two kilolosers

As of earlier this month, there are more than 2048 LJ users who have me on their friends lists. That's two kilolosers. It is once again time for you to explain yourselves. Yeah, I'm talking to you:

  1. Who are you and why?
  2. Recommend some music that you think I would enjoy.
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359 Responses:

  1. dmlaenker says:

    1. I'm <lj user=dmlaenker>. Fuck all if I know why.
    2. Usually you're more an arbiter of my taste, so this is strange, but you've already heard all the warmish-leatherette bands I'd otherwise recommend. So, looking oppositely: if you haven't heard the, they're hilariously trashy Japanese noise rock, like Pizzicato Five or Shonen Knife but a bit less polished. Barefoot surf quartet.

  2. cvisors says:

    1. who am I, well I am just a nobody, but an Irix fan and a mac os x user. and why, I love your rants, your weird images, and stuff like that..

    2. music, well most of my music taste isn't that good, its actually damn awful.. (yeah I like wolfshite) but for interesting, I would recomend the act Dulce Liquido.

  3. karlaanne says:

    i found you via Audrey K. (<lj user="i_seldom_do">)....

    and you post extreme awesomeness. repost worthy things, i mean.

  4. rieux says:

    1. I'm Jesse, because that's what my parents called me.
    2. Based on your list there, I might not know anything you'd enjoy, but I'm really looking forward to the first new Loud Family album in six years.

  5. brocklisoup says:

    I'm Brock. You probably posted something interesting that got noticed by Boing Boing or someone else, and I added you.

    I don't know what you're into, but Those Legendary Shack Shakers have some fun tunes, and Gogol Bordello is pretty ridiculous (which comes across much better live). Lately I've been on a Death Cab for Cutie kick - it's good background music for programming.

  6. jck says:

    Who I am: Just a computer nerd who has somewhat similar taste in music (at least from what your music roundups reveal)

    Why: Because where else am I to get my USRDA of Curmudgeonly Spite(TM) with a side of monkey butter?

    Music: Signal & Report, one of the only Minneapolis local bands worth hearing, IMHO. Their site has several full length MP3s.

  7. snowwolf42 says:

    "Tell me who admires you and loves you, and I will tell you who you are." -- Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve

    I find your journal entries on arcana entertaining, and followed the opening of the bar. Also modded the screensaver ages ago to do webcam images from around the world, which got my company's IP banned from several as it got popular in the office.

    Music: Chris Rea

  8. sc00ter says:

    I'm Sc00ter (Travis Roy, not the hockey player one that has a book, the other one that's not famous in any way).

    I work as a datacenter tech/sysadmin for a small colocation company in New England (I work out of the Manchester, NH office, but I'm in Marlborough, MA today).

    I'm 28, married for 5 years to the girl I started dating when I was a junior in high school. We just got a house in Hillsborough, NH with our two cats (Doozer and Beaker) and our Dog (Pepe).

    We have a Mini Cooper S and a Jeep Wrangler.

    That's about it really. I enjoy Talking Heads, David Byrne (as solo), and Franz Ferdinand.

    P.S. I just hacked my Hughes DirecTiVo and it worked great. TiVoWebPlus is the balls. Having over 100hrs is nice too.

  9. snowwolf42 says:

    "Tell me who admires you and loves you, and I will tell you who you are." -- Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve

    I find your journal entries on arcana entertaining, and followed the opening of the bar. Also modded the screensaver ages ago to do webcam images from around the world, which got my company's IP banned from several as it got popular in the office.

    Music: Something by Chris Rea

  10. pentane says:

    Since I syndicate, I haven't friended your journal. But I thought I'd comment here anyway.

    1: I'm me, and I've been reading you since I found a few years ago (one of the AOL rants I think).

    2: I don't think you'd like my music at all.

  11. dirtybunny says:

    i don't have a friends list or else you'd be on it for sure...but i DO read you ALL THE DAMN TIME...

    who am i?

    i'm an ex streeetkid activist
    an educated bitch girl
    an underground electronic/industrial DJ going on 18 years this winter
    music promoter/musician? heh well slowly...
    critical criminologist & sociologist who occasionally teaches at University of Ottawa [Drugs & Criminal Justice, Penal Abolition, Women in Religion are a few of the courses]
    cheesemonster [i.e. collect cult films, action figures]
    computer geek [mainframe & network support pays the bills]
    and a friend of a lot of folks who know/work with you...

    -DJ leslie

    also you have one of the best LJs i have ever read...

    • dirtybunny says:

      err forgot about musics...well you probably know the same stuff i do...

      maybe Lament Configuration? the new Empusae is awesome...
      for oddly awesome music, i say BOb Log III! or straight up R>L. Burnside or T Model Ford [i lurve delta blues...] all on Fat Possum Records

      i'd love to leave musics recs if i have an idea of the styles you'd like recs in...

    • Wow. You have a great job.

      I'm seriously considering going to Graduate School to study to become a Cultural Anthropologist.

      • dirtybunny says:

        *nod* i've done some work in anthropology mostly via my research in religion [i'm 2/3 of the way towards a 3rd degree in religious studies...i like to try and understand how social control manifests to better be able to deconstruct it...] and i;ve found it fairly relevant, just make sure you have a good department...if you took criminology for instance [the area i'm working in for PhD] you could end up taking some very pro-institution, pro-social control, right wing oriented pro-police courses which would completely misrepresent the field IMO...context is key; so just make sure you research whatever area you end up pursuing because when it comes to social theory etc. it's so qualitative that it can be changed drastically depending on who teaches it...


        and thanks! i do computer geek for work as well as academic work and social activist work with lifers, prisoners, vicitims groups etc...

  12. scottobear says:

    I'm Scotto, because I am who I am, and that's all that I am.I'm sort of digging this stuff lately, fun for a little change of pace -Listen to a brilliant version of Devo's Mongoloid.From WFMU's On the Download. My Wakeup music of the day - Hawaii Tattoo - The Waikikis (mp3) - via, Podsville!

    • transiit says:

      If you are a fan of the Devo, check out your local used bins for a copy of the soundtrack to the Jackie Chan flick "Supercop"

      There's a Devo cover of the Nine Inch Nails' song "Head Like a Hole" that is high in the novelty value. Toss in Tom Jones w/ Ruby covering "Kung Fu Fighting" and it's easily worth purchasing for a few bucks.

  13. buckthorn says:

    Brian. Been sort of following your writings since about:jwz worked.

    And I recommend.... Kelly Clarkston! Yeah! And this great old band called Hootie and the Blowfish!! You'll love 'em!! Really!!

  14. dossy says:

    1. I'm Dossy (FAQ), because back around 1988 people on the BBS'es I used to frequent started calling me that and the name stuck.
    2. I don't think I listen to music that you would enjoy, but a friend of mine, David W. Jacobsen, has some interesting songs. He performs locally around the NJ/NY area in small cozy venues. He's got samples of his music up on MySpace.
    • brianfeldman says:

      Most people know me from FreeBSD stuff. Doubt we'd really know each other at all since I avoid CA pretty heavily, but your rants are funnier (and more technical) than Maddox's, so I enjoy 'em!

    1. I'm <lj user="digital_space">, a sys admin in Toronto. I read your stuff for the obscure references to various perversions and the tidbits of technobabble that appeal to me. Consider me a drive-by geek.
    2. Music? I've got nothing new to offer. Seriously. Your knowledge exceeds mine.
  15. insomnius says:

    1. I must be a second-degree extra loser, because I found you via friendsfriends. I'm an extra loser because I'm on the internet, but you're on my internet because of music, OCD and macs. Also because I figure after so many people have eFrended you you're unlikely to notice one more.

    2. I'm currently listening to lots of Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Neutral Milk Hotel, but that doesn't mean I think you'd like it. I'll suggest The Ergot Derivative because they might well be the weirdest band I like and you seem pretty weird yoruself.

  16. 1) I'm a professional time-waster. Your links and pics keeps me a-wastin in that good and happy way. I temd to populate my list with outsider oddities. As you can see I have also friended such ilk as <lj user="riotclitshave"> & <lj user="msmcdonald"> so you're right up my speed. I neither follow nor understand your techie or music talk and I still haven't fully figured out what a dna lounge is. But you're not a page spammer. Quality over quantity... much like my sex life.

    2) I'm currently a Jazz girl. Nina Simone and remixed variations of the like.

  17. fatherbingo says:

    I'm just a guy, and I recommend the Norweigan band Cloroform ( to everyone. Their 2003 album "Hey You Let's Kiss" has been blowing my fucking mind all year.

  18. styroteqe says:

    I'm styroteqe. I'm a BOFH by trade, which is primarily how I came to find you, though we also have a few friends in common (Eric G and some other SFers). Prior to finding your lazyj I have read your diskless terminal server HOWTOish thing you wrote while setting up the DNA lounge, and your Netscape dorm diary.

    Music! Hmm... Some of this you will have likely already gotten into, but here goes:

    Boards of Canada
    Vector Lovers

  19. neilh says:

    1. I'm Neil, and (reading the last part of the question as 'why are you here?' rather than 'why are you Neil?') I'm here because people kept pointing out posts you made about various random subjects that I found I was reading all the entries in between anyway so I may as well have you turn up on my friends page.

    2. I assume you already know about the Dresden Dolls? How about Helen Love? They're a kind of welsh manga interpretation of the Ramones.

  20. gytterberg says:
    1. Gabriel. I guess the "why" is as in "why are you here." You entertain me with your funny pictures and humourous peevedness. And it's fun seeing how the DNA lounge works a little. I think this icon I use is something you posted a link to originally. You're like boingboing, but not as big of a loser as Cory Doctorow.
    2. I don't know, dude, your music... it doesn't get along with my music. You might like">this, though, if you haven't already seen it. It's one guy doing the whole soundtrack to Super Mario World on about a dozen instruments. It's bouncy and awesome. Reminds me of when I used to always like to play my gameboy with headphones on, because they had better bass than the little speaker that was always covered with my palm anyway.
  21. jdredd5150 says:

    I'm me because, genetically, i didn't really have much of a say in it all. i had a friend introduce me to way way 7 years or so ago. i read your stories on there, i watched your club being built on webcam, and i pretty much idolized what i could glean of your life, who you were, what you'd accomplished and such. you were the person that really let me know the area of the software industry i wanted to get into was going to require 100 hour work weeks and crashing on the floor under my desk while compilers ran. when i found out you had an lj, i added you to my daily checked friendslist. you always have fantastic content and i enjoy nearly everything you post.

    as for music, i'd like to recommend Tragic Realism by LD and the New Criticism.

  22. christowang says:

    I'm <lj user="christowang"> and I'M ON THE INTERNET! I just really enjoy the interesting tech posts and the weird Internet content you find.

    As for music, from what I've seen in your LJ, I don't think I know a band that you may enjoy. How about Paulson? You can listen to the entire new album using the ecard.

  23. musicscene says:

    1. I am <lj user="musicscene"> (AKA: Metalhead, Gonzo) friend of <lj user="drozone"> and original goon. I think, therefore I am. Damned if I know why...
    2. Check out The Hold Steady (Craig Finn formerly Lifter Puller)
  24. spamcola says:

    1. Name: MJ. Why: "...Because sometimes words are just not enough..."

    2. El musica: Let's see, something you'd like and haven't heard yet... I've been digging Art Brut and Chad VanGaalen quite a bit lately, though I have to keep that quiet with my "too hip for hip" friends. (Fracking Pitchfork...) On the industrial end Heimataerde's Gotteskrieger has been quite the boot-stomping dance record around my neck of the woods. Might be worth checking out.

  25. stenz says:

    I am the god of thunder and lint, a cruel man - but fair. On the side I moonlight as a misanthropic programmer in the hedge fund world living in Bermuda and I play a lot of poker.

    Probably envy mostly, if I were to be honest really.

    I only heard Jason Forrest's "War Photographer" recently and I liked it. So uh, yeah, there's that.

  26. novas007 says:

    I'm Mike. I'm no one in particular. Yet.
    I read your site, and then someone made it from there to here. You expand my music collection and help train my oh-god-oh-god-purge-my-mind-of-that reflex.

    Not sure if any of these are your thing (they're not all that unknown), but check out the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Vienna Teng, Averi, and BT.

  27. baconmonkey says:

    I think "kilodork" sounds better, as most common uses of "kilo" involve a mono-sylabic suffix, like

    But they're your losers, so call them what you will.

    • otterley says:

      Also, in the modern era in which hard disks are measured in "millions of bytes," I think the proper unit would be "kibilosers."

  28. taffer says:

    1) I'm Chris, and I wish I was a video game designer/writer, but I'm a technical writer and occaisional hacker. I keep porting xscreensaver bits to other operating systems, and you post lots of weird shit.

