DaliClock 2.22

Dali Clock 2.22, source and binary.


  • It should always remember window sizes now. Specifically, coming out of full-screen mode no longer leaves the window in a huge size if the title bar had been turned off.
  • Full screen mode hides the mouse pointer.
  • ESC exits full screen mode.
  • It's a universal binary now (PPC and Intel). If you actually run it on Intel, let me know if it looks right: I fear there might be an endianness check needed.
  • Added "Pin to desktop" preference. (Is this common terminology?)
  • Minimize (Cmd-M) and Close (Cmd-W) work when the window is titlebar-less or full screen.

Still busted:

  • "Zoom" doesn't work if the titlebar is turned off.
  • "Close" (Cmd-W) always closes the clock window even if the Preferences window was selected. Both of these are because MacOS seems to really, really not want you to use titlebar-less windows for "real" application windows. Patches welcome.
  • The layout of the Preferences dialog is pretty ugly. Make it nice, if you are so moved.

Are there other keybindings that Mac users would normally expect to work that don't? Are there any packaging-and-distribution niceties that I should know about that I haven't already done?

Where do the cool kids announce their Mac software (besides Freshmeat)?

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