Fuck 2006. And fuck the 21st Century.

That is all.
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Lynchian Mary Worth insanity

tritone wrote:

A live-action version of a month's worth of Mary Worth strips, shot using the actual "camera angles" of the original strips. (If you want to subject yourself to the rest of the episodes, they're here. For some reason I had to watch all of them.)

Maybe this would make more sense if I had ever seen this strip, but jesus fuck is this shit weird...

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delete yourself from the internets!

From: Jim <JimHudock@comcast.net>
Date: December 26, 2006 3:27:26 PM PST
To: jwz@jwz.org
Subject: I mneed your help

I do not quite know what I am doing when I get to your site. I want to download the 200 screen savers. I'm running fedora core 4 on and hp computer. What ever I click it doesn't give me the option to install, can you give me a little help please?

From: Jamie Zawinski <jwz@jwz.org>
Date: December 26, 2006 9:53:40 PM PST
To: JimHudock@comcast.net
Subject: Re: I mneed your help

Fedora packages a version of xscreensaver for you. Just install the Fedora "xscreensaver-base", "xscreensaver-extras", and "xscreensaver-gl-extras" packages instead of downloading the source code.

From: "Jim" <JimHudock@comcast.net>
Date: December 28, 2006 10:04:16 PM PST
To: "'Jamie Zawinski'" <jwz@jwz.org>
Subject: RE: I need your help

Why don't you just tell me how to get them from your site, because it takes too long to reinstall the software?

From: Jamie Zawinski <jwz@jwz.org>
Date: December 29, 2006 2:50:42 AM PST
To: Jim <JimHudock@comcast.net>
Subject: Re: I need your help

Because if you didn't understand the instructions on the download page, that means it will be far, far simpler for you to figure out how to install Fedora's binaries than compile it from source. It's not easy.

From: Jim <JimHudock@comcast.net>
Date: December 29, 2006 12:14:59 PM PST
To: Jamie Zawinski <jwz@jwz.org>
Subject: Re: I need your help
Reply-To: JimHudock@comcast.net

Then you should remove yourself from the download site, if you don't have the patience to tell me.
Since it took you so long to answer me, I had time to figure it out for myself.
I do not need your help anymore.

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2006 music wrap-up

Yes, it's that time again...

In only approximate order of favoriteness, here is my year-end wrap-up. As in previous years, a few of the entries on the following list were released earlier than 2006, but that is when I discovered them, so I'm allowing a little slack.

In 2006, I bought in the neighborhood of 180 new-ish albums (I also picked up about an equal number of rather old releases, but those don't really count for this exercise.) That's a whole lot more than last year, and the success ratio was higher. Though 2006 blew chunks by just about every other measure, it has been a very good year for new music. I actually had kind of a tough time trimming this list down to a comparable number of entries as previous years.

The Prids - "...Until The World Is Beautiful" & "Love Zero"

    The Prids are, by far, my favorite band of the year. Not only do these two albums occupy slot one on this list, let's pretend they occupy the first five slots. They have a male and female singer, sometimes singing simultaneously, and awesome bass. If I didn't know better, I'd swear this was a lost Factory Records band circa 1982: they would squeeze in quite nicely between Movement-era New Order, A Certain Ratio, and maybe Durutti Column. But don't get me wrong: I'm not accusing them of being some nostalgia-pastiche band like She Wants Revenge (who are just one step up from being a cover band, really). The Prids are so much better than that kind of thing, they are just... stylistically familiar.

    And they're playing at DNA Lounge in January! Be there, seriously. I've seen them live. Do not miss.

The Spores - "Imagine The Future", "Lo Batt", & "What Gives?"

    These guys are hard to describe; they're a funky electronic rock band, I guess, with puppet show. Seriously, the singer sings several of the songs through hand puppets, and they usually open with a puppet dj. This works out surprisingly well. Real instruments plus heavy use of samples. They played at DNA Lounge in April, and they give good show.

The Knife "Silent Shout" & "Deep Cuts"

    Another hard-to-describe band; they sound a bit like Ladytron, but are much weirder. There are both male and female vocals, but they are often processed so that they sound like an alien version of the opposite gender. They have a bunch of equally-demented music videos; my favorite is "We Share Our Mother's Health".

Luxxury - "Rock and Roll (Is Evil)"

    Sleazy analog synths and nicely noisy guitar. Reminiscent of The Faint. They do an awesome cover of "I Know There's Something Going On". They played at DNA Lounge in November.

The Dresden Dolls "Yes, Virginia..."

    These guys made my 2004 list as well, and their new album is also really good. I think I like the first one more, but if you liked that at all, this is well worth having. They still haven't equalled the frenetic weirdness of "Girl Anachronism" and "Coin-Operated Boy", though. Those songs are hard to top.

Pzycho Bitch - "Electrolicious"

    If you've heard Pzycho Bitch or S.I.N.A. before, it's almost impossible to believe that this is the same band. This is a much poppier album, much more "electroclash" than "powernoise". I like their older, more industrial stuff a lot, but this is good too. There's a bit of a Praga Khan / Lords of Acid feel to some of it.