    2) You're got everything already, but maybe you haven't heard All About Eve, Lacuna Coil, and Cycle Sluts From Hell (good luck finding that one).

  29. 1a) I'm John -- I'm a PhD student in cognitive science and AI at MIT.

    1b) (going with the conventional interpretation of this question) Your journal is funny -- all the crazy shit you link to consistently entertains me.

    2) We like really different music, and I'm pretty sure you'd have heard of everything in the small area of overlap. But right now "Harder, Better, Faster" by Daft Punk is amusing me because it's such a great grad school anthem.

    • ratkrycek says:

      Hey John - how's the Cog project going (is it still)? My godfather did some consultation work with that - talked about Cog like a proud parent. AI is fascinating. But since you're studying it, I don't have to tell you that. :)

  30. allartburns says:

    I am (probably) the oldest incoming undergrad at CMU. I know a life of avoiding responsibility has led me to this sorry fate, and yet, I blame the Internets. The Internets made me what I am.

    If you haven't already, check out Steroid Maximus. It's Thirwell's soundtrack/film score project, reportedly the reason he got asked to do the soundtrack for "Venture Bros."

  31. mfisher says:

    1) Mike Fisher. I appreciate the work you did on XEmacs and Netscape.

    2) The Isotopes: saving the world with instrumental rock and roll.

  32. kju says:

    I'm kju. Why did I friend you? Your rants are endlessly entertaining. I came across you when you were reopening the DNA Lounge way back when - the diary was fascinating. (By the way, rzrgrl posts some tremendous photographs.)

    Music? Try Machine Gun Fellatio, particularly their album Bring it on. Their live act is fantastic.

  33. hasimir says:

    1) I am that which I am.
    1a) I'm another professional geek, who finds most of your posts interesting and/or amusing. If blame must be appointed for discovering your LJ, then it rests with <lj user="cvisors">.
    1b) I'm a political junkie.
    1c) There may be more of interest, but this is neither the time, nor the place. Theoretically I'm at work now, although why anyone would want to call at 2am on NYE is beyond me ...

    2) Tankt, a Melbourne band.

  34. batmite2000 says:

    I'm Eric. I live in Marin. Why? That's the big question, isn't it?

    You would like Severed Heads' new material - Tom Ellard still writes a ton of really nice music.

    Specific recommendation, OP2

    His DVD's are nice, too. :)

  35. 5beroptic says:

    WHO: One rather thin android living in the Dallas, TX area. Internet Designer / Tax Program Technician

    WHY: I enjoy your posts as they are sometimes directed more towards the futuristic cyber culture kind of genre.

    Music likings lately are Sophia, and Van Richter groups such as The Fair Sex, Girls Under Glass, and Death & Horror Inc

  36. lusercop says:

    1) Like others, I am me. I can't really say anything else. I friend people whose LJs I consider to be worth reading - some of them I actually know in real life, some of them I don't.

    2) The only thing I could recommend that you might not already have seen is: Covert Music, also <lj user="covertmusic" />

  37. kniedzw says:
    1. Kyle. I'm a sysadmin by trade, which is more or less how I heard of you. I also am an editor at an online speculative fiction web site.
    2. I'm not sure if you'd actually like them, but I've always been a fairly big fan of Jim's Big Ego (though not of their flash-heavy site). They've always impressed me more live than on their albums, but they're pretty good Boston-based folk rock. ...which might not be your bag. *shrug*
  38. korgmeister says:

    1.) Who: 23 year dude in Melbourne. Has degrees in Business and Japanese but doesn't use either to make money.

    Why: I think you're listed in Wikipedia's famous users of LJ section. You LJ is kinda like a better version of Memepool. Also, your sense of humour is alot like mine.

    2.) I think you would like TISM. You probably heard of them through that 'Everyone else has had more sex than me' video. But they've been around for more than 20 years now. They make the sort of weirdness you'd like.

    • doctorfedora says:

      I know you because of Korgy here. He linked something or other and I decided I liked the cut of your jib, whatever that is.

      20 years old, student at Penn State. Majoring in English because I have no useful skills. Spent last semester in Japan because I'm majoring in that, too, despite its lack of practicality in the real world. Pissed that Homestar Runner hasn't had an update in nearly a month.

      If you like Daft Punk, you may like the rather obscure Japanese musical act Ram Rider (or maybe it's Ramrider, it's hard to tell from the CDs). On the other hand, to be perfectly frank, unless you IM me asking for MP3s they're practically impossible to track down, particularly in the United States.

  39. acroyear70 says:

    Joe Shelby. Software developer who'd worked with motif back in the early 90s and now all-java and php. early mosaic and netscape user and reader of about:jwz, so I followed you here. outside of geekdom, i morris dance and work at the maryland renaissance festival.

    i'm also a music fan who loved your stories of all the bureaucratic bullshit you had to go through to get DNALounge open. in the DC area, a local town (Takoma Park) famous for being a kind folk-music capital of the area, has been going through a similar attack as San Francisco has on a micro scale -- residents moved in because they thought they loved the culture, then realized they couldn't live with the culture 24/7 -- so rather than move out, they decide to destroy the culture instead.

    however, your musical tastes and mine don't overlap enough for me to make any reliable suggestions. perhaps you'd like The Gathering (holland) or Pain of Salvation (Sweden), but i'd suggest trying samples before buying.

  40. n3nbb says:

    1 - I'm Tom Strong, I checked out your journal because your name was familiar from back when I was at CMU, then I decided that what you had to say was interesting enough to keep reading.

    2 - I've never heard of a single song on your list, so I don't know how useful a musical recommendation from me would be...

  41. sea_wolf says:

    I'm SeaWolf who stumbled across the DNA Lounge blog by accident some time ago and whiled away most of a day at work reading it from start to present. I'm a sys admin for a Uni in Perth on the West side of Aus.

    I'm not sure if you'd enjoy it but I'm loving piano-rock bandThe Whitlams at the moment. Especially their more depressing stuff.

  42. 1) I'm a kung fu computer nerd, and you're my replacement for slashdot. (ouch)
    2) I don't know you, so here's some music that's highly-rated in my iTunes that you might not have already heard a bizillon times:
    * Anti-Flag, particularly Die For the Government - this is actual punk, which you may or may not like
    * Asian Dub Foundation - All I have as an album called Frontline 1993-97, it's punky dub music
    * I like Dar Williams, and I hate folk music
    * I like the mash-up album "The Beastles" (Beatles + Beastie Boys). I guess it was on boing boing, so it falls into
      the "bizillion times" category, but it's very far on the good side of the mash-up normal distribution.
    * I'm led to believe that you don't like hip-hop. Regardless, Blackaliscious is worth a listen.

  43. fantasygoat says:

    Wow. I remember when I first joined up on Livejournal a couple of years ago - so as to read a couple of friend's really boring journals and to hit on underage girls - and saw that you had over 1,000 people signed up to be abused by you on a regular basis. I thought that was an insane number.

    I decided to post pictures instead of the usual whiny, dramatic rants that most of the people here do because I wanted to keep my personal life to myself but at the same time actually use the site as more than a RSS reader and semi-nude porn aggregate.

    Turns out people like pictures a lot - my journal, through no whoring by me at all, started getting a lot of people signed up. Mostly furries for some reason, despite my deep-seated hatred for them. However, it was never as popular as yours was; I generally trailed by a wide margin.

    However, when you mentioned passing the the two kilolosers mark, I checked mine and discovered that I had finally surpassed your level by a hundred or so. I missed my own two kiloloser anniversary!

    So now I am officially a bigger loser than you are, and I've discovered that the key to popularity is to cater to the lowest common denominator. The sense of accomplishment in my ultimate victory now rings hollow, alas.

    Let's here it for illiteracy!

    • relaxing says:

      I am often amazed that the people who post in your journal seem to be real idiots. Nice pictures, though.

    • valacosa says:

      "That's two kilolosers. It is once again time for you to explain yourselves... Who are you and why?"

      With your newly found readership, would you dare try this?

      • fantasygoat says:

        Are you kidding? The vast majority of them are idiots. Jamie might deride his readership but on the whole they are a solid 10x more intelligent than mine. The furries alone would overwhelm me.

  44. encapsulate says:

    1. I'm a dork from Eastern WA. I started out reading your writing back when you could find your page from within netscape.

    2. Lately I've been enjoying Dangerdoom: The Mouse and the Mask

  45. lars_larsen says:

    I'm Lars. I found you through the netscape employee page (you were at the end, duh) and was mesmerized by the spinny compass. Met you in 98 briefly. I'm a friend of Nat's.

    Your music collection is a super-set of mine. So I dont have much to offer. Y"ou could check out MC Lars (no relation) if only for "Mr Raven".

  46. quotation says:

    You're not on my friends list, I'm much too picky for that, but I do subscribe to the RSS feed (thru bloglines) 'cause, well, I'm a fanboy.

    My friends list I check to see which of my friends have new comments on their posts that I might want to read. I don't particularly want to read the comments that end up here. I like to keep my friends list clean, since I can't use RSS to read my friends' locked friends-only posts.

    My RSS aggregator, on the other hand, actually has some organization to it, and I read a half-dozen or so of your posts whenever they build up. Skim, if you will.

    I first got a whiff of your rants and such over 10 years ago when I was in Ottawa and knew the illustrious Mr. Shaver (also among my RSS feeds) through the people I was working on the project with.

    You continue to be among the 50% most entertaining RSS feeders, and will therefore likely survive the next purge.

    You don't want to know about my music. I have really bad taste in music. <lj user=mightycodking> can trick you out with good music if you ask, I hereby deputize him as such.

  47. baldnate says:

    1a. I am Nate.
    1b. You are a good aggregator for the technical and the grotesque (usually both at the same time).
    2. Ruins (the ones from Japan) and Tortoise.

  48. cmdrkuehn says:

    1. nobody special. i saw a link to one of your entries on irc, found it entertaining, and hopped on for the ride.

    2. i'm digging save ferris' cover of come on eileen.

  49. greatevil says:

    I'm yet another unix using fan boy who enjoys watching you bitch about your computer woes because it feels kind of like climbing the rope in gym class.

    Check out More Machine then Man an ok recoreded bad but a fun live show. Nothing new there but fun anyways.

  50. lindseykuper says:

    Heh. Is the music question cunningly designed to weed out people not worth investigating further?

    I'm a 23-year-old girl, a rural Iowa transplant, working for an only somewhat doomed startup in Portland. Years ago, someone linked me to an article you'd written -- I don't remember which one it was, now -- and I stayed up all night reading most of gruntle because I liked the writing style. You're pithy.

    There's a Sarge record called The Glass Intact that you might like. Also, if you've never dug through back issues of The War Against Silence, I recommend it. His review of Eight Arms to Hold You is some of the best music writing I've ever seen.

    • relaxing says:

      Has anyone truly summarized the rural midwestern transplant experience? I've read accounts of living in the midwest, or living in midwestern cities, but what about those of us who left for the coasts?

      • lindseykuper says:

        I'm sure somebody has. Lord knows there are enough of us.

        I did a tour of duty in Chicago before I moved here, and for a long time I thought I wasn't going to go any farther from home than that. I'm glad I decided to push out my boundaries a bit.

  51. crackmonkey says:

    1. This is easier than getting a shitty RSS reader. I enjoy reading your journal because it helps me understand why people don't like (bad) open source programmers and software. I've mapped out where you get your links from, so that's not as useful anymore. It's fun watching you make fun of people who are stupid enough to post replies (to your non-lazyweb posts, like this one?). I wish you would post more about your view of the state of computing, because when you brush off all the funny/hate, it's usually a viewpoint that can be used to help change the state of computing.
    2., pretty much anyone from the same label, The Orb's new album (I think you know them, but it wasn't listed anywhere I've read recently), and I think you'd like Infected Mushroom's Converting Vegetarians (Don't bother with their other material, it's all pretty standard psytrance, but they actually stretch their legs on this album).

  52. mdosen says:

    I'm Mike, and I'm here because we have mutual friends like <lj user="tequilarista"> that had you on their friends list.

    • mdosen says:

      Uh, as for music you might enjoy, I have no idea. Our musical tastes are very different. Right now I'm listening to The Tragically Hip, but my tastes usually run more towards hard rock/metal.

      Joe Jackson's most recent album was great if you like his early stuff.

      Does that help?

  53. crasch says:

    1. I came for the curmudgeonry. I stayed for the Japanese sex fetishes.
    2. I'm musically retarded. Suggesting music to you would be like the pope giving sex tips to Jenna Jameson.

    1. Who are you and why?
    2. I added you because I enjoy reading your gruntles, and I've since found your posts here interesting. Particularly whenever you welcome our new whatever overlords. LJ uses the term "friend" inappropriately, as I just want your posts on the same page as the others I read, but you have to be my "friend" for that to happen.

