green ham, hold the eggs

Or: I, for one, welcome our new transgenic jellypork overlords:
Others have bred partially fluorescent pigs before. But the researchers insist the three pigs they have produced are better. They are the only ones that are green from the inside out. Even their heart and internal organs are green, they say.

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  1. sol3 says:

    I do not like them, sam i am

  2. przxqgl says:

    it's as good a reason as any to become vegetarian...

  3. dzm6 says:

    The thing that I keep wondering but no news report tells me is:

    If these buggers are glowing all over, doesn't this imply that their eyes (retinas, rods, cones, etc) also have a glow? And doesn't this imapact their ability to see?

    • jwz says:

      None of these critters actually emit light, they just fluoresce.

      • strspn says:

        Back at the academy, they said it couldn't be done. I'll show them though. Them and their simpleminded conformity. They laughed at me back at the Academy too! Well, we'll just see who has the last laugh! WE'LL JUST SEE!!!

      • dzm6 says:

        Teach me to base my curiosity solely on the local news reports. Next time I'll actually read too.

        "These pigs glow in the dark!"

      • suppafly says:

        fluorescence is emitting light, I mean they aren't generating the light, but they are absorbing it and sending it back out.

    • d1663m says:

      Nope, the lenses seem to have also mutated to concentrate the light emitted by the retinas into LASERS!

      Self-slicing ham, woo!

  4. d1663m says:

    So THAT's where the jelly in those canned hams comes from.

  5. abates says:

    I, for one, look forward to colour-coded pork in supermarkets.

  6. jkonrath says:

    Always interesting to see they're a step closer to harvesting human-compatible organs via genetic DNA-fondling.

  7. gutbloom says:

    Green pork = danger

  8. redleaf8 says:

    If only they were black. They'd match your color scheme.

  9. martian ham! pork from space!

    (five points to anyone who gets that ref...)

  10. matrushkaka says:

    Bacon and pork chops for ravers.

  11. bonniegrrl says:

    finally... now I can eat bacon in the dark AND not be afraid!

  12. savemejebas says:

    Maybe they could be configured to start glowing once exposed to H5N1...

  13. sherbooke says:

    One part of me is saying, "umm, could do with a better shade of green". Another part is grossing out.

    Would this make tracking pork-eaters easier?

  14. sclatter says:

    So the stuff that makes the pigs fluoresce green is called Green Fluorescent Protein, aka GFP. Despite sensationalist articles about glowing critters, it's actually an extremely common and useful research tool. For example, you can cause GFP to be expressed in a tissue specific manner so you can study the formation of that tissue, or you can "tag" a specific protein with it so you can track that protein throughout the cell.

    I don't know why these guys wanted to make a GFP pig, though. That seems a little silly.

  15. scar_crow says:

    We soooooo need more green pigs in the world. Rumsfeld puking does not count.

  16. xoruglm says:

    Did anyone notice the name of the reporter on the article?

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