Napping Technology

Part Barbarella, part Lexx!

"Schlafgras is based on a modular system, that allows for napping areas of different sizes. From using a single module within a regular office up to a "forest" made of grass everything is possible. While the outer parts of such a forest would only be suitable for sitting, its interior, protected by high, inflexible "stems", could offer the space for an intensive nap.


"The translucent sleeping-spheres have there origin in Ergotherapy, adapting to the shape of body, supporting and relieving the corresponding parts of the body and picking up the lighting-mood of "NAPMOSPHERE".

The stable forms of the spheres create a cavity, which guarantee the airflow and breathability of the capsule. It allows the individual to bury himself and relax fully."

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22 Responses:

  1. buz says:

    I'm not sure if sex is possible with either of these ...


  2. codenazi says:

    I didn't realize that napping required such engineering. Apparently I have been missing out all these years.

    ...could offer the space for an intensive nap

    Qualifiers on your statements are useful!

  3. rzrxtion says:

    they look absolutely pretty yet remarkably scary at the same time

    and prolly painfully expensive too!

  4. mysterc says:

    The Nappak link, says probably never coming at all. Wait, they get paid to come up with ways to nap? I am in the wrong business.

    • antifuchs says:

      Yeah, it says that in the english version. The german one has a link to, which has neat photos of the scariest napping construct of them all.

      On "Ausblick", they say that they are going to update the site with more info on the product in spring of 2006.

  5. daveman692 says:

    The second seems like it would get really nasty overtime, I mean think of the ball pits at like Chucke Cheese.

    • Well, just some soap and water, an idea quite beyond the minds that design play structures. Hell, drainage can be beyond them.

      • gytterberg says:

        I think it's more complicated than that. Otherwise these probably wouldn't exist.

        When I was little my legos started to get a little funky from pawing around in the bin and spilling things in there, so I figured I'd drop a bar of soap in and fill it up with hot water. They were never quite the same again.

  6. spudtater says:

    ...and after you emerge from the Napmosphere, you will discover that you have grown a beautiful set of wings. And a proboscis.

  7. waider says:

    Gotta say, I like the concept of an intense nap. It's like a regular nap, I guess, only more so.

  8. ichae says:

    Napmosphere" is meant to be like a cocoon - providing a place of shelter, transformation and re-incarnation

    So THAT's how they do it...

  9. justmealex says:

    I just sleep under my desk...

  10. ultranurd says:

    Why must these perfect boss-gifts be only conceptual art???

  11. fantasygoat says:

    Oh man, I completely forgot about Lexx. That was a seriously fucked up show.

    I preferred the first chick they had, with the blue hair.