    3. Recommend some music that you think I would enjoy.
    4. Based on your previous posts I believe our musical interests are too disjoint for me to think it's worth any of your time to pursue anything I would suggest. I like soft, fluffy music for the most part. Despite that, you might enjoy Emii or Krystal Noxx (warning: Knock yourself out.

  54. fieldsnyc says:

    Is this just for new people, or do you want those around for the last one to rejustify their existence?

    The tales of long stringy black mold in your toothbrush are still the most entertaining thing you've ever written, so I guess I'm not sure why I'm still around. It might have something to do with the female zombie Ronald McDonald.

    You probably would not have liked One Handed Molly, but they've been defunct for about four years, and to my knowledge, their music is available nowhere on the internet, so I guess that's okay.

  55. crazy4cats says:

    Who are you and why?

    My name is Wendy and I live on the other coast, in Cambridge, MA. I'm a woman determined to break old habits and let myself become whatever I need to be/do/think. Why? Because I was raised by people who were afraid, who tried to make me afraid, and I refuse to live like that. I decided at 16 I would face down any problem I had, instead of living like those around me. I'm mainly an open-minded, radical-thinking, independent-minded, freedom-lovin' atheist, happily married, 3 cats, working in the medical field as an IT Field technician. I'm attracted to the underground/punk/goth scene but don't consider myself a Goth. Long term, I want to work in a creative field, but I haven't figured that out yet.

    Recommend some music that you think I would enjoy.

    This is a toughie. I like Freezepop and L'ame Immortelle and Suicide Commando. I also really like the soundtrack from The Life Aquatic. Where else can you get a CD of David Bowie songs rewritten and sung by a Portugeuse songwriter, many of them acoustic? I highly recommend it.

  56. captain18 says:

    I worked in mid-market broadcasting for five years before giving it up to be a phone drone at a major insurance company while my wife gets her PhD in psychology. From there I'll ride the gravy train called tenure. I wrote just enough code at my last TV job to appreciate what you have to say about programming, and I appreciate the offbeat links.

    While always could recommend some music, I was raised on both kinds of music (yes, yes, Country and Western) -- particularly on Buck Owens' protoge Tony Booth -- so my taste in music is severely warped. Therefore I doubt that any music I could possibly recommend would be anything you would actually enjoy. My wife is still amazed that I've somehow gotten into "All These Things That I've Done" by The Killers, if that gives any perspective.

    • captain18 says:

      Actually, let me be just slightly less lame and actually recommend something. My wife has a hobby of collecting weird covers of "famous" songs, and a couple months back she pointed me to a soft-rock cover of Baby Got Back by Jonathan Coulton. It got a mention in the Onion's AV Club so I'm not relying on my taste alone; perhaps it will be worth a chuckle.

  57. legolas says:

    I'm a belgian software developer. Why I am is a question for my parents really... How I came here I can't remember, but I enjoy the posts you make when they are about computing and general sillyness (like the pictures a post or 2 ago!).

    Music I think you would enjoy is difficult, since my preferred music is so far away from yours. Thinking about a friend who listens to some industrial etc, let me think what I've heard him go on about... The Clinic, Einsturzende neubauten (sp?). Probably both well known to you. Astral Projection also, but that's trance, not industrial. Different but also good IMO: Jean Michel Jarre (older works, the recent ones (after the 80's) aren't that good anymore).

  58. nester says:

    Somehow, I started reading the DNA page during the construction process, and hung out on the irc server for a while.. then yeah.. Here I am.

    I don't think we cross genres much, so I'll welsh on the recommendations. :)

  59. ciphergoth says:

    I'm Paul Crowley, I'm a 34-year old cryptographer. I'm also a pervert and a bloody goth. At this point I normally recommend Cop Shoot Cop, but I know you're already a subscriber to that one. In fact I suspect your music listening is very close to a proper superset of mine. But I'll try recommending a band called "Camberwell Now" who I've been enjoying thanks to a recommendation of a work colleague and who don't seem to be that well known. I can't think how to describe them, but they're sort of weird and sinister and slightly punky and they have a horn section.

  60. spudtater says:

    1. I am a potato. I live in edinburgh. I have a degree in computer science, and am currently trying to learn actual useful things.

    1½. I can't remember how I stumbled across your journal, but it amused me enough to put it on my friends list.

    2. Errr... my musical tastes are crap. I suppose you've heard Mr. Bungle - None of Them Knew They Were Robots? No recent recommendations, I'm afraid.

  61. seileurt says:

    I'm geoff, and I listed you because you have interesting news and reviews that I usually like to read.
    I just popped in my 80s music into the van and before that was surf rock. If you haven't heard of the Red Elvises or listened to Fuel by Ani Difranco, then go.

  62. crucially says:

    I work here, you abuse my coworkers over IM ;) I also enjoy DNA

    I have nothing really to add in the music genres you enjoy

  63. relaxing says:

    1. A relaxing software engineer, here for the gruntle.

    2. B12 - Electro-Soma, the 1993 Wax Trax! album newly reissued on Warp. Early ambient techno.
    Also, the Adam Freeland remix of "Little Fluffy Clouds."

  64. thaths says:

    1. I am <lj user="thaths">. Why? Cogito ego sum.
    2. We do not share similar music tastes. However, I think you might enjoy Fela Kuti and Afrobeat.

  65. gregv says:

    I'm Greg, yet another random computer geek who ended up here because Gruntle was so amusing. I originally found that because someone linked to the Tent of Doom long ago.

    I know you already know about Kidneythieves, but Gronk tells me you know about Celldweller too. Oh well. This may be more of a stretch, but 30 Seconds to Mars' first album was good. I don't know about their second one, though. Attack sounds like modern pop rock crap so I haven't touched it.

    I'm still waiting for Drop Black Sky's album to come out because of you. I grabbed the six MP3s they had on their site before they changed it, and I love the darker ones (Tet Knot, Code, Winter) although the other three aren't bad either.

  66. wisedonkey says:

    Hi. I'm <lj user="wisedonkey">, a.k.a. 'That Guy', 'hey you fucking loser', Whats-his-name, and occasionally "Oh hey, it's you, uhhh.... I hink you should leave."

    I think jwz is great. I'm the founding member of the jwz fan club and write jwz fanfic while listening to crappy music in my parents' basement. As a dedicated fan, I listen only to jwz-approved music.

  67. ratkrycek says:

    1. I am who I am and that's all I am. ;)

    Man, it's been a coon's age since I threw you onto my flist. I think it was <lj user="evan"> who mentioned you way back when, and a lot of your posts made me think, and I happen to like posts that make me think. (And you have a good sense of humor, to boot.)

    Also, when I was doing research about wisdom tooth removal on Google, your writeup of your experience with it was something I found useful, and enjoyed reading. Have you had a smoothie since? ;)

    2. Well... I don't know. I've been on an old-time string band jag the past few days. Don't know if you'd be into that, but I made mention of it and linked to a list of Jerry Garcia & David Grisman stuff I was listening to. You could probably do worse than to take a listen, even if it turns out you don't like it. :)

    Hope you're doing well!

    1. I am a member of your audience, because you amuse me from time to time. LiveJournal is misnamed; it is really a forum for writing as performance art.
    2. Judging by the shows you rave about, we have almost no overlap in musical taste, but ... Shriekback?
  68. I am a bouncer in Portland.

    Your posts entertain and educate.

    Music..............well, how bout BOGLOGIII ???? He too, entertains and educates.

  69. grahams says:

    1. I'm Sean, a guy who enjoyed your rants over at and followed the link over here.
    2. No idea if you will like it, but I enjoy the (relatively) new Meat Beat Manifesto EP "Off-Centre". If you're a Coil fan, you may enjoy some of "The Ape of Naples"... It's definitely not a perfect album, though.
  70. scar_crow says:

    Me? I am no one of consequence. You were added for linking nifty articles.

    Tom-motherfuckin-Waits. Tom Waits "clap hands" to be specific.

  71. poon says:

    I worked with EB at amazon, so there's some sort of loose vague connection.

    I used to use some browser you had a hand in all the time, and still use xscreensaver so congratulations on being a default at least twice.

    I have no idea what music you would like. I could spend hours filling this part out but I'm at work and have plans later.

  72. jcheshire says:

    1. Someone who followed from #dnalounge years ago.
    2. Recently found Scissor Sisters to be fun.

  73. ding_0_ says:

    1) I'm Justin, I'm here because I enjoyed the about:jwz, your webpage, the DNA lounge opening blog, the movie, off broadway musical and icecapade.

    2) Ego Likeness, Water to the Dead because you referenced Second Skin in a now listening and I'm in the band.

  74. tramp32123 says:

    I'm Liam, and I don't think I have you on my friends list. Partly because we aren't friends - but mostly because I only have an LJ account so I could comment on one of your postings. I have read your stuff since you were at Netscape, so this is just a continuation. I enjoy your movie review, even though our tastes are dramatically different. I enjoy reading your DNA Lounge posts. Mostly I read because you point to interesting things and I learn stuff from your 'Dear Lazyweb' posts.

    Why I am who I am is a toughie. I', an ex-librarian Unix geek who has been using Unix since the 6th edition. Currently I am an instructor delivering Sun & Solaris training. A great job - no real work, just talk all week :-)

    I dunno if you would like my taste in music. I tend to Pet Shop Boys, Queen, Meatloaf, Robbie Williams, Rat Pack, Harry Connick Jnr, 20's, 30's & 40's music, blues, blue grass, jazz, Split Enz, Tex Pistol, Narcs, DD Smash, Dave Dobbyn, Smokeshop, Hammond Gamble.

    Compliments of the season :)

  75. mauitian says:

    Here's a different spin: I'm a theoretical physicist because it's the best thing I could find to do with my brain. And I'm a surfer because it's the most fun I can have with my body.

    Music is mostly background noise to me, or something guys feign a passion for to hit on chicks.

  76. I am me, because thats who I am. I have you as a friend because I find a rare and enticing cross-section of interests and music in this blog (the kind of cross-section I find in my head but don't speak of).

  77. flan53 says:

    I'm heather, and i like your wierd news image posts.

    The Organ is a good band from Canada. I saw them play a tiny club and they were amazing.

  78. roach2600 says:

    I'm Matt, a recent CS grad who found out about your blog when Slashdot posted about your switch to OS X. I switched back in February. I went back a few posts in your blog, found it interesting, and have been reading it.

    I recommend Paul van Dyk's Politics of Dancing. It may not be new, but it's good.

  79. I just like pronouncing "jwz" phonetically.

  80. bluharlequin says:

    Well, I'm <lj user="bluharlequin">.
    Unless I'm mistaken I found you when my brother (not an LJ user) sent me a link to a post of your's. I can't for the life of me remember specifically what it was, but poking around left me suitably amused to add you.

    Music?: Well, my tastes in electronic music run closer to the stuff you like to trash (ie. VNV Nation) but try this out if you haven't already:
    Afro Celt Sound System.
    Specifically, the remix album "POD"

  81. cabrius says:

    1. I'm a developer of boring business software that we wrap in flowery language that impresses the executive types, but is really pretty basic at its core. Not exactly thrilling, but not quite soul-crushing either (yet), and it pays the bills.

    I think I was first aware of you through xscreensaver and some public brouhaha over something (likely XEmacs/RMS back then). I used to read the 'gruntle' page, and then discovered the LJ somewhere along the way.

    It's always fun to see what the Japanese are up to, who our new overlords are, and so on, but I also like to see the perspective of someone who's been in the business but is no longer too close to it to be blinded or muffled by it (not that it ever stopped you specifically). I'm curious as to what your eventual judgment on OS X development will be, for example.

    2. Disco Volante by Mr. Bungle (or at least I don't see it in your Gronk demo list).

  82. grahamb says:

    Some time ago I worked for a company that used to deal with Netscape quite a lot. Your name came up with regards an "interesting cube arrangement", and on further inspection of your website I saw a mention of Attrition. So you can't be all that bad I thought.

  83. armoire_man says:

    I'm a middle-aged suburban dad who used to live across the Bay from San Francisco, so I read your LJ partly out of nostalgia. Your theater of cruelty is nice to view from a distance.

    Music: Orchestra Superstring

  84. c9 says:

    Geeky guy in small-city Ontario, CS degree being wasted on corporate training, occasional amateur actor, politically aware and opinionated, fiercely patriotic Canadian.

    Why you? I somehow stumbled across your gruntles 100,000 years ago and began visiting every once in a while. Read your DNA reno updates, discovered you on LJ and was pleased to have to work less for the same amount of jwz.

    Your music is far more evolved than mine, so I give you something rare you will never find a copy of: Angel Food for Thought, Meryn Cadell. He, formerly she, made some absurdly funny music way back when.

