Underwear Rotation: Every 6,000 Miles.

"I guess I may never understand all the theory behind proper underwear rotation."

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  1. usufructer says:

    Wow, that's just nuts.

    And she didn't like that he threw away the worn pairs, which goes against every bit of men's underwear standup comedy ever written.

  2. c0nsumer says:

    Interesting. I find it to be easier simply to wear almost all of one's underwear before washing it. If there is any left clean in the stack when putting the freshly washed stuff back, it goes on top of the pile.

    I guess that is rotation, but it's only logical?

    • Their drawers (the wooden, box-shaped kind) are clearly insufficiently deep for your elegant FIFO-based solution.

      • c0nsumer says:

        Ahh, yes. For I just tend to stack underwear on a shelf. One pile for grey, one pile for black.

        Socks go in a drawer, but as they are washed separately from other clothing it is trivial to launder a load of them once they are nearly run out, making the FIFO possible by sliding the remaining pair or two around.

        • sherbooke says:

          All socks and pants in one drawer. Make sure sure socks are one colour, or at least a limited colour variety. Every saturday, wash everything in the wash-sack in one wash, tee-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, pants, socks etc.

          I tried stack tee-shirts once - nah. They go in a seperate drawer though.

  3. auntyglory says:

    My maid Cherry has an intricate way of folding panties so that the bottom locks into the waistband and then she arranges it in the panty drawer according to color. They are selected for their ability to match my outfit. Bras, on the other hand are rotated, the one to wear next is placed in the front of the drawer. Color still plays a major part in the selection. My husband has never worn underwear in all the 25 years we have lived together. Every so often I convince him he'll feel better and we buy some soft, cotton, comfy pairs of drawers but they never get worn. But his sock drawer is a problem, all rolled into balls and arranged according to color. The problem is that he has too many socks and they dont all fit so the new ones pile up on top of the drawer. But he knows every sock so I guess its OK. He doesnt wear socks all that much either as the elastic makes him itch. But we live in Singapore where it is perpetually warm.

  4. phreddiva says:

    The sad thing is that I'm wondering why I hadn't done this before.

  5. lohphat says:

    /avoids obvious "panties in a twist" reference
    //not really