Veruca Salt - "IV"

    They've made the list the last two years as well, so you may have figured out that I love me some Veruca Salt. This album's really good; it's not my favorite of theirs, but it definitely has its moments. There's a mix of straight-up devil-horns rocking-out as well as mellower stuff. And they briefly channel Elastica, which was a nice surprise.

Gram Rabbit - "Cultivation"

    "Music to Start a Cult To" made last year's list, and while I liked that one more, this one is great too. They played at DNA Lounge in August, and you should see them live if at all possible. The singer goes through several rabbit-themed costume changes, and they occasionally had spastic go-go dancers in full-on furry-pervert bunny suits.

DJ? Acucrack - "Killing Mobius"

    With their third appearance on my year-end wrap-up, you can safely assume that I believe that the Acucrack boys can do no wrong. Noisy, industrial-y instrumental drum-and-bass.

Drop Black Sky - "Ring Pass Not"

    A bit like Miranda Sex Garden or This Ascension: mellow swirly gothy music. They've played at DNA Lounge a few times, most recently in April, but coming up again in January.

Monsters Are Waiting - "Fascination"

    I have a hard time classifying bands that sound like this, because they're obviously of a certain type, but I don't know a name for that type. They're another rock band of the recent vintage of those heavily influenced by the early 80s, with girly vocals. I like them, the vocals especially. But, you know, with these kinds of bands "rock" is far too broad a category. Anyway. Good album. Like the theme song "Monsters" best, though the backbeaty "Christine" is also quite good.

Agent Sparks - "Red Rover"

    Yeah, here we are again: an early-80s-sounding rock band with both male and female singers whom I don't really know how to describe. Why must I be so terrible at writing these reviews? This album. I liked it. This band: I saw them live and they give good show. The songs: "Polly Anne", "Make Up Friend", and "Mr. Insecurity" are great.

Metric - "Live It Out" & "Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?"

    Poppy indie rock. Some fast and a little punky, some mellow. I like her voice.

Ladytron "Light & Magic", "604" & "Witching Hour"

    I'm late to the party on this one: you probably already either like them or hate them. They're a synthpop band with deadpan songs about how glamorous and sad they are, without the self-conscious irony of someone like Miss Kittin. They put on a really good live show, though.

Zoë Keating - "One Cello x 16: Natoma"

    Instrumental heavily-layered cello music: when she performs live (as at DNA Lounge in November!) she samples and loops herself, so she's playing against multiple copies of herself on a half minute or more of delay. It's very cool. I like this album a lot.

Psapp - "Tiger, My Friend"

    Quiet, mellow electronic music with female vocals. Wind-up-music-box sounds. They remind me a little bit of Supreme Beings of Leisure, but they're not trip-hop.

I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness - "Fear Is on Our Side"

    Is it just me, or do these guys sound exactly like Moev? The bass playing on "According to Plan" especially reminds me so much of "Yeah Whatever".

    Also, this is the best band name ever, ever.

Presets - "Beams"

    A synth-heavy electro act. Much of the album is instrumental, but the tracks with vocals remind me of circa-1982 Human League or Soft Cell.

Halou - "Wholeness & Separation"

    Halou are an old favorite, and this is another really good album. It's pretty mellow, and I do miss the triphop elements of their older stuff, but it's still great. They have played at DNA Lounge a whole bunch of times, most recently in November.

Cansei De Ser Sexy - "Cansei De Ser Sexy"

    (Or, as they are sometimes known, "Cascading Style Sheets".) I don't even know how to describe this. Slightly funky rock with retro analog synths. Goofy. They have their upsettingly disco-ish moments, which only narrowly avoid going too far in that direction. "Alala" is my favorite track. I saw them live and they put on a hell of a show.

Naked Ape - "For the Sake of the Naked Ape"

    You may remember these guys from their music video with the zombie girls in the car wash. This album has lots of vocoders. I like vocoders.

The Hells - The Hells

    I confuse The Hells with The Kills. They've got kind of a hipster bluesy thing going on (though not really to the same extent), and tragically similar names. The song "He's the Devil (But I Love Him So)" is the best.

The Birthday Massacre "Violet"

    Did you know there are still goth bands? I'll bet all the kids think they're nu-metal or something, but they're basically Switchblade Symphony with more guitar. It's a pretty good album. They played at DNA Lounge in March.

The Start - "Initiation" & "Death Via Satellite"

    Somewhere between hard rock and pop-punk, with female vocals. She has an interesting voice. They played at DNA Lounge in March.

Shiny Toy Guns - "We Are Pilots"

    First of all, the second track on the album, "Le Disko" is just genius. You may have heard it. However, it's a total bait-and-switch! Nothing else on the album sounds even remotely like that. Most of the remaining tracks have somewhat-whiny male vocals and mellower music, instead of the bass-heavy brattiness of that track. It's not a bad album, but that song sounds like it's from a completely different band (whom I like a lot more).

Cobra Killer - "76/77"

    Noisy, twitchy electronic music with female vocals. Something of a first-wave-industrial feel to a lot of it.

Tegan & Sara - "So Jealous"

    Kind of an accoustic poppy indie-rock thing. "Speak Slow" and "I Know I Know" are great.

