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Naked taiko drumming.
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47 Responses:

  1. jlundberg says:

    Nice. Not only naked but oiled up. Perfect for drumming, as long as the mallet doesn't slip out of your hand.

  2. jqmark says:

    Do all asian people have blurry genitals or just Taiko drummers? We use to do some Taiko drumming that included rifle shots.

  3. exblogger says:

    It's like a study in musclature and jiggling.


  4. Gives a whole new meaning to "beating off" in porn

  5. mysterc says:

    We should book them for lift.

  6. cetan says:

    For reasons unknown, the gods of Firefox don't like me and the video wouldn't load within the page. So, here's a direct link in case it's broken for someone else too:

  7. beerfrick says:

    is there any interesting backstory to the whole thing other than "look ma, I can drum naked!"?

  8. scar_crow says:

    Surprisingly good. I expected that to be more about naked and less about traditional drumming. The fact that they were naked actually fell to the background for me.

    • marmoset says:

      That of course raises the question -- were they an existing drum troupe who just happened to look good naked, or was there an open casting call for models who happened to be skilled both with drums and teh nekkid?

  9. fantasygoat says:

    Did you see the huge tat on that one chick? That was hot.