  85. artlung says:

    1. I am Joe Crawford of I've enjoyed reading you for some time since I read something of yours that was was curmudgeonly and was something to do with "HTML Realism" (that is, HTML is meant to be used, pedantic b.s. about perfect code is stupid). In my head you're mapped with other curmudgeons - Philip Greenspun, James Howard Kunstler, and Doc Searls.

    2. If you want some great songwriting and really funny lyrics, I think you can't beat Stew and The Negro Problem. Try "The Naked Dutch Painter" for one and "Something Deeper Than These Changes" for another.

  86. I am nick because my dad thought of my name while shaving.

    Music: The Ground, by The Torg Gustavsen Trio. The mellow and cool jazz you would expect from a bunch of frozen sweedes.

  87. unwiredben says:

    Well, I'm the guy, who back in 1996, posted a message to the Netscape scrolly sign asking jwz to release another update to BBDB which then resulted in a post to the bbdb mailing list asking who was responsible. I added you to my friends list after seeing a forward from your journal, and I find your postings interesting to read and often quite funny.

    Music: I really liked your best of 2005 list and will be ordering a few of those. My big favorite of 2005 were The Ditty Bops, combining cool female vocals, burleseque comedy, and old-timey jazz. They make me smile.

  88. bbe says:

    I think I found you, I think through Boingboing, you post things I'm interested in, so friended you.

    Recommend some music? The Rainmakers.

  89. wyndebreaker says:

    I used to hang out at the DNA back when Rob Schneider owned it. I like computers. I have more Sisters of Mercy bootegs than anyone in the US.

  90. skyhawk92e says:

    I'm Warn. I fix airplanes for a living and fly them for fun, hopefully someday it'll be the other way 'round. At one time I was a CS major. I'm all better now. I always found your website entertaining and watched your DNA Lounge drama unfold, cheered along with you when you got your permits. Fanboy I guess.

    Our tastes in music only touch occaisionally.

  91. funjon says:

    1. I'm just Jon. Hell, I dunno why I'm here, mostly for the goofy images and rants about stupid shit. I agree with you almost 97% of the time!
    2. If you could convince him to spin again, I think you would have enjoyed my friend DJ Wes.

  92. bbsy says:

    1. 23 year old slowly picking her way to a four year degree, working a menial job.

    I know why people know you (friends wanted to drive from AL to go to the 1.0 party) but I added you simply because your journal is interesting.

    2. Stereolab - Margerine Eclipse, Emperor Tomato Ketchup (albums). Telepopmusik - Mathematics (on the album Genetic World - I think the title of the song actually looks like a bunch of gibberish. Not crazy about their other songs.)

  93. digitalgoth says:

    Hi Jamie! I chatted with you a couple years ago about music rights and what sort of licensing you need from the ASCAP to be allowed to play a radio in a cafe. Besides that, I'm a guy in his mid twenties who goes out to goth clubs in San Francisco. I wasn't at MEAT last night, but I do see you out at Deathguild. I don't actually think we've ever met though.

    I've found that I generally enjoy the things you randomly post since I'm a sort of *nix geek myself, as well as capable of laughing at the silly things that our race has found itself capable of.

    Music... Um... I'm currently listening to 'E Nomine - Mitternacht', some Seabound, and the annoying hum of my office's server room since that's my office... :(

    And I, for one, welcome the kiloloser masses. ;)

  94. cow says:

    1) I am <lj user="cow">. I used to read your random stories on before you had an LJ, and then just sort of followed. You amuse me.

    Also, I'm a systems administrator, and you've done what I can only fantasize about--fled this inbred industry and followed a dream.

    2) Hell, I don't know. Don't you hate everything?

  95. badger says:

    Who? Tech writer/sysadmin/musician. Details, that's what my userinfo page is for.
    Why? Remembered some rant you'd written back in 97 or so, found you on this thing when I got here.
    Music: Currently listening to
    Coil's _The Ape of Naples_ (rough spots, but I think worthwhile),
    MuM's _Finally We Are No One_ (I recommended Sigur Ros to a friend I ran into in a record store, he suggested I check out MuM, it was an Icelandic shopping day), and
    Sunn)))'s _White Two_ (which I like better than _Black One_).

  96. radven says:

    1) Chris Dunphy (
    I'm here because ever since I merged my brain with the Internet in 1991, I seem to keep stumbling across you.

    I seem to remember swapping some emails way back then around some bug or another I found.

    I loved your rants on your website - and would rediscover it every year or so.

    We seem to have similar ideas around Intertwingularity.

    All the cool kids on LJ read JWZ.

    2) My most recent favorite new artist is australian star Ben Lee, and local SF guy just now with his first CD David Shakiban. I think they both might be a bit out of your typical style bucket though.

  97. cpratt says:

    1. My name is Chris Pratt. I worked at Netscape. We never met, although I did see you on occasion in the cafeteria. When I left in 2001, I was test lead for Communicator; I oversaw its final death throes. Go me!

    2. I don't think our musical tastes intersect much, but if you haven't heard End., you might as well give it a shot. His Web site has one good download: Patterns, from Percussions, which was, like, one of the best EPs of 2004. For me, at least.

  98. nidea says:

    I'm a 33-year old woman in Madison, WI. I'm here so I can feel more like a hipster while keeping my ego less-inflated. I really liked your recent "programming iTunes" ideas since I am a recent iTunes convert.

    I'm a big fan of The Handsome Family though who can say whether you'll like them. Sort of dark alt-country. Great lyrics.

  99. I've been here a while, but--

    1. I'm Fritz. I'm a PhD student. I work with robots. I'm here because, while you're often a jackass, it's always entertaining. I found my here via another friend of mine who is a jackass, grumpy_sysadmin. I mean that in the best possible way.

    2. I don't think I can recommend any music that you'd like.

  100. cje says:

    No ego-stroking fanboy here, just me.

    I stay attached because I rarely see you and I like to feel like I'm sort of staying current by reading your journal.

  101. premchai21 says:

    • GNU/Linux user, XScreenSaver user, etc. Why? "Dear Lazyweb..."
    • Our taste in music is completely different, so I have no idea.
  102. tiff_seattle says:

    My name is Tiffany. I put you on my F'list because I like the DNA Lounge and because you post about cool techy stuff that I find entertaining.

    Music you might enjoy:

  103. pavel_lishin says:

    1. I am Pavel Lishin, because my parents fucked in the summer of 1983.

    2. Motion Trio, Gogol Bordello, Clinic, Land & Station

  104. przxqgl says:

    1) i'm <lj user="przxqgl">, and you and i have been dancing around the periphery of the same circle for 10 years or so, which is why you're on my friends list. as for why i'm here, i have no idea, except that it was apparently agreed upon by my wife and my neurologist, because otherwise i'd be somewhere else.

    2) anything by The Residents.

  105. anarqueso says:

    1. I'm a real life friend of some of your real life friends, or so they claim. My boyfriend broke his back at your stupid Pigface show, which was pretty fun otherwise. I'm me because I haven't thought of anything better to do. I sell cheese and laugh at inappropriate intervals. I like bugs, preferably dead and pinned. Someday I'll make a really cool pop-up book, but not someday soon, because I'm lazy.

    2. I doubt I can recommend any music that you don't know and would like. My personal tastes run mostly toward the Cab Calloway and Screaming Jay Hawkins ilk, with a little Manu Chao and Prince thrown in.

  106. wetzel says:

    i'm Alex, i'm a freshman at berkeley, grew up in west LA, and i watch you because i'm just getting my feet wet in the bay area world, i have a good appreciation for your love/hate relationship with technology, and the links keep me from doing anything productive with my time.

    it seems fairly obvious you don't like most of the music I like, but how about godspeed you! black emperor?

  107. nyankolove says:

    1. i'm a web dev. i graduated a couple years ago from a certain michigan university (maybe you've heard of it) with an engineering degree in comp sci. upon graduation i realized the only practical coding knowledge i had from four years of school was what i had learned on my own making web stuff, which answers the "why" portion of the question. i enjoy sifting through your computer-related rants and docs for more realistic insights on coding. favorite jwz quote: "Your 'use case' should be, there's a 22 year old college student living in the dorms. How will this software get him laid?"

    2. i don't really share your music taste (mostly because i have no taste) but my boyfriend has quite a bit of overlap with you. i apologize in advance if you own/know about/hate these, but he suggests: black heart procession, godspeed! you black emperor, aesthetic perfection, steril, flesh field, and firewerk (shout out to the d).

  108. susano_otter says:

    This year, I continued to subscribe to JWZ's unique brand of crazy because he continues to occasionally embiggen my intarweb experience with cromulence like <lj user="_octopus_">. Also, out of habit.

  109. 1. I'm Russell Borogove. I'm a software engineer in the game industry. I live in SF and to DNA about 5x as often as any other nightclub, which is to say, about four times a year. I probably have a ton of 3-hop social connections to you and probably a 2-hop that neither of us knows about. I stumbled across gruntle and wish there was more of it, so I settle for your LJ.

    2. As far as I can tell, your musical taste and collection is nearly a superset of mine. So at the risk of pushing something you already know and hate, I'll go with Scorn (Dark beaty goodness. 1994-1995 albums "Evanescence" and "Gyral" recommended) and Tweaker (ex-NIN Chris Vrenna with various guest vocals).

  110. slithead says:

    Who am I? A geek and industrial/electronic music fan. I stumbled on the page years ago and found that I enjoyed your writing, and adding you to my friends list is the easiest way to read it. I don't know you, and I've never been to California at all, I live in the middle of red-state hell.

    As for music you might like, I've been listening to Suckfish by Audion a lot's heavy, gritty techno.

  111. icis_machine says: are jerky. i'm not going to feed your ego anymore than anyone else has.

    2. i heard c:\ are quite good.

  112. jurph says:

    I'm Jurph. I'm one of two people named Jurph on the entire internet, and the other one is a German who is really really good at Quake and other first-person shooters.

    I'm a rocket scientist who likes to keep abreast of the weird and wonderful crap that ends up on your LJ. I use Firefox's Adblock feature to make your animated hand-trauma icon disappear, because it drives me nuts with the flickering and blinking.

    I think you would like to listen to Luke Enlow's mash-ups, even though mash-ups are "so 2003". His J-Lo/K-Co/S-Wo mix is fabulous, as is his remix of Bill Cosby's famous "Chocolate Cake" monologue with (among other things) "Mister Sandman."

    • edouardp says:

      I remember when I was the *only* Edouard on the internet. Fucking French people.

      My nephew Jenghis proably does better, but there's still more than one on the Internet. I was thinking about solving this problem for my child when it's born, but my wife seems to disagree with my plans there. I'm really not sure why though.

  113. pnendick says:

    who: well documented here <lj user="pnendick">
    why: I used to be a geek
    music: Hot Chip. But I won't profess to understand anyone who idolizes the makers of Seeter.

    fun topic idea this one....

  114. dachte says:

    I'm Improv, because that's the name I've been online for about 10 years. I watch your journal because sometimes it amuses.

    I recommend Firewater and Watershed.

  115. taiganaut says:

    1. I'm <lj user="neurophyre"> and I have no idea how I ran across your journal, but that's still the best user icon evar.
    2. Splashdown's _Blueshift_ album. It's an unreleased bootleg, so if you can't find it I can send it to you when I'm not on the road.

  116. andrewducker says:

    1) Andrew Ducker. And I have you on my "links" friends list, because you give good link.

    2) Have you tried VNV Nation? Or Apoptygma Berzerk? Or maybe even Covenant?

  117. kalephunk says:

    1. kale; I think you're an arrogant cock, but you have the geek cred to get away with it. I also like jpgs that you post.

    2. Mid-century French jazz composer Oswald d'Andrea's album "Heures". My favorite album of all time; goes through the hours 1-12 and conveys a fabulous sense of chronological progression. Gluck finding the album -- was posted for a week on a vinyl sharity site, rescued from a thrift shop. Also, if you dig French jazz stylings, check out the soundtrack to Sim City 3000. Honestly. Maxis offers the soundtrack available for free download.

  118. twid says:

    I'm friends with a lot of people you are friends with in real life, <lj user="starscream242"> for example, although I've never met you directly. In fact, just yesterday my friend Chase said you were "a nice guy." I friended you because you posts are consistently entertaining, and your comments moreso. :) I work at that big fruity company in Cupertino.

    I recommend "Clap You Hands Say Yeah!" It's a great debut release. People say the singer sounds like David Byrne, and that somewhat true on a couple of songs. But more often they remind me of 80's indie guitar rock, like the Minutemen. Deep lyrics and a fresh sound. I also really like Isolee - We Are Monster. It's instrumental minimalist head-bopping techno with catchy pop hooks.

