how do you spell "Arrrrgggh"?

The Aargh Page:
Not surpisingly, "argh" is much more frequent than any of the alternatives, and the items with fewer 'a's or 'r's are more frequent than their longer neighbors. However, there are high-frequency islands, even way out in the long-word planes. For example, "a17r23gh" (17,23) occurs in 171 pages, even though if you change the number of 'a's or 'r's by one, it drops at least 20-fold. "A15r5gh" is almost 100 times more frequent than its neighbors.

Update: See also The Ahhhhhh Page: "There is a lot more ahhh'ing than argh'ing."


17 Responses:

  1. merovingian says:

    Googling a15r5gh shows that the pages all seem to be generated by porn auto-generate.

  2. strspn says:

    I love statistics, and this is one fantastic chart.

    However, I fear if this keeps up there will soon be an "ArghDecodeAtHome" screensaver trying to find intelligent messages in the patterns.

  3. relaxing says:

    The fancy "fades out in the middle the way an 8-track's supposed to" text effect on the axes labels decreased the overall readability of the graph and delayed my realization of the page's True Genius by a good 30 seconds.

  4. I wonder how far out to the next Mersenne argh?

  5. This doesn't take into account the A3r3g3h3 type, with repeated gs and hs.

  6. There's a kit for stopping hardwood floor squeaks called "Squeeeeek No More". Most places that sell it online use a different spelling, so finding a good deal on them involves trying a different number of "e"s.

  7. ralesk says:

    What about /Goo+gle/? :3