I'm sure this will work every bit as well as TSA's Do Not Fly list...

BioBouncer's camera snaps customers entering clubs and bars, and facial recognition software compares them with stored images of previously identified troublemakers. The technology alerts club security to image matches, while innocent images are automatically flushed at the end of each night, Dussich said. Various clubs can share databases through a virtual private network, so belligerent drunks might find themselves unwelcome in all their neighborhood bars.

Lee Tien, a staff attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, said people may find BioBouncer insulting or invasive. Facial recognition software is notoriously inaccurate, he said, and he is concerned that data-sharing could be used to blackball innocent partiers.

Dussich said BioBouncer launches in March. Setup is $7,500 and fees and support for a year costs $6,000.

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Shout Run

Shout Run: Many scenes of a walkman, sliding down a rope, screaming. This is inexplicably hilarious.
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"It's not a mall, it's an urban entertainment destination."

"Metreon's shattered dreams"

"Dear Japanese people..."

Zookeepers Train for Level Three Furry Outbreak:
TOKYO, Feb 21: A zoo employee dressed as an escaped mock gorilla tries to attack visitors during a training exercise at Ueno Zoo February 21, 2006 in Tokyo, Japan. Under the assumption that a big earthquake could happen at any time in Tokyo, the training is conducted for zoo staff in how to capture animals and lead the visitors to safety. (Koichi Kamoshia/Getty Images)

Also last year.

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OSX fonts

Since I got my Mac back, my fonts are weird again.

Back when I first got the iMac, I noticed something odd, which is that light text on a dark background is rendered more bold than the other way around. Consequently, the theme used by my LJ and the DNA site look kind of assy.

Then a month or so later, the problem went away, and my fonts looked like they should. Maybe there was a Software Update, maybe it was some other app I installed, I don't know, but something seemed to have shaken the cobwebs out of the font renderer.

Well, I need to do that again, and I have no idea how.

Check out this weirdness, which I suspect is related in some way: my tcsh $prompt is "%U%B<`whoami`@%m:%~/>%u%b ", meaning the prompt is bold. This is what Terminal looks like:

with antialiasing off:
and with it on:

When "Window Settings/Display/Anti-aliasing" is checked, the non-bold fonts become bold, and the bold fonts become non-bold! WTF?

Update: Set System Preferences / General / Font Smoothing Style to "Standard", and quit/restart Safari/Terminal etc., and this problem goes away.

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sendmail help

Dear Lazyweb,

With sendmail 8.13 on FC4, I currently have this behavior:

  1. any host can connect to the smtp port;
  2. relaying and local delivery are allowed if STARTTLS+AUTH are used;
  3. relaying and local delivery are allowed if the connecting host is one of the ones listed in /etc/mail/access;
  4. else local delivery is allowed.

What I want is to replace item #4 with "else mail is not accepted for delivery". I only want to accept "" delivery if it's from my ISP's mail hosts, or AUTH. I don't want direct-connect spammers and viruses to be able to deliver to me.

Someone suggested FEATURE(relay_hosts_only) but that doesn't seem to do anything.

(As always, feel free to answer my sendmail question with "don't use sendmail" if you'd like me to ban you.)

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sad mac

So, my iMac (20" G5) died for the second time last week.

<LJ-CUT text=" --More--( 6%) ">

I bought it in June.

One day in November, it suddenly started getting slower and slower; I rebooted, and it got halfway through the boot (-v) and kept getting I/O errors. The next time, it got nowhere. The install DVD didn't even recognise that there was a drive in the machine.

So, that sounded like a dead drive. I decided that having a working computer today was worth the cost of a new drive, so I just bought one instead of getting Apple to replace it. But that didn't work: The installer DVD didn't recognise the new drive either. Great, now it sounds like a dead SATA controller. (That new disk is now in a different machine, so I know it was fine.)

I lugged the iMac down to the store, the guy took it in back and tried to boot it off a known-good drive; it didn't work. He wrote up a work order for "replace logic board".

Two days later, I got it back, and instead of replacing the logic board, they had just replaced the drive. Hmmmmmmm... I couldn't imagine why this worked, and waited for the other shoe to drop.

In February, it suddenly developed a habit of rebooting at random, about once a day. The log said only "SMU shutdown cause -122". As far as I can tell from googling, this maybe has something to do with the power supply overheating, but I'm not sure. The online support guy suggested I reset the SMU, but that did nothing. I resigned myself to having to take it in to the store again, but procrastinated (while starting a twice-daily backup regimen).

A week later, it got pokey, then wouldn't boot, exact same symptoms as in November. I took it in and said "so I get a new logic board for sure this time, right?" They told me 5 days, and 6 days later I spent an hour on the phone yelling at managers, and finally got it back on day 7. New logic board and new disk.

So, then when I got it back, all was well and good, except that it was as loud as a fucking jet engine! The fans seemed to be on high all the time. At first I thought, well maybe the reason it died the other two times was that the fans weren't on high enough before, and it melted. But then I reset the SMU again and now it's back to being gloriously quiet. Hmmmmmmm...

    Update: I spoke too soon. Ten minutes later, and the fans are loud again, even though I'm not doing anything but iTunes and typing. Shit.

So what's this SMU business all about, anyway?

In summary:

  • Apple's software: So awesome. The honeymoon is not yet over.
  • Apple's hardware: Pissing me off. (But not nearly as much as PC hardware pisses me off.)
  • Apple's support: Good for not trying to charge me for any of this. Pissing me off by being so slow, and for apparently not having fixed it right the first time.
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DNA Lounge: Wherein numerous photos are presented.

A bunch of new photos are up now: the Thrill Kill Kult + Space Vaccuum + Smash-Up Derby show; Meat's four year anniversary, with zombie dance troupe The Living Dead Girlz; and Pop Roxx with Viva K. (There was a long delay getting these up because -- I'm sure you are shocked -- my computer was busted).

Good shows all! If you had your picture taken in the Meat photo booth, you can buy prints...


'tis the season

Still life with tree and what's left of my bike:

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blobby art

Ernesto Neto:

Previously: sleep technology, ball sucker, colossal colon.

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