Retrievr -- Allegedly, you draw a picture, and it shows you a page full of pictures on Flickr that resemble it. But no mattr how many times I tried to draw boobies, it kept showing me flowrs and cats.
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  1. ac78 says:

    My sketch of boobies got a little better results.

    Maybe if I'd drawn hands...

    • abates says:

      Or coloured it in. It seems to pay more attention to the vaguely location and placement of colours than it does to what you actually drew. Approximating skin tone with that palatte might be difficult though...

  2. lifftchi says:

    That sounds like some kind of challenge.

    Yeah, the results aren't great. I think the sample's just small. Also, image recognition hasn't arrived yet.

  3. dirtybunny says:

    if you use 'fleshy' colours, shapes you kind of get boobies...altough once the subject was about 2 months old andi just felt bad.

    although why i'm trying to 'force boobies' at 6am is beyond me...

  4. ciphergoth says:

    I can't work out whether the letters missing from this are typos or cunning puns on "Flickr" - "mattr" and "flowrs" seem like the latter while "alegedly" seems like the former.

  5. airmax says:

    that made my day!

    guess this stuff simply reads your mindwaves.

  6. rcr203 says:

    I did simple black n white boobies and got this
    and this.

    Adding color, I think, confused it a little more.

  7. bodyfour says:

    Just wanted to say: best "current music" joke ever

  8. loosechanj says:

    Lucky you, all I get is eyeballs.

  9. evan says:

    As far as I know, this is one of those ideas that seems clever but actually isn't useful in practice. There are very few image retrieval tasks where I know what the image I want looks like.

  10. fantasygoat says:

    Why bother putting effort in when others already do it for you?

  11. rawdogue says:

    Where did the past hour just go?

  12. myth says:

    Web 2.0 is awesome. Domain name missing an 'e' + random photos grabbed from flickr = gazillions of $$ off of google ads. Woo!

  13. I drew:
    yes, it sucks... sue me
    and got:
    I guess you get what you give.