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  1. neochaos says:

    ...no kidding.

  2. cow says:


    ... well, at least s/he has a sense of humor about it? bleh.

  3. How did you get a pic of my truck??

  4. vxo says:

    It should really be on the back of an H2.

  5. nightrider says:

    In a similar vein-I have an Unamerican sticker on the back of my 1971 Dodge Demon 340 which reads:

    • if i got a hold of those, you can imagine every unoccupied suv around me would be stamped with that.

      i once saw a sticker one this humungous SUV and it read: "ARMY: I fought for America and I love my SUV."

      • skreidle says:

        There used to be a website you would've liked:

      • no_brakes23 says:

        That's right, cuz SUVs are satan, but minivans, trucks and buses are cool beans, right?

        • buses i'm less incline to hate because it is mass transportion. every passenger in the car has less gas expendage than the passengeras per gas in an suv. I find suv's a greater evil.

          when I say suv's, i shortphrase it because i hate trucks [ by trucks i think you mean personal vehicles and not mack - which are also a hinderance, but until another mass mode of transport ( i think in VA they are resorting to train transport now but unsure as to the effects of that ) arises, I'll allow. You have to be reasonable ] and minvans as well. to me, it's a given when saying suv's. I'm sorry I wasn't clarified enough for you pretenious asshole. :)

          • holywar says:

            I don't have the time to read over your post yet another time to try and figure out what you're trying to say, so I will taunt you thusly:

            English, motherfucker. DO YOU SPEAK IT?

          • no_brakes23 says:

            Well busses ARE mass transit, and they serve a useful function there.

            Likewise, the U.S. lives on trucking, so no I didn;t mean transport trucks.

            As for trucks, some people have them who don't need them, but many folks DO need them.

            No need to apologize to me, I just can't stand faddish ignorance and bigotry, especially towards a paticular type of vehicle.

            • jwz says:

              It's good to know that while you're against ignorance and bigotry in general, it's when it's about cars that you get REALLY riled up.

              • no_brakes23 says:

                Ha. Good point. Maybe what I should have said was that some forms of bigotry are more socially acceptable than others, and that's why it bugs me. When it comes to what kind of car you drive people are more willing to vocalize their prejudice and ignorance.

        • dojothemouse says:
          1. I don't know what I'm talking about.
          2. Don't some minivans and many small trucks get acceptable mileage compared to four-door sedans?
          • no_brakes23 says:

            Yes, and so do some SUVs.

            And most of the studies that are used to show how "Dangerous" SUVs are include light trucks and full size trucks to fatten up the figures. Which means that the hype and hysteria about SUVs is really about big or high center of gravity vehicles, (Which not all SUVs are.) In fact many SUVs are built on car frames with unit body construction, but the politicians out witchhunting vehicles don't bother to tell you that.

            As for minivans, the reason I brought those up, is that I find the drivers of those are as much if not more annoying, arrogant, careless, and genreally bad as SUV drivers.

            Don't get me wrong, plenty of assholes drive needlessly large SUVs, but the problem is the driver not the car.

            • dojothemouse says:

              Yup. Gotta agree with you there. The problem is drivers.

              I don't drive :)

            • holywar says:

              many SUVs are built on car frames with unit body construction

              Can you give some examples? I was under the impression that what made an SUV an SUV was the fact that it was built on a truck frame.

              Also, http://www.tnr.com/doc.mhtml?i=20030120&s=easterbrook012003.

              • no_brakes23 says:

                Your link is a no-go for me.

                My Cherokee (No longer made,) is a unit-body, though not based on a car. It also weighs less than many Japanese 4 doors, (It's under 2900lbs.) My Mazda 6 weighs over 400 lbs MORE than my SUV.

                Car based:
                Toyota RAV4
                Ford Escape/Mazda Tribute
                Honda CRV
                BMW X3
                Hyundai Santa Fe
                Nissan Murano
                Subaru Forester
                Lexus RX 330
                Saturn Vue
                Volvo XC90
                Toyota Highlander
                Kia Sportage

                That's all the ones I can think of...

                The higher ground clearance, available all wheel drive, rear access, and room for 5 or more is what makes it an SUV. Basically an off-road station wagon.

            • rsheridan6 says:

              I've noticed that SUV drivers drive recklessly when it snows. They've wasted thousands of dollars on a gas-guzzling 4-wheel drive, and in this area, it's completely useless about 360 days out of the year, so they want to get their money's worth on the occasional day when it's actually beneficial to have an SUV. So they drive like Steve McQueen when it snows.

              They aren't thinking about the fact that, while a 4-wheel drive will keep you from getting stuck, the brakes are no different from any other car. That's got to be showing up in the statistics.

  6. i didn't know you could get images on license plates. it must vary by state? i don't think you can get them in IN.

  7. jsbowden says:

    There's a soccer mom in a Land Rover Discovery around here with a plate that reads "EETS GAS".

    Someone I know who lives out your way has SUV♥GAS on his Ford Dinoburner.

  8. awooster says:

    I saw that rig in the Haight once, blaring country music out of his open windows. Most excellent.

    The next day, I saw a hybrid in Mountain View with the plate "I♥OPEC".

  9. spoonyfork says:

    According to the DoE's Energy Information Administration website, the top two suppliers of crude oil to the USA for the first two-thirds of 2005 were Canada and Mexico. OPEC members Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and Nigeria are 3rd, 4th, and 5th respectively. It would appear that the controlling interests of domestic and close North American neighbor oil producers love those SUVs more than OPEC does.

    • rsheridan6 says:

      First of all, there's a global market for oil. If we weren't buying oil from local oil suppliers, they would sell to Europe and Asia and compete with OPEC, depressing the price of oil and hurting OPEC's profits.

      Second, three of the five countries you named are OPEC members.

      What the hell is your point?