Jesus Burning Party

"They were looking for things to do," Det. Ken Kelly said. "They told us, `We were going to have a baby Jesus burning party.'" One suspect told detectives, "We just wanted to see their heads burning," Kelly said.

The baby Jesus figures, now at the police station, were probably stolen from homes and churches around the Sayreville area within the past few weeks, officers said. "It looked like a maternity ward," Lt. Glenn Skarzynski said of the figurines. He added, "Anyone able to identify their particular baby Jesus will be able to be reunited."
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18 Responses:

  1. davel_jonez says:

    Should I bring dental records?

  2. korgmeister says:

    I'll just point out that it says something about Christianity that something like this is merely in incredibly poor taste rather than utterly suicidal for the participants.

  3. Did they confiscate them because A) they were "probably" stolen B) they were going to light a dangerous fire or C) they were going to BURN BABY JESUS? That's my question.