  119. jes5199 says:

    My name is Jes, and I'm going to interpret "and why" as "why are you here" rather than the continuing the Asperger's Disorder joke that everyone else seems to be making about "why am i"
    in 1998, I suddenly had real, fast internet in my dorm room. and I found that I really dug writing that used a particular style of linking: particularly stuff that was obsessively self-referential. I guess I first noticed this style on . at some point a link to your "nomo zilla" page was getting passed around (i think someone imagined that it was news), and- at the time- your gruntle/ page seemed like the most perfect use of the internet.
    nowadays, you're on the long list of people who's writing quality has suffered somewhat when confronted with the ability to post anything immediately on livejournal without thinking about it. but that's okay.

    you've probably heard of and listened to any music that's remotely mainstream, so, i dunno, i'll just make a shot in the dark on this one. Ginggang. Guitar, drums, violin, concertina.

  120. tithonium says:

    1. Martian. Why? Well, that's a long story, it's on my website. If you meant why do I read you? 'Cause everybody needs a flawed roll model to bitch about how they'll never be like them. Or something.

    2. Jonathan Coulton. He sang to me once, you know.

  121. nwilhelmy says:

    My name is Nick, and I found your journal via the DNA Lounge page. I love the DNA Lounge page because I work at a nightclub in La Crosse, WI (The Warehouse), and its especially fun to read about the exploits of another club. There have been quite a few tours that have made their way through both clubs, so a different perspective on the same event is especially interesting.

    As far as music, I'm going to recommend Atomica, because their debut album was my personal favorite release of 2005. They have a few mp3s and a video up on their page, so that should give you a good enough idea of what they're about.

  122. jerronimo says:

    Hi. I'm Scott. I'm here because even though I occasionally don't agree with you, I like getting your opinions on things, your viewpoints, and knowledge from your experience. Plus, you post amusing links often.

    As for music, hrm... I don't know. I thought our music tastes had some amount of overlap but I recently discovered that overlap was not what I thought it was. ?

  123. magicpacket says:

    1. Some dude who finds [the answers to] your lazyweb posts useful, and most everything else amusing.
    2. I've barely heard of any of your top picks for 2005, so I don't have much to say here.

  124. hafnir says:

    DJ Sarin, dekonstrukt Dungeon Master (maybe I should change it to DM Sarin)

    I'm often surprised by what you're into. Just when I think I have you pegged you pull something out on your "now playing" that makes me go "since when does he like that?!" Although being on the playlist doesn't necessarily mean you like it, I suppose.

    Just 'cause I was just reminded of this a few minutes ago, check out the newer Portion Control material, if you haven't. Oh and the latest Severed Heads is interesting, if a bit techno influenced, but still uniquely Ellard. I especially like the videos these days.

  125. 1. i am the agent momster. i've been going to the DNA (sheep on drugs, laibach and countless other bands i forget) since well before it was your club. i love the new improved version.

    2. I would recommend Material and Two Lone Swordsmen.

  126. kakaze says:

    I'm Chris, aka Kakaze, and I originally found you when I was trying to get xscreensaver to work under Fink-I posted a comment in a post about xscreensaver asking about it but you weren't able to help me.

    I didn't add you at the time but I did when I saw you switched to Mac.

    As far as music, criminy...all the stuff I could think of that you'd like you probably have and the rest of the stuff I listen to is acquired. Marta Sebestyen, Daler Mehndi, Muzsikas, Yann Tiersen...

  127. owen says:

    1. I'm Owen. Your posts are interesting and varied. I consider your journal to be in the same vein as many other blogs I read; no fanboy worship here.

    2. I know you like Morphine. Go get the Mark Sandman box set, if you haven't already. It's really just a two-disc set, called Sandbox. Amazon has it. Looking at it there also reminded me that I should recommend The Twinemen. It's Dana Colley and Billy Conway, formerly of Morphine, with a female singer. Amazing sound. Dana Colley can play two saxophones at one time, in harmony. I saw him do it at a show. Pretty amazing.

  128. Hi, I'm Eli, I came for the gruntle, stayed for the DNA Lounge, and followed over to the LJ because you post some good stuff.

    Chicane - Behind the Sun is an awesome album, I like to listen to it with Lange, Mythos, and Claire Voyant.

  129. phenyx says:

    Who? CS grad student in 3D graph drawing and visualization. I usually introduce myself as studying necrotizing developmental sociobiology, because most people don't actually *care* and it means just about as much. "necrotizing etc." sounds medical, which people are used to not understanding; it fends off the "oh, will you fix my computer for me" too.

    I also obsess over coffee, take photographs, ride my bike, and have been binging on DDR lately.

    Why? Eh. I read the entirety of /gruntle awhile back; ~jwz continues to inform and entertain. The club bits are fun too.

    Music? You might have heard of Shivaree. Who's Got Trouble is pretty solid. The Mocking Shadows are a Calgary ska/funk/R&B outfit that play in town fairly regularly. Horace X call themselves "High Energy Reggae-Dance Fusion". The Verve Remixed series of compilations are neat, too.

  130. valentwine says:

    I'm Brandon D. Valentine, the senior sysadmin to a large research department at Vanderbilt University. Back when you were foolishly trying to use Linux on your desktop, someone pointed me to your bitching and moaning about it. I sent you an email (no LJ gothfuck hipsterslap account at the time) about the death of Xsgi on the Onyx4 systems. I'd read your rants other places in the past, specifically on Linux and your wrists when mine started to hurt. The Xsgi comment was my first encounter with your LiveJournal, which I decided to follow once in a while since it seems you have time to read BoingBoing, and I don't. I dream someday of my own army of fanboys in a virtual world where they're too socially retarded to do something dangerous like show up at my door, just serve as my personal Google Answers in an unpaid capacity. Perhaps you can do the rest of us a favor and setup some sort of lazyweb proxy, so that we can all work your flock?

    Also way to go on the big fuck you to the "IT industry". We'd all rather be selling booze.

    While by your own admission you are trapped in a sad, sad world of crappy industrial music your interest in bands like Veruca Salt suggests you might in fact possess musical taste. Of Montreal put out a record a couple years ago called Satanic Panic in the Attic. It meets you halfway between industrial and crazy indie pop/dance music. You'll probably like it. If you don't have any Patti Smith, you should check out her first album Horses. Also, don't miss my friends The Clutters and their first album T&C, the first band by people I know I'm actually proud to share with other people. The best rock record of 2005, Cameron Crowe agrees (seriously). It's absolutely infectious garage rock featuring Farfisa stage organ.

    Also, I don't believe I've seen any mention here of Yacht Rock, which is the funniest mock television show about music you'll ever download and watch for free. Ahoy, California vagina sailors! On Hall! On Oates! And the rest of the team.

  131. dougo says:
    1. I'm Doug. My ex-officemate, Stan Lanning, was also your ex-officemate. You're on my friends list because you usually post interesting and/or funny things.
    2. Music: how about Medea Connection, Poster Children, or Thinking Fellers Union Local 282?
  132. drtboi says:

    1. Todd. You are at the fringe of a group of friends, which is how I heard of your grumpy online rantings. I ate non-vegetarian sushi for the first time at Kirala with you and some of the aforementioned friends, and later you recommended an excellent sushi place in SF. You post often, and on interesting subjects. Most of my friends don't blog.

    2. Hmm... Ruins of Bevarest - "Unlock the Shrine" was a great black metal release last year. Maybe Soundtrack of Our Lives. Pretty, lush, candy. Interesting enough to still be good after all that.

  133. spikenheimer says:

    1. i am <lj user=spikenheimer> because <lj user=spike> was already taken.
    2. i've been totally enamoured by the new ladytron cd, and otherwise i've been trying to find new music for myself. my friends have recommended to me Bloc Party, Architecture in Helsinki, Rotersand and She Wants Revenge, so i pass those along...

  134. xkot says:

    Who am I: Xkot
    Why: I was born this way
    Music: Mofro

  135. zoratu says:

    you stepped on my friend's hand with your army boots while trying to get to the stage for your talk at the 1997 (i think it was '97 . . .) linux expo. you had blue hair at the time. my friend wasn't angry, and i wondered why. "it's jwz," he said. 'been reading ever since . . .

  136. I'm nobody, just a random geek.
    Music... Um... I've been listening to Rasputina and the new SOAD cd... *shrug*

  137. beerfrick says:

    I'm here for the rants where technology aggravates you and the occasional cool link

  138. omnifarious says:

    I'm me! And why what? :-)

    I'm one of your hordes of adoring computer geek fans. The missives of <lj user="jwz"/> are my guiding light and solace in these dark times.

    Well, not really. :-)

    Personally, I listen to very little new music since the music industry killed napster. A big favorite of mine has always been Delerium. I think their album "Semantic Spaces" is their best work.

  139. deyo says:

    I'm here because you got <lj user=mactavish>ed.

    If you aren't listening to Great Big Sea, you probably should be.

  140. node says:

    My name is Faried Nawaz. We've run into each other a couple of times (partly thanks to <lj user="g_na">), but that was all years ago.

    I am on your friends list for the rants, and the occasional lazyweb posts. I resisted adding you as a friend at first because I sometimes read LJ from work, but then I found out about image placeholders.

    I can't recommend any music that you haven't already listened to (and bought or discarded). Sorry.

  141. telecart says:

    I'm Shay *waves*.
    I think I jumped on board from The Warren Ellis Wire.
    I read LJ as a news source, and you're the reuters of stuff.

    You have a good taste in music; I'd hate to spoil it with mine.

    That being said, there's a really cool breakcore compilation album called Ministry of Shit.
    If you want a try-before-you-buy track, I'd recommend you check out "Knifehandchop and Kevin Blechdom - Superstar".

  142. carus_erus says:

    I'm <lj user=carus_erus>, uncogent rambler extrodinaire, programmer, sysadmin, dbadmin, weirdo and deviant at large.

    As for why I've friended you, it's like gravity. I saw you on a list of most popular LJ users, found what you posted interesting or amusing (and occasionally disturbing), and added you, knowing that with an LJ friendbase that huge, you'd never add me back, or likely care.

    And for music, it's all in that streaming music webgadget Pandora at (part of the music genome project), while slightly annoying to use is bloddy useful for finding music you'd never heard of before.

    Oh, you know pandora already, and it sucks? Them I'll reccomend "Nightwish", a Finnish metal band.

    There, my tithe for remaining unbanned is paid for another year. ;)

  143. sircyan says:

    I'm from Vancouver, BC; a former system administrator who became jaded with the computer industry as a whole and decided to go into business for himself. Mostly I just lurk and read ;)

    As for music, I noticed that you had the Wipeout XL (Playstation) soundtrack listed on your Gronk page, at least, a while back. While that's not an indicator of whether you *like* that music or not, I'd recommend the Wipeout Pure soundtrack (PSP) as it's along the same lines. 'Onyx' by Cold Storage and 'Crafty Youth' by Tayo Meets Acid Rockers Uptown are my favourites from that soundtrack.

    Of course, that's provided you're even interested in taking a listen to something with 'Acid' in the band name ;)


  144. jakemadison says:

    1. jake by choice.

    2. is death from above famous in america yet?
    otherwise the national - all the wine / abel or the cribs.

  145. ryanlrussell says:

    1. I'm Ryan Russell, I do computer crap, frequently security-related. You are here for my amusement, with your rantings, and taggers, and pretending your tivo isn't a computer. I get your posts via RSS, no idea if I have you on my friends list or not, don't care enough to check. I created the LJ account solely to reply to something in your journal, so congrats on the successful trolling.

    2. Your taste in music sucks ass, so I can't and won't support you in that.

    Carry on.

  146. kchrist says:

    I'm Kenn, and have been since the last time you asked this. The only thing that's changed since then is that I've moved from LA to the SF area (Berkeley, actually). Despite having a friend who works for you now, I've only been to DNA Lounge a couple times in the 16 months I've lived here; I somehow went more often when I still lived in LA.

    I pretty much only listen to Nick Cave and Tom Waits these days, but I'll go ahead and recommend Calexico anyway. They have a few MP3s available on their site.

  147. invdaic says:

    1. I'm Matt. I've been reading gruntle for the last 6 years or so, and reading the livejournal since I found it 4 years ago or so. I'm a switchboard operator and web-design grunt (here's a photoshop mock-up, make it valid code in 30 minutes) I sympathize with your problems with stupid people, and find your views on culture and computing interesting.

    2. Pretty much everything I listen to has already been used in a post, except "...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead," so I'll recommend them. I think their CD "Source Tags and Codes" is the best one, but the others aren't bad (don't worry, the CD has nothing actual to do with tags or code).

  148. spc476 says:

    1. I'm Sean, and I'm here for the same reason anyone else is here—Mom gave birth.

      If you mean “Why have I friended you” it's because the LJ “friend list” is a misnomer—it's more of a “I want to read these people” list. And frankly, I like reading your replies to people who don't read your posts.

