Bad Government, No Interfolksonomosphere For You!

The IP block of the US Congress has been banned from Wikipedia!

(Incidentally, is there some trick to making Wikipedia work on the Treo? The pages are readable before they finish loading, but then they blow up: most of the text vanishes, except for some gigantic-font headlines.)

Update: There are several sites that provide PDA-oriented copies of Wikipedia, and seems to be the best of a bad bunch. Most of them strip out all of the images; tries to include the images, but screws up on half of them.

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  1. cacepi says:

    If you have a Wikipedia account, you can use one of the skins they have. The Simple skin works with my 650; it's ugly, but it works.

  2. ronbar says:

    Up next, Wikipedia finds all the funds it could ever need from various vested political interests and pulls a Google.

  3. strspn says:

    Wikipedia's credibility is growing by leaps and bounds, because of things just like this. So is their database size, the clearest example of exponential growth you might find, in the English version anyway. (At present it's at 2.5 GB, so once you figure out what the deal is with their HTML you can still easily dump the whole thing to an SD card and save your battery life.)

    • smackfu says:

      Treating rankings as real data can only lead to tears.

      • reddragdiva says:

        It is, however, quite efficient for giving us The Fear big time. FUCK ME, WE'RE NUMBER 18 IN THE WORLD TODAY! Reach is now 3% of all web page accesses. I think the numbers would be higher if Alexa were bright enough to release a Firefox plugin.

  4. unwiredben says:

    For reading Wikipedia on my Treo 650, I usually go through They reformat the Wikipedia content as well as aggregate other information sources.

  5. tiff_seattle says:

    Have you tried Opera for the Treo?

  6. leopanthera says:

    For Wikipedia on the Treo, use the PDA-formatted Wapedia

  7. cliph says:

    You can make a style-sheet for Wikipedia that makes the pages better match the screen geometry of your device like this guy did for his Nokia 770.

  8. pigpogm says:

    Maxpedia does a reasonable job of making Wikipedia pocketable. Go to '' from phone/ppc/palm/treo. Seems to keep images ok, but it does split articles into multiple pages, which is a bit annoying. Probably needed for wap, though.

    Or there's the Google Mobilizer that reformats any pages - I've just tried it with Wikipedia, and it works pretty well, except it splits pages up, and the search form is on the second page.

  9. hatter says:

    If you're feeling programmish, I've found it helpful to have a proxy running on my own machine that shortcuts to services, and also can reformat those that I/my clie's browser don't like. Plus the URLs are more likely to still be in my history, so less typing. Can do things like keep cookie management and login details on the proxy, too, so no sending them over possibly untrusted networks. /wp/SomeArticle or /ebay/itemnumber or /amazon/cd/searchterm or whatever floats your boat. Cuts down loading time as well as data costs, as you're no longer having to fetch their front page before getting the desired content.

    the hatter

  10. reddragdiva says:

    Buying the Palm browser that doesn't suck, basically. There are a couple of pages on the subject, with screenshots: Wikipedia on PDAs; Wikipedia:Browser notes.

    • flaterik says:

      The WebPro that works on the Treo is actually free.

      I got it while trying to find a way to make paypal payments. (Blazer and paypal don't play nice). WebPro works well with paypal. I just checked, and it seems pretty happy with regular wikipedia, including images.

      OperaLite was a giant pain in the ass to install, and since it's a generic java phone app, it's not very treoesque in its operation.

    • jwz says:

      Yeah, I should change browsers on my phone because Wikipedia has fucked up their site with overenthusiastic use of CSS. Right. CSS is teh awesome!! It makes everything so much fucking better.

      • flaterik says:

        There is the fact the Blazer/"Web" seems awfully good at sucking.

        And not in any of the good ways.

        It's really dumb how hard it is to find out that "Web Pro" even exists for a Treo. In my (as of yet, limited) experience it seems to be Just Better, with the exception of not being able to auto-dial phone numbers on a page.

      • reddragdiva says:

        You could always demand a refund from Wikipedia. Alternately, the 'simple' skin may be the go.

        • jwz says:

          Maybe you haven't been paying attention, but that kind of "helpfulness" is what gets people banned around here.

  11. 1eyedkunt says:


    so glad to have more evidence that we've got a gang of puerile mental midgets running the country.

  12. fieldsnyc says:

    Create a new wikipedia account with your desktop browser. Change the preferences to use the "nostalgia" or "chick" skin. Log into that account with your treo (you may have to change the display to "wide page mode" to get the login box to display properly, but you can change it back to optimized afterwards.

  13. valacosa says:

    Raises the question of what is worse: spammers or politicians?

  14. ilgaz says:

    Opera Mini does a great job rendering Wikipedia. You can even edit/sign in. If your device has J2ME of course.

    ps: It is great for Slashdot too