I, for one, welcome our new scantily-clad undead working class

Zombie girl car wash -- with vocoder!

"Fashion Freak"
by Naked Ape
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19 Responses:

  1. technotronic says:

    Wow, zombie girls are hot. Would sex with zombies be considered necrophilia?

    • feren says:

      [Would sex with zombies be considered necrophilia?]

      Well, they are the living dead, so I guess it's not going to meet the strict quality controls of a true necrophiliac.

      • westyx says:

        necrophilia is having sex with a dead person. doesn't matter how much they're moving about, they just have to be dead.

        • feren says:

          [doesn't matter how much they're moving about, they just have to be dead.]

          But dead things don't generally move about of their own free weill (unless there's been a change since my last relative got put in a casket). The moving implies not strictly 'dead.'

          Damn zombie paradox.

        • giles says:

          This just proves what a shortsighted term it is. What if the whole turn-on is having to swat her hands away as she keeps trying to claw open your cranium? You won't get that kind of action with your run-of-the-mill corpse.

          • westyx says:

            it's not shortsighted; it's just too general. back when they coined necrophilia, they didn't have all these new-fangled not-quite-dead dead people around. Nowadays, you have many different types of zombies, ranging from those who are chemically turned, magically, or just plain old virus begat - and that doesn't even begin to consider *how* smart they are once they're live dead, wether they rot or not, and wether it's just general live-people eating, or just juicy brains loving.

            • There's plenty of cases where corpses move, even without zombification.

              Maggots, f'rinstance, add a churning, life-like vibrancy to a corpse. Also, when rigor mortis hardens 'em up and then releases. And later, when the gasses build up and "exhale".

              Vivophiliacs are so unimaginative.

  2. injector says:

    What are the lyrics? "From behind, the clothes are..."?

  3. fantasygoat says:

    Hot zombie action. Oh yes.

  4. A heartwarming tale of overcoming the differences between us with the healing power of music!

  5. giles says:

    Jessica Simpson, eat your heart out.

    Or, you know, your brrraaaaains.

  6. greatbiggary says:

    I totally thought that was a blowjob pic. The sponge and car looked briefly like cock through jumpsuit.

    Has anyone yet sent you the only reason I really want an Xbox 360? Dead Rising. Their #1 design goal was as many onscreen zombies at once as possible, and they've achieved upwards of 1k. You can use a lot of random objects as weapons. The videos thoroughly kick ass.

  7. holywar says:

    Great googly moogly! Best. Video. EVAR.

  8. icedaemoness says:

    the only thing I forgot to put in the show...
    A carwash.
    What was I thinking??
    Hee hee hee....