    2. This is quite hard, but might I recommend some Johnny Cash? How about Neil Diamond? Helen Reddy? Oh wait! I know! Barry Manilow!
  149. netdud says:

    I'm Bill. I'm another who has been reading stuff you've written since the about: days. Some of the hacks--XScreenSaver and picturetile in particular--and some of the ranting have been particularly handy. As you may have noticed (ha!), on the Internet it's kind of uncommon to find stuff that's well-written and well thought-out.

    Also, sometimes you are cranky as Hell, and sometimes that's really funny.

    We actually had a brief email love-affair a few years back which consisted of:
    Me: Hey! I read your stuff on 1ntarw3b. Come see my band!
    You: At the Maritime Hall? Please.

    Based on this, I have been pretending that we are close friends for years. And I'm pretty sure I can recognize you in the club, now that I have this picture of your dental cast....

    Music: I used to play with Kristy who sometimes sings with Delerium. Her own stuff is a bit more pop lately. I keep listening to The Blue Alarm.

  150. mouseworks says:

    And I used to be on the Steve Bauer XEmacs beta testing mailing list.

    Bach is always good.

    You have an audience that's about half the number of people who bought my last novel.

  151. alex_victory says:

    My name is Alex. I used to work in community relations for an MMORPG. I read your LJ because you link to interesting stuff before Fark does.

    I find it extraordinarily unlikely that I could recommend any music that you would like but aren't already aware of. My best shot would be to suggest that you track down Paw's first album, "Dragline". I don't know that you'll like it, but at least you probably haven't already heard it.

  152. ch says:

    1. we met at cmu, working on cmu common lisp (nee spice lisp) for sef.

    2. check out one ring zero

  153. greyface says:
    1. I'm a Los Angeles based web-dev miserable sack of crap. (The non-locational descriptors are all interconnected).
      Why I read your journal? The Snark. I used to waste hours at a stretch reading stuff within then indulged in snark-enhanced schadenfreude watching you try to get your club in working order.
      For a little while I hadn't traced your Die Puny Humans connection and I was amazed at the internet horrors you displayed.

      So, I guess the true answer is "inertia."

      • Muse (I've only listened to Absolution): Sort of brilliantly thick and textured modern rock
      • Sonic Dragologo: This comparison sounds unflattering... but they're sort what System of a Down would be if they grew out of Industrial-Rock instead of numetal. They're also chaotic, but they're not... you know... boring the way System is. They also seem to listen to their product before releasing it.
      • Speaking of Chaos...Mr. Bungle: They've been around so long they've already broken up, so I have no clue if you're already on top of them. But Mike Patton (formerly of Faith No More) was in Bungle before FNM, and they were F*ing weird... in a good way. I prefer their first and third albums (Mr. Bungle & California) because the 2nd (Disco Volante) is so chaotic and... well... I find it nearly unlistenable. The first album is sort of chaos-rock-carnival-horror music, the third is chaos-rock-pop, just some subtle tweaking and twisting of very normal sounding songs to make them... odd and pleasantly discomforting.
      • Dizzee Rascal This is more of a long-shot, since I have no idea if you Brit-Rap. I can't really form the words to describe it right now, but I guess if Public Enemy was the root of a tree that got heavier and more paranoid (musically, it's still hard to be Public Enemy on lyrics, Dizzee Rascal certainly doesn't try) and faster. Try "I luv U" (yes, even with the retard spelling...). It may not appeal the way Jungle w/ MCs doesn't appeal to you.
  154. buntz says:

    1. sean/buntz, college student in charleston, sc. found you via wil wheaton in exile, specifically the post on you recommending the dresden dolls. (at which point i downloaded and loved the album.)

    2. i've been cruising around bestof lists for the year and downloading album after album, and it's pretty clear you're well versed in music so it's hard to make recommendations. but i would have to say:

    - the real tuesday weld's i, lucifer (recommended to me by a friend)
    - broken social scene, broken social scene
    - devil doll's queen of pain (part lounge singer, part film noir)
    - malcolm mclaren's duck rock (very very interesting and pioneering in its own culture-appropriation way)
    - dj shadow's endtroducing
    - and finally, the smashing pumpkins' adore (an underrated album from my years of pumpkin worship--i hardly listen to them anymore, but i have to give a nod)

    your journal's always worthy of reading, so thanks for sharing a bit of yourself--good luck sorting through all the comments!

  155. cygnus says:

    I'm Eric; former club-nut in San Diego. Been gleaning cool/provocative/insightful/fuckinghellishlywrong tidbits from you for a couple years now; I ended up on via some forgotten mailing list, found your rants comforting, noticed you had an LJ and thud, bang, done.

    Keep making us cringe, you're damned good at that.

  156. brad says:

    You know you're the top user when googling for "LiveJournal":

  157. msjen says:

    Good use of internet. Now, if you could only get your IRL friends to do the same... :)

  158. rawdogue says:

    I'm some random chick on page seven!

    Seriously, are you reading all of these?

    • jwz says:

      I am! And I even intend to investigate the music suggestions.

      • Not all of them though right?

      • rawdogue says:

        Well there are eleven pages now so I guess it could be worse...

        I honestly don't remember how I stumbled in here. Your posts are hilarious though.

        I'm the kind of person who would suggest the Beatles. I also tell people they need to drink more water. But if you haven't already, check out the things Kurt Harland is and had been listening to (found via the InSoc vs. TV article you posted a few weeks back.)

  159. matrushkaka says:

    1] I'm <lj user="tongodeon">'s girlfriend. He's always pointing me to your LJ, so I added you.

    2] I'm deaf, so I can't help ya there. :)

    • YES! and incidentally, your soren and jwz really need to know each other IRL. except for that pesky you-guys-moved-to-LA thing.

      it was a pleasure to arrive home last night to soren taking pictures of sara and mike's facial reactions to disgusting butt plug pictures, i must say.

  160. sashamalchik says:

    I belong to that strange but quite large "clan" of Russian-Jewish-immigrants-in-SF-who-came-here-with-parents-in-the-90s; now-software-engineers; used-to-go-to-ThumpRadio-raves-in-the-DNA-lounge :)

  161. well i work for you, and enjoy your conversation.
    hope you liked the book.
    as far as musical reccomendations go, try out Mogwai, who I am sure you have heard of/heard, but if you are not into them, you should give them a second chance. Also, check out a local band Re:Ignition, as they will be playing DNA in February and besides being friends of mine, are pretty good.

  162. shadowolf says:

    I like what you post, and because my parents knocked boots.

    For music: Nightmare of You's self-titled debut album. Indie Pop-Rock at its best of 2005.

  163. latemodel says:

    1. I drink too much at your nightclub. I'm here mostly because of the huge digging machine.

    2. Things I've liked lately:

    • <lj user="whittles"> dragged me to show by Human Wine last week. They were fun.
    • The Prids are always good. Fortunately, <lj user="purple_b"> has already arranged for an intimate showing at Pop Roxx in February.
    • I've really liked P.A.L., Somatic Responses, and Mimetic. It all falls under the broad heading of noise, where "noise" means "industrial".
    • On a similar line, and not very recently, Esplendor Geometrico.
  164. bonniegrrl says:

    1. Bonnie Burton from And I've known you ever since the Internets started. Or so it seems. Plus I give you Darth Vader stickers.

    2. I think you should go back to the classics and listen to some Japan and Ultravox.

  165. substitute says:

    I'm an ex-punk ex-journalist culture vulture who does unix stuff for a giant evil media company. I read you because you're amusing and informative.

    You should go back and listen to David Byrne & Brian Eno's "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts" again, because it's better all the time.

    Newer stuff, I recommend the band "Drums & Tuba", which lives up to their name.

  166. ckn says:

    uh, lets see, we share a birthday, we shared a city, we shared an industry, and an IRC network, and we've shared drinks in person. this is how we know one another.

    music, well sir, i look to you for new music as you are my beacon in the musical world.

  167. 1. I am a DJ/VJ in Kansas City. I can't recall what exactly got me to read your list. I just saw similar tastes in music and the absurdity of it all.

    2. I think you might like SILENCE, at least the album VAIN - a tribute to a ghost that pays tribute to a very interesting story about a young man who died mysteriously and called himself VAIN. The album has a KILLER cover of Kraftwerk's HALL OF MIRRORS and it's sung by Anne Clarke.

    Other points of musical interest include: The Black Dog - silenced, Coldcut - sound mirrors, Siobahn fahey's newest stuff (the song bad blood is a good one), The mixes of the singles from T. Raumschmiere's last album, Rinocerose - schitzophrenic.

  168. 1. My name is Celestial Weasel and it is 397 days since my last drink. Oh sorry, wrong meeting. I am a software developer in Oxford, England - read Gruntle for years. Never quite got over the triumph of Unix / Windows and other stupidity.

    2. You can't really do worse than Jegsy Dodd - who came top in this year's Festive Fifty, or Art Brut who do a fine line in shouty songs about modern life (TM). On a more general note not really answering the question, I should recommend BBC 6 Music which streams, though via Real Audio and the Microsoft thing. The breakfast (UK time) presenter is a fat pissed-off comedian with a liking for a wide variety of music, particularly Ska.

  169. wfaulk says:
    1. I'm Bitt, a Unix admin. (And that nickname is from birth, thankyouverymuch.) I'm here because I enjoy the way you write and, usually, what you write about.
    2. Hm. Our music tastes seem to overlap only at the (to pick a recent example) 50 Foot Wave side (thanks for that one, by the way -- I can't stop listening), but I'll give it a shot. Secret Machines was the best live show I've seen in ages. Lots of people have been suggesting Gogol Bordello; in that vein, Kaizers Orchestra is also interesting crazy shit, though Norwegian instead of Ukrainian.
  170. dojothemouse says:

    French Postcards/Sunday in the Park

    1. I'm Ben Donley. My tiny website is This is what I look like. My girlfriend reads my friends page & thus your stuff too. We live in SF. I am a Visual Basic programmer considered incompetent by other Visual Basic programmers. I am because my girlfriend and my friends and taking pictures.
    2. I don't think I know any bands you wouldn't know. Here is a small selection of songs that I like a lot:

      I guess that might come down under a little pressure. Anyone holler if it breaks.

    Later, kids.

  171. mtbg says:

    You're not actually on my friends list, but <lj user="magicpacket"> sends me the occasional pointer to your more interesting or hilarious posts. (About half the time I already saw on Fark whatever you linked to, but that's OK...)

    Anyway, I see you're into girl punk, which is a taste I've acquired myself recently. Allow me to recommend Sahara Hotnights. Also, if you have the chance, go see The Donnas in concert; their guitarist rocks way harder on stage than on their studio work.

    Thanks for getting people to give me pointers to new music!

  172. falc0n2600 says:

    I liked netscape. Your posts are usually entertaining, as long as I understand what's going on.

    As for musical choices, let's see. I'd try out -
    Broadcast - Tender Buttons (this is only their latest release, see their other stuff as well)
    Boards of Canada - Music Has the Right to Children
    Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea


  173. gimpyprophet says:

    I read for a number of reasons. First is because you have wacky, crazy stuff on here I can't find on boingboing or some other such site. Second, you live in the bay area (as do I) and mention some interesting things. Thirdly, you're a programmer and have interesting problems (which I enjoy reading about).

    As for new music, well I'm not sure if it's been mentioned or not, but I've been listening to Panic! at the Disco a shit-ton lately. They're a punk band with a bit of electronica mixed in and have extremely unique vocals. They also don't cry endlessly about lost loves.

  174. rsalerno says:

    1. I'm Ryan. I've been friends with Brad since high school and over time I liked your comments on his journal enough to click through. Now I'm a fanboy because I like the way you see things and am in love with both the idea of your club and especially the idea of actually doing something you've always wanted to do.

    2. I tried this a little while ago by mentioning Floater. You didn't like their new stuff but I uploaded an old track that earned an ASCII goat head. If you never got around to picking up that cd, it's called Sink and won't disappoint.

    Since it's probably cheating to re-recommend something here, I'll offer something left-field. DJ P (an old friend of Z-Trip, who you hosted) put out a mix cd last year called "Suck My Mixx" with a Thriller inspired cover. I can't imagine you're too excited by mashups anymore, but he's a pioneer and an idealist of blending (there's a big deal made of the distinction all over the cd and inserts) and it shows in the mix. Tons of crappy top 40 music that you probably hate, but masterfully blended over old 80s tunes you may or may not have a soft spot for, but is at the very least excitingly recognizable. No good information about the disc since it's underground and sold out at the only store I could find selling it online, but Amoeba might have it, or I could send you a copy if you're really interested.

  175. ydna says:

    1. nerd, caused by getting shocked too many times.
    2. Floater

  176. mooflyfoof says:

    1) I am Heather, but you probably already know that. Why? Because I was born in the 80s. Or do you mean why do I list you as a friend? Probably because I enjoy your posts, as I enjoy talking to you at clubs.

