"Dear Japanese people..."

Zookeepers Train for Level Three Furry Outbreak:
TOKYO, Feb 21: A zoo employee dressed as an escaped mock gorilla tries to attack visitors during a training exercise at Ueno Zoo February 21, 2006 in Tokyo, Japan. Under the assumption that a big earthquake could happen at any time in Tokyo, the training is conducted for zoo staff in how to capture animals and lead the visitors to safety. (Koichi Kamoshia/Getty Images)

Also last year.

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10 Responses:

  1. bonniegrrl says:

    ya know... if this was ever on Pay-Per-view,I'd pay top dollar to see this training video!

    • knowbuddy says:

      It's actually not all that exciting. I've seen them do it in real life (non-furry) to herd hoofstock. (The wife is a zookeeper.) Many times, the staff doesn't have nets, but just ropes or poles and occasionally just outstretched arms and loud voices. And, since most zoos are horribly understaffed, it tends to be rather Three-Stoogian as a limited number of people try to expand to fill an inevitably larger surface for the containment bubble.

  2. voivod says:

    Dear Japanese People indeed.

    Rorikon, the Japanese word for pedophilia, is a contraction of the borrowed English words "Lolita," after the girl in Vladimir Nabokov's book of the same name, and "complex."

  3. crypticreign says:

    I was sitting in an airport laughing my ass off about this. They showed the video on cnn.