Gary Numan - "Jagged"

    Well, it's "Pure" part 2. Or maybe it's "Exile" part 3. I really like the stuff he's been doing lately, but there's not a whole lot of range to it. If you want more of his previous two albums, this is it.

She Wants Revenge - "She Wants Revenge"

    Ok, I know I dissed these guys up in the review of The Prids, but it's a good album for what it is. Which is a band doing their absolute best to sound simultaneously like Joy Division and Bauhaus, with all the rough edges smoothed over and made slick. I don't want to like them, because their game is so transparent, but they hooked me anyway.

Honorable Mention:

These are albums that, in previous years, probably would have made the list. I enjoyed them, but was somewhat ambivalent. However, this being a pretty good year for music, they didn't quite make the cut. (This means I don't have to think of something to write about them!)

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recent movies

I think I've seen more movies than this lately, but I can't remember any others, very probably because they all sucked.

The Prestige

    I loved the book, and I thought the movie did a good job of capturing it. It must have been tricky to adapt, since the book is, basically, two diaries, the first half of the book being the story from one guy's point of view, and the second half from the other's. The movie followed a more linear structure, and I think pulled it off pretty well without screwing up any of the revelations. But, if I hadn't read the book, I'm not sure I would have really understood what was going on: a lot of it seemed pretty glossed over.

The Fountain

    I liked this a lot. It's weird in the way that 2001 is weird, and the effects are great in the way 2001's effects are great. There are 3 interleaved stories, some of which might not really have happened. It's a cool structure. I also liked that the connection between the "present" and "future" stories -- the part where the protagonist finishes his project and changes the world -- is left completely implied.


    I only saw this because it was the only movie starting that day at 2pm. Even with my expectations wedged firmly down in the fifth sub-basement, this movie is complete crap. It's approximately as bad as Harry Potter, possibly even as bad as Dungeons and Dragons. Though at least Dungeons and Dragons had beholders. This has no beholders. And the dragon has feathers. Feathers!

Casino Royale

    Certainly the best Bond movie in recent memory, though it gets a little too talky and spends a little too much time psychoanalyzing him. I like that it is not smirky and stupid like most Bond movies, and that the violence is actually ugly. This Bond acts like the thug that he is.

    The "parkour" stuff at the beginning was a pale shadow of District B13.

The Good Shepherd

    This is the one about the founding of the CIA. From this movie we can learn that: A) secret agents are emotionless bureaucrats, B) anyone who ever tells you the slightest fib is probably going to try and get you killed, C) LSD is not a good truth serum, D) senators and spies like playing homoerotic scat games. It's long, and didn't quite put me to sleep, but only just.
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I, for one, welcome our new reptilian savior

"Our Lady of the Reptoids"

Unavailable for comment

Virgin Komodo dragon is expecting

Flora, a pregnant Komodo dragon living in a British zoo, is expecting eight babies in what scientists said on Wednesday could be a Christmas virgin birth.

Flora has never mated, or even mixed, with a male dragon, and fertilized all the eggs herself, a process culminating in parthenogenesis, or virgin birth. Other lizards do this, but scientists only recently found that Komodo dragons do too.

"Those genetic tests confirmed absolutely that Flora was both the mother and the father of the embryos. It completely blew us away because it [parthenogenesis] has never been seen in such a large species," Buley explained. "God is not mocked," he added. "He knows our business."

"The genetics of self-fertilization in lizards means that all her hatchlings would have to be male. These would grow up to mate with their own mother and therefore, within one generation, there would potentially be a population able to reproduce normally on the new island," Buley said.

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suffering locks in the flavor.

Moths drink the tears of sleeping birds

A species of moth drinks tears from the eyes of sleeping birds using a fearsome proboscis shaped like a harpoon, scientists have revealed. The Madagascan moths were observed on the necks of sleeping magpie robins and Newtonia birds, with the tip of their proboscises inserted under the bird's eyelid, drinking avidly. This was during the wet season, so the scientists think the insects wanted salt, as the local soils are low in sodium.

But sleeping birds have two eyelids, both closed. So instead of the soft, straw-like mouthparts found on tear-drinking moths elsewhere, the Madagascan moth has a proboscis with hooks and barbs "shaped like an ancient harpoon", Hilgartner says.

The team does not yet know whether the insect spits out an anaesthetic to dull the irritation. They also want to investigate whether, like their counterparts elsewhere, the Madagascan tear-drinkers are all males who get most of their nutrition from the tears.


bring that beat back

Man with no pulse considered a medical breakthrough

Dr. Renzo Cecere implanted the "Heartmate II" mechanical heart into Gerard Langevin in an three-hour operation Nov. 23. The device, which is about the size of a flashlight battery, could last up to 10 years.

The new mechanical heart, which is powered by batteries located in pouches on Mr. Langevin's body, provides a continuous flow of blood so the patient has no pulse. "Mr. Langevin happens to be the only individual currently living in Canada without a pulse and without a measurable blood pressure," Dr. Cecere said Wednesday.

Previously, previously.

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Putin visits the Batcave


bin packing is NP complete.

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