    2) Recently my tastes have something of a country slant, so bear with me. You might like The Ditty Bops-- they're quirky swingy country-tinged pop. You might remember them as one of the opening bands for The Dresden Dolls at the Great American about a year ago. Another of my recent favorites is Old Crow Medicine Show. Raucous old-time jug band stuff; they put on a helluva live show.

    • mooflyfoof says:

      2.5) Also, check out Kinky. I haven't listened to their more recent stuff but their first album, which is self-titled, is pretty brilliant. It's like... Smart dancey Mexican uh, stuff. I'm bad at describing music.

  177. driusan says:

    1. I'm someone who doesn't have you friended, because we've never met, and we aren't friends. If you include the number of people who follow the blog through RSS though, you're probably well above two kilolosers. I follow it because the esoteria and rants amuse me, much like every other one of the 200 posts in this entry.
    2. Synax Error is the only thing I can think of that there's a chance you'd enjoy and wouldn't've heard of. On the other hand, since Veruca Salt and Goldfrapp made your favourite albums, I'm thinking you might like some more pop-y sort of music, and curious what you think of Metric (If they're known that far south.)

  178. phil_g says:

    I read your posts through RSS, but I guess that counts, too.

    I learned of your existence through Netscape Navigator, I think, though I've also used XEmacs and xscreensaver quite a bit. I like reading curmudgeonly ranting, which is the main reason I started reading your LJ posts. (Also why I liked reading your gruntles beack before I learned you had an LJ account.) The links to impressive machinery and other fun things are nice, too.

    I'm not so good for music recommendations, because I'm not terribly passionate about it, and because your tastes seem to lie in different areas than mine in general.

  179. phreddiva says:

    Because I am secretly in love with your girlfriend.
    I think you would enjoy VNV Nation.

  180. spoonyfork says:

    I'm spoonyfork. I'm a gamma level computer geek trying to survive as an IT "professional" in the race to the bottom of the automobile manufacturing industry in Detroit (rock city). I believe I did the friend add thing back in the day before LJ had RSS feeds. It was a quick easy way to keep tabs on LJs that I frequented. Nothing was meant by it, in fact I could probably remove it if it bothers you.

    I'm here for a couple of reasons. I've been following your career since the early Netscape days. You are some kind of iconic computer science hero to a subset (probably around 2000) of humanity. Your accomplishments, your wisdom, your attitude, your style have a magnetic influence that can be inspirational on multiple levels: technical to creative which as many people know is difficult to find high quantities of in a single individual. You sir, demonstrably have it. Those of us that don't have it but recognize it in others like to follow it. So here we are.

    Some music... it would appear from your past and more recent LJs posts that you have a huge music collection, at least by my standards. I don't know if you'll like these but I sure do. Some of my favorite artists are local ones, such as The Suicide Machines, The Von Bondies, and The White Stripes. There is a real good genuine Irish folk band called Blackthorn that plays at the public houses around town. Here's a wav sample of From Clare To Here. I'm really into some instrumental work right now. Lanterna comes to mind. I've been following the career of Cliff Martinez since the early Red Hot Chili Peppers days. More recently I'm enjoying his percussion work in film soundtracks oddly enough. He did the score for Traffic and Solaris which I find absolutely hypnotic. Have a listen to First Sleep.

  181. georgedorn says:

    1. Been reading you since about:jwz, back in JunkBuster days and your ornery suggestion to browse using NetScape 3.0. Left SF just before you bought a club. Used dadadodo as a roleplaying aid back when I mudded too much.

    2. Bit rough, but I've always liked his stuff, which he's been giving away since before it was trendy to do so.

  182. c_death says:

    i've virtually known you since sfgoth-l (yea THAT CLIFF) and your interesting.

    I've gotten into psycho lately. try horror pops

  183. fxl says:

    Do I really need to explain myself?

    I am Kermit. I am of the 80s. I used to run, and spin at "Ain't Dead Yet!", a club in Alameda for the east bay folk. I have also spun at various other goth clubs, but usually my day job keeps me too busy, and pays me too well, to focus much energy on hobbies like DJing.

    I have been going to clubs off and on in SF for about 20 years, yet I am 3 or 6 years too young to have done so, depending on the clubs. I went to DNA before you owned it, but like it much more now that you do.

    I live in Alameda and work in San Francisco at a small French owned company that helps companies increase website based sales. I work too many hours, but enjoy what I do, and feel very appreciated, so that makes it ok in my book.

    I have you on my friends list as we have many friends in common, and I enjoy reading your rants, geek, and music related posts. I have enjoyed your rants since the sfgoth list junkies days, and always respected the fact that you were willing to do more than just rant, but also put your money where your mouthfingers were.

    Any music that you would most likely enjoy was not created in the last 10 years, and you are already aware of. Personally, I am a huge Depeche Mode fan, and spend too much time listening to b-sides and remixes. If I must suggest something, I will point you towards and quickly run away. (Take note of the female member of the band, as you may recognize her from her other ventures)

  184. joeystitch says:

    1. I'm Joey, because "Joseph" sounds too formal and "Joe" is too plain.

    2. Well, if you like indie you might like the band Cars Can Be Blue. Even if you don't like indie, you might like them for the novelty factor.

    I Friended you because I've enjoyed so many of your stories on your website, I think the BSOD module in XScreenSaver is the best screensaver ever, and you're a very vocal proponent of open-source software.

  185. I'm just me.

    You should check out The Music. Specifically, their album Welcome to the North. Very good stuff.

  186. jp4r says:

    I'm a translation student who made an error and studied computer science for 4 years and who reads your LJ because you're sometimes funny.

  187. felisdemens says:

    I am Crod, apparently. Kneel before Crod.

    I recommend Sunshine Blind.

  188. on a more seriously addressing the issue note, i'm eric, because somebody needs to continue the futile attempt to halt the inevitable downfall of industrial music.

    there's a slim chance you'll enjoy joe, the other keyboardist from ayria's solo project, v01d.

  189. zonereyrie says:

    I'm MegaZone - as to why, well, that's a nature/nuture thing. My name is thus because I legally changed it on April 12, 2000.

    As to why I have you on my friends list - well, I've found you generally interesting since the first time I became aware of you, sometime around 1995 I'd say. You were at Netscape, I was at Livingston Enterprises, and we exchanged email about some technical thing or another, long since forgotten. I ended up checking out your web pages at the time and I've crossed streams with you repeatedly since then. When I became aware that you were on LJ, I friended you.

    As for music... in the vein of 'something different', check out Magdalen Hsu-Li: (And her drag-king alter-ego Chinga Chonga.)

    Yoko Kanno is also worth checking out - mainly anime soundtracks, but the music stands alone. She's done the soundtracks to things like Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Cowboy Bebop, Macross Plus... Aha, a discography:

  190. spendocrat says:

    I'm a used-to-be software developer. I'm in school taking Chem/Physics.

    I orignally found your web page via USENET. I'm not sure how I found your LJ.

    You might like Man or Astroman?, I think you already know about Tipsy. I doubt I listen to anything non-local you haven't heard of.

  191. mocrack says:

    1. I'm just another coder/nerd. I've been reading your rants since the Netscape "gruntle" days, and this seems to the the logical progression of that.

    2. According to my ipod play counts, I've been listening to the following records lately:
    POS - Ipecac Neat
    Dean Gray - American Edit
    Atmosphere - You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having
    Cracker - Cracker

    Weather or not you'll enjoy any of those, I have no idea.

  192. technotronic says:

    I am technotronic of the planet Earth and I came to view your "blog" mostly to watch people give useless answers to your questions.

    I recommend Giant Drag ( but they're having web site issues at the time of this writing).

  193. You live in my town, I go to your club once in a plaid moon when I'm not a shut-in, we have some mutual acquaintances. I read you as a sort of secondary news source for weird-ass repostings, club news, and entertainment value. I speak enough geek to follow some of that stuff too, although not enough to give you helpful answers. As far as you are concerned, I am either a redhead semi-goth in a wheelchair, or an amorphous blob with an Internet connection who nobody ever sees. I don't contribute much.

    Music? "I dunno, VNV Nation". I can't stand most of that crap, not least because my partner is sometimes a goth-industrial DJ, so I have managed to overdose on VNV despite never going out. I hate electronica even more for the most part. I adore Gang of Four. You could go listen to them again.

  194. thealien says:

    1. My name is Sean. I'm a programmer currently working as a sysadmin for a medical research foundation. I found your site via xscreensaver long ago and appreciated your stories. Since most of your writing goes here now, I put you on my friends list.

    2. Exit 245. Their 'For Your FYI' includes pretty impressive acapella versions of Somebody, Kung Fu Fighting and I'm Too Sexy. The level of pure singing skill is high.

  195. leendabunny says:

    Linda, the geek you told to watch new Battlestar Galactica. Once Eddie told me about some picture that you posted and I was hooked.

    Music, me don't know no music. Ask Eddie :)

  196. nothings says:

    Well, I was around for 1024 and didn't post, although I have a feeling I said this at some point before, but.

    1. I'm some random videogame developer. I heard about you when you left Mozilla, and then started following your DNA lounge journal, which was the most awesomest journal ever. These days you link to cool stuff before most of my other sources.

    2. I think everything I have that you might like I've seen go by on your current music. I mean, NIN, Cop Shoot Cop, Machines of Loving Grace, branching out to Rasputina, Firewater, then wandering off to Mr. Bungle or Portishead or Soul Coughing which I dunno if I've seen on yours but I also dunno if they're your thing, and it's not like liking one of those would be much recommendation for the others. But I certainly don't see you going for Come, much less Lisa Germano or Julianna Hatfield.

  197. cyflea says:

    Nerd for hire. Used lemacs / xemacs way back when. Used to be way into all the industrial stuff back then too, but can't really stomach much of it in the 21st century. Love Burroughs, Ballard, cut-ups, etc (and got a kick out of dadadodo). blah blah blah.

    How about Guitar Wolf (fun Japanese rock and roll)? Go rent a copy of their film Wild Zero and watch that, maybe. Boris is also good. Alternatively, try Sunn for some low, low drone metal. Earth's new album (Hex: or, printing in the infernal method) sounds like some kinda extension of the Dead Man soundtrack, if that floats yer boat. Oh, or there's - especially try some of the Cambodian stuff (Radio Phnomh Penh or Cambodian Cassette Archives), but the North Korean one's kinda fun too.

  198. usufructer says:

    I'm Ben. I build control panels for water treatment plants, go to school for computer engineering part time, and fuck around with jet engines. I exist because it beats the alternative.

    You might not enjoy "Songs For Silverman" by Ben Folds, but it's the only CD I bought this year that I can recommend to you. It is very much what he does, so if you don't like it then you can ignore the rest of the stuff he's done.

  199. rodgerd says:

    1. The irritation factor of your unfunny grumpy arsehole posts is vastly outweighed by the funny, cool, and informative stuff you post.

    I doubt you really care who I am.

    2. So far this year I've especially enjoyed The Feelers, Lisa Ekdahl, and the Old Crow Medicine Show. My wife likes them, and her musical taste overlaps with yours in many areas, so you might.

  200. fastfwd says:

    1. Greetings from North London. I've been listening to DNA and then found your lj. I was interested in what you had to say.

    2. Recommending music to anyone is tricky--everybody hears it differently--but two things I like: deprogramming by dead poets society and tracks by Yuma Tripp found on

  201. pedxing says:

    I'm Jay because I choose to be.

    Check out "Bourne and McLeod" and "Buck 65"

  202. charles says:

    1. Charles. Nerd, for the most part. Found about:jwz ten years ago thanks to the Netscape easter egg, and just sort of kept reading because you post interesting stuff.
    2. You've bought so many more CDs than I have this year that I suspect anywhere our musical tastes intersect, you'll already have it. There hasn't even been any particularly good obscure Australian stuff this year that I could point to.
  203. gnat23 says:

    I am Gnat! Back in the day, I ran a small club in Madison, WI with <lj user="bodyfour">. I worked at Invisible Records and helped out Meat Beat Manifesto on the side for a bit while he did geek stuff. We both moved out here to San Francisco, and he became a sucessful DJ, while I went back to school for biotech when the dotcom thing busted.

    I read because starting a big club that booked bands that I wanted to see was top of the list of things I wanted to do when I got rich. I never got to do it, so I live vicariously through your tales of the good and bad. The parties, the taggers, and the mystery puke. Eeesh, sounds like all fame and no glory.

    I also enjoy the bizarre photos, articles, and wtf internet moments rather than the daily I ATE SPAGHETTI IT WASN'T SO GOOD journals.

    You took this photo of me when Plastination played there, although I have never met you. I felt like a real rockstar!

