shops and lacklustre restaurants, all in one big overpriced package. Bleh.