The iPod controls are in the detachable wand!
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  1. cacepi says:

    On one hand, give him 100 points for such a cool hack on an old piece of Cold War era equipment.

    On the other hand, several million points deducted for painting over the cool Civil Defense logo...

    • sc00ter says:

      Geiger counters are still in wide use today. A construction company I worked for had a bunch, as do many schools.

  2. ultranurd says:

    First, I'll disclaim that I'm way too lazy to achieve something of this magnitude, so kudos to JavaMoose.

    But it would have been that much cooler if he somehow got the old rotary toggle to connect to the scrollwheel.

  3. dougo says:

    Now I really want to see a GigerPod.

    • dougo says:

      I was thinking of something more in the sculpture realm, but, cool.

      • nerotica says:

        I wouldn't say that I failed to respond to your comment, because that would imply an attempt, but meh... whatever. If I fail at anything it's remembering to read other people's comments first.

        Sadly that link was the best I could find in google results. It was my first thought when I saw GeigerPod, though. Homonyms are cool.

  4. licensed2hench says:

    Ooooh Cool!
    I always wanted a giger counter, but what would you use it for? (well other than cheking the rads of EVERYTHING in the house *wink*

    Now I could have an exscuse to get one *wink*
    (Or at lease the case of one)

    • nerotica says:

      Alternatively, I'd like to see a GeigerShuffle: a dosimeter badge with iPod shuffle built in. I've always wanted to walk around with a dosimeter badge on, just for kicks... one of the ones that just turns red whenever there's lethal radiation exposure. Maybe it could say something like: "If this badge is red, we're already dead." ... and with an ipod shuffle built in.. I mean.. how can you go wrong with that?

  5. fantasygoat says:

    I would have preferred he left the original patina intact.

    • licensed2hench says:

      yeah I would have left it with the original paint and lables, but I can also see doing it like he did to match up with the iPod products "Look".

      Heh, I would also take MP3s of giger counter sounds and load them on to it... with a little speaker in the case for playback without headphone. *wink*