    I would love to give you an OMG MUSIC recommendation of something that you'll love forever, but truth is, we probably get more from you. If you've exhausted your Pop Will Eat Itself collection, there's Bentley Rhythm Ace to fall back on. I never get bored of Phylr or Matera, but I got turned onto them in my Invisible days in that "WHY AREN'T MORE PEOPLE BUYING THIS?" kind of way. Tino Corp, of course. I do have a Pigface song remixed by Hellsau that never got released on anything, if you're interested...

  204. dwenius says:

    Well, I have email from you from 1993, regarding of all things. Our friend's list has a small amount of overlap, mostly with oldschool usenetters from talk.bizarre such as <lj user="morrisa"> and <lj user="tritone">. You would not recognize me in person. I'm reading you because I appreciate your sense of humor.

    Given your occasional forays into ambient-ish music, I am going to suggest that you will find nothing at all objectionable in recordings on Gio Makyo's Dakini Records label. The whole catalog is good, but start with the ISHQ album _Orchid_, which is one of the better ambient works I've heard in at least a decade.

  205. anaisdjuna says:

    I found your el j thru a cool friend of mine <lj username ="nessus"> I clicked your link & you had interesting posts as far as a few posts back. So I added you. I've always wondered what you were like personally... I commented a few times, but you never responded or wrote in my el j. No sweat. I like what you write. You're funny, irreverent & I like the weirdness.

    Take care....

    Music: Kate Bush, Hounds of Love, The Sensual World or Aerial. David Sylvian... anything.

  206. Ever heard of Angelspit?

    They're a band from Sydney which is just starting out (they're just about to release their second CD/first album). I don't know what style of music you'd call them... the best I can come up with is Cyberpunk, somewhere in the Industrial genre. Full-length MP3s from their EP "Nurse Grenade" are available on the website. (They were originally 128kb, but I emailed them about the crappy quality and they bumped them up to 192kb. Nice.)


  207. Haven't friended you but I enjoy your rants and commentary. I write software to support this.

    Listen to some Devotchka ---Ukrainian punk-folk mariachi, with tuba and theremin. They kick ass live.

  208. xrayspx says:

    My name is Chris, I'm a network admin for a mid-size .com. I live in New Hampshire, and work within minutes of downtown Boston. I envy the SF music scene like you wouldn't believe after seeing how it COULD be. Aside from a few outstanding gems(that show was a tough call. There was no right choice), it's pretty slow here. Of course, now that I think about it, it's probably just because no club nights here interest me, we get plenty of tours.

    I've been a jwz believer since the Netscape days. You're always entertaining, and I have to admire your persistence in writing such consistently high quality software even though computers seem to actively be trying to kill you or put you out of business.

    After all the years, I can still entertain myself with Gruntle while I'm waiting for some long process to finish. I can't offer much in the way of music, because you seem to have anything I would suggest. I guess, browsing through the Gronk! demo I always wondered where all the punk music is that seems like it should be there. I'm also partial to Juliana Hatfield in the same way I'm partial to Kristen Hersh and Tonya Donelly. I agree, 50 Foot Wave was a really cool show and somewhat departure from Throwing Muses. They opened for the Pixies earlier this year here.

  209. redstickman says:

    1) i'm redstickman.

    why, part 1: this is because i used to wear this stupid red glowing outfit in the form of a stick figure. first did it in 1997 at burning man, finally killed it last year.

    why, part 2: i believe i met you a few years ago, probably thru alanablue: i'm her "big brother". i'm also close friends with the :code folx (shane and amber), of whom are also part of the ambient mafia (of which i formed). i've DJed in the upstairs room once, for thump. anyway, i was bored one day and followed some links, and here i am.

    2) all of the music i currently am listening to you'd either probably dislike or already own. i made some live mashups recently: you might like those, seeing as the bootie crew just did a thing upstairs last weekend. they're not online at the moment - i'm currently changing my music hosting. i'll let you know when they're uploaded.

    interesting that you'd call us losers for friending you...

  210. epitomeof80s says:

    Well, I'm Meg. I added you about two years ago. I think it was because you post great "news" that sometimes cracks me up. I heard of you through a friend's friends list. Take that!

    As for music, I didn't really read the linked entry. But I will tell you that I love the Cocteau Twins, The Pixies, Stereolab, Magnetic Fields and the new Fiona Apple album. I have recently gotten into Artur Russell and Frou Frou. Best wishes.

  211. zorblek says:

    My name is Morgan. I'm a an umemployed 20-year old who lives with my mother. I'm actually not one of the 2000-something losers who have you friended; I'm a freelance loser who subscribes via RSS (I try to keep my LJ friends to people I actually know).

    I read your journal for several reasons: (a) You are a good source of bizarre and interesting web randomness. (b) You appear to be very knowledgeable about many coding-related topics I want to learn more about. (c) You live in San Francisco, my birthplace, and I always like to keep up to date on what's happening there.

    My tastes in music are fairly tame and generic; I believe the few musicians I can think of that might interest you have actually played at dnalounge (Assemblage 23 comes to mind).

  212. bifrosty2k says:

    I'll ad to it ;)

    1. I am an internet weenie with a penchant for DeathMetal and various other DNA favoring music varieties.
    2. I'll admit this is a tough one, but I think you'd like Lacrimosa, maybe...

  213. naruto_nerd says:

    I'm supposed to be some kind of software developer. Most people think of me as "artist" and ask me why I program. I'm here because I wanted to read more programmer/nerd related blogs. I stayed because you post interesting links.

    I don't know what you like :( I like a lot of chick music like Vienna Teng which I doubt you are into...

  214. bwh says:

    I'm the sort of person who uses his initials as a username, betimes. The rest of the time, I go by 655321. (I'm also too lazy to see if anyone else has made that reference yet.) First found you in 1995; my first webpage had you, Laura and Gina listed under the links.htm heading "People I Don't Know And Will Never Meet." This has held true to date.

    I've still got The Arcade Fire and the second Interpol cd in my car stereo; make of that what you will. I'd worry about being the recepient of a <lj user="jwz"> Searing Sarcasm Blast™, like some others, but I'm assuming that I'll get lost in the comment avalanche from the two full kilolusers, instead.

  215. perligata says:

    I think I had good intentions of using LJ's friend page feature, but I never really got around to it and use an offline RSS reader instead. I make video games for planes and do Debian stuff. I know nothing of the bands you enjoy, as I've never heard of most of them, but I recommend Legião Urbana's old stuff to everyone I meet. The lead singer died in a very tragic way, far too young, so they must be good.

  216. p1n90u1n says:

    1. I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.

    2. Find a quiet spot alongside the nearest large body of water you can find; then listen.

    Happy New Year, etc., etc.

  217. do you even ever read these?

  218. da_zhuang says:

    I'm Clay! I'm a former corporate monkey from Boston who relocated to San Jose to wait tables and produce comedy. I randomly stumbled upon your journal the other day, and found it interested, and as such, I watch.

    Music for you: Beer Activated Girl (a parody of the Dresden Doll's Coin Operated Boy)

  219. transiit says:

    1. Transiit (someone tried to call me "transient", and fucked up. I adopted it as a nick to spite them. Changed it to the finnish spelling.) or Erik, and I don't know why.

    2) "Self-Construct" by Defragmentation ("8-bit head", their remix version of the Pigface "Easy Listening for Difficult Fuckheads" album is also good). I was going to mention Operation Beatbox, but the freeze-dried gronk indicated that you already had it.

  220. valacosa says:

    I study physics up at the University of Waterloo. Followed a link from BoingBoing, and was enticed by your mixture of politics, tech, humour, and hatred of dumbasses.

    I enjoy your writing - I've wasted hours reading your gruntles and think you make even dull subjects entertaining. That post made me wonder whether you've ever thought of giving up the "selling beer" gig and write for money fun aggravation nevermind.

    As for music, compared to you I'm musically retarded. Right now I'm listening to "Amour" by Rammstein, but since they're not on your lists anywhere you've either never heard of them (possible but highly unlikely) or you've already decided you don't like them.

  221. gutbloom says:

    I am Gutbloom, the Mayor of LiveJournal. I read your journal because sometimes your posts contain pictures of naked people. I'm fascinated by naked people... but only in a, you know, "research oriented" way.

    I think you should listen to Sammy Davis Jr. singing "Mr. Bojangles." If you don't have it and don't have access to it, I'd be happy to upload it somewhere for you.

  222. gutbloom says:

    Remarkably close, but not close enough.

    ooops. forgot the link the last time.

  223. spo0nman says:

    1. I am Pankaj because my parents named me so, Im a *nix hacker and developer and I added you because I use xscreensaver, xemacs and mozilla all of em rock.

    2. Music hmm,
    $ cd /muz/;ls

    A Perfect Circle
    Audioslave Garbage Queensryche
    Black Sabbath AC DC Radiohead
    Blind Guardian Hammerfall Rage Against The Machine
    Helmet In Flames Brujeria
    Carcass Iron Maiden R.E.M
    Celldweller Jane's Addiction Savatage
    Children of Bodom Joe Satriani Sepultura
    Soilwork Judas Priest Soulfly
    Soundgarden Spread Eagle Meshuggah
    Static-X David Allen Cole Ministry
    trapping Young Lad Talkin Heads Nailbomb
    Napalm Death Tool Dimmu Borgir
    Down Neurosis Van Halen
    Dream Theater Nevermore Velvet Underground
    Opeth RHCP
  224. rnb says:

    I think this album rules, even though it's a lot more poppy than stuff I usually listen to.

  225. netlon says:

    it had to be from another post that linked to you, your netscape past was it. i do code and regulations for security - take that for what it's worth.

    i think the only group that i can recommend for you is dead can dance... of whom your already probably aware of.

  226. jhenrywaugh says:

    Which I really dig the hex dump style home page over the generally dorky LJ thing. But your LJ spot is the only reason I created a LJ id...

    Old school programmer who used to do COBOL/Assembler/CLIST but now I have been immersed in *nix land, happily scripting away my life. When I was in school DEC was all the rage, now I am reminded that I must ensure any evidence of past Burroughs programming must be totally eradicated from my resume.

    AFA music goes, I don't think I can offer anything that is not present in your superset collection. I was surprised to see your Gang of Four references, funny how a few years ago, I picked up the anthology CD in a Seattle record shop, as I possessed only vinyl instances previously.

  227. first let me answer your questions
    1.a] I really don't know who I am. I'm generally lost and directionless. I live in the same small town I grew up in and I work at the same place I got my first job (except now I'm fulltime w/benefits etc). I've always liked computers and naturally I took that route career wise. Now I've graduated and have a family and stability (so naturally I am completely fucked( meaning I can't persue my dreams(not that I know what they are) because I have a family to take care of)).
    1.b] I can't answer the why if I don't know the who.

    2] I don't really get music. Occasionally I find music I like then I listen to it too much and I don't like it anymore. Why are you so desperate to find new music? Are you musically depraved? What got you into music in the first place?

    Let me ask some questions about me
    Jamie, I have followed you since about:mozilla not consistantly but off and on over the years because I admire you. You're smart, funny, and cool. I highly value your ideas and opinions. I look to you for some advice. What should I do with myself? Should I strike out on a bold new adventure risking the well being of my family to persue some half hearted idea of a dream that I think I'm supposed to have? Or should I stay in my comfort zone and provide for my family and settle in for the remainder of the journey?

    • jwz says:

      Well, I think you kinda need to have some dreams before you and your family can decide whether they're worth pursuing... So, I'd say maybe try to get some?

      If you feel stuck, I'd say picking up and getting the hell out of town might be a good first step (and not even necessarily risky if you plan it right, like, find a job before packing the car).

      I like music. A lot. I don't know why. But I require a constant influx of The New.

      • Where do I find my dreams? Its like my life had some potential that is slowly eroding away bit by wankerific bit because I can't think of anything good to do.

        Pretty much any new job would be intrinsically less stable than the one I have.

        I pretty much hate new music and only like music once I've had time to adjust to it. Then I destroy it.

        • jwz says:

          I don't know where you get dreams, but I think that doing something to make yourself feel un-stuck might make them come. Mix it up, kick yourself in the pants with some "unexpected". It's worth a try, anyway. Less stable isn't necessarily bad. I mean, living out of a cardboard box would be bad, but there are levels above that.

          • Unexpected. Like what?

            • jwz says:

              Like a new town, or a new job, or something. It may make you look at things differently when you're no longer surrounded only by what's already very familiar.

              I dunno, I'm just guessing.

              • Moving to a new town sounds good. Where would you recommend? And shit, how do you get a job when you don't already know everyone and can't take advantage of the good ole boy network? Seriously, I've never gotten any job I've really had to apply for.

                • jwz says:

                  The good old boy network uses the interweb now too...

                  When I moved to SF, I realized that I never want to live anywhere else, but your mileage