insert "milkshake" joke here

Here's a music video for a crappy disco song: Mstrkrft, Easy Love. But don't bail on it before about a minute and a half in or you'll miss the joke.

I blame the Japanese for this. Ew.

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37 Responses:

  1. remaker says:

    No reply. Your 2kluser fanbase seems to have killed the site.

  2. Wow. I don't think I'll ever be able to use Pepto-Bismol again.

  3. leolo says:

    ...and I want to see how my colo-provider will hold up.

    I mirrored it
    on my web server [38Mb].

  4. nightrider says:

    That video instantly brought this movie poster from SomethingAwful to mind...

  5. ygg13 says:

    That disco song really does suck.

  6. gee, i bet THAT was fun to shoot.

    i love how near the end, as the assorted models rise from the chair, they finally become unable to keep on the sexxxay-act and hide their "EWWWW" response.

    "man, do these electroclash video gigs EVER suck. i STILL haven't grown back the nails i chipped off from using that jackhammer."

  7. seileurt says:

    A web browser didn't seem able to connect to the site, but wget prevails. Like the Dude, it abides.

  8. ammonoid says:

    That kinda reminds me of the time I puked after having a strawberry milkshake. Pink!

    I didn't puke on myself, though.

  9. xah_lee says:

    one of the girl, shown in your screenshot, got this prominent lower set of teeth.

    don't know if this is good or bad.

    they should've used vannilla shake instead of the strawberry pink. Since you are making a point, might as well do it right.

  10. mysterc says:

    Everything is sexier if you add a mirror ball!

  11. dossy says:

    OMG, okay, the YouTube link worked!

    Maybe I'm alone on this one, but man that was HOT. How someone could combine SO many fetishes into ONE video, mmm. What was new to me was the mirror-ball and light-play. :-)

    All that video needed to make it perfect was more blondes. Mmm, blondes.

    As always, thanks for the pointer, jwz. You rock.

    • trib22 says:

      Nah, more redheads. The redhead in the vid is teh hot!

      That said, I have to agree about cramming the fetishes; although there were no sky-high f-me shoes (which actually do zero for me).

      I may never look at a milkshake without thinking of this again...

    • jkow says:

      I'm afraid I must agree. ;)

  12. mark242 says:

    No furries or cephalopods? Man, you're slipping.

  13. kraquehaus says:

    Ok, I am just guessing, but this isn't work safe, is it??
    (I tried to get it while I was at home alst night, but that didn't exactly work. I'm grabbing a mirrored version here at work, but.....I am frightened.)

  14. nelc says:

    You thought that was funny? I... enjoyed it in quite a different way.

    Sigh. I really need to get laid....

  15. cyantist says:

    I want to see this live but with mint chocolate chip milkshakes. Maybe all 31 flavors? Totally makes me hot and bothered.