I, for one, welcome our new lilliputian food workers



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  1. ubiquity75 says:

    That's one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

  2. pacesetter says:

    very very cool :)

  3. OH MY GOD!
    I thought I was killing ants all this time! I feel horrible!

  4. ferrarireign says:

    see you find the coolest things, that is why I had to add you.

  5. coldacid says:

    Was wondering why everything was extra-crunchy as of late...

  6. do you know the name of the photographer? I *swear* I saw some of these displayed at a restaurant here in Portland.....

  7. felicks says:

    The guy that posted these has some interesting photos on his journal. Some are interesting, some are just kind of pervy (fine), and some are pervy and also include kids. I think this walks an odd line since the kid included photos may well be photoshoped, but it rubs me the very wrong way. Since I can't read Russian, I have no idea what if any commentary he has on the kid photos, but I found them disturbing and distressing.

    • ferrarireign says:

      Do you mean the one of the lady using a naked guy as a table? Although it's very weird I don't think it's meant to be exactly sexual in nature. Remember that Europeans have a slightly different view of the naked body than we do in the US. While we tend to be pretty wild with what we show in movies and how sexually progressive appear to be. When it comes to viewing the human body as a natural thing of beauty we are still really puritanical in that respect. Look at nipple gate.

      I think the image was meant to be artistic and perhaps even have some intellectual meaning (but that kinda escapes me). I just didn't find it to be overtly perverted or anything like that.

      • sheilagh says:

        He may have meant the one with the kid & teddy bear coming into Mommy(with saddle) being ridden by Daddy(with crop)...

        • jkow says:

          I loved that one! :)

          • felicks says:

            Personally, I wouldn't want my kids to walk in on my riding someone.

            • jkow says:

              Me neither. It would also never come to my mind to kill anyone, still I like some computer games that involve killing. Also I wouldn't want to ride on my g/f like that, not at all, but still i find this picture funny.

              Thats the thing about jokes, it's just about imagining the situation, how awkward it would be if your kid walked in on you like that. Still its not reality, and nobody would want that to happen, thats what makes this picture thrilling.

        • spudtater says:

          You may wish to rephrase.

      • jkow says:

        That's what I think. Weird (fake?) American morals.

          • master_meio says:


            I know you think you're being witty, but whenever someone writes this, my mind automatically parses it as "I am a cunt." I automatically skip whatever comes afterwards.

          • jkow says:

            I guess my comment was too short to make sense, or you've heard it all and are not interested in criticism of society, or that topic has been discussed and everybody agrees with it, which I must have missed, because I'm not in the US on a daily basis.

            Anyways, from your other comments, I read that my comment doesn't apply to you (or your first statement).

      • felicks says:

        I agree with you but I don't like the pictures.

        I have no problem with nudity in public. I have no problem with kids hearing about sex. As a parent, I am particularly pissed off by how body hating our culture is. Do you have any idea how difficult itis to find anotomically correct dolls for my kids?

        Also, I'm all for adult pervy sex, dirty pictures, blah blah blah.

        But I don't think showing kids in conjunction with adults having sex is OK. Fuck that.

        • ferrarireign says:

          I don't think I saw the image(s) your speaking of. In the one I saw there was no actual sex, just a draped naked dude.

        • jkow says:

          I agree with you, that I would not want to see pictures that show kids getting involved in sexual actions. Only that the picture with the girl walking in on its parents is (in my opinion) not like that, it shows an embarrassing situation, and if someone told me it happened to him, I'd have to laugh and cry at the same time. Same happens when I see that picture, that's why i like it, I like pictures that provoke emotions like that.

    • sheilagh says:

      is a 6 year old accused of sexual harassment:

      So they're not to be taught anything about sex, but they can be busted for stuff they can't be taught about? wtf?

      • felicks says:

        Yawn. I believe in sex education for kids. My kids have a number of honest, detailed, and age appropriate books about sex. I honestly answer their questions about sex.

        Kids and adult sexuality don't mix. Fuck that.

      • topk says:

        This is kinky! Personally, I got a hard on (or maybe it was sheilagh's userpic?).

    • spudtater says:

      The one with the man riding his wife is meant to be humourous; notice they're both actually clothed. The one with the man as the picnic table is more arty. Sure, it includes nakedness, but it's not supposed to be sexual. And certainly neither piece is supposed to be porn.

      I'd agree with <lj user="ferrarireign" /> that there are cultural differences. I think europe has a more casual view of both sex and nakedness, which allows european artists to more readily use them as features in art, without being considered pornographers.

      Here in teh U.K. we're somewhere in the middle.

  8. nakulshenoy says:

    That's like one of the most beautiful things I have seen.



  9. greatbiggary says:

    Fantastic. I think there's a business waiting to spring up around detailed O scale people made of candy, with entirely edible gift-set dioramas, and working trains with edible electronics powered off the mains. And a 1/12th scale Tokyo I can stomp on, and then eat.

    And now I want an eclair.

  10. jkow says:

    cool link, thanks!

  11. topk says:

    i simply dont get it.. whats so special about it?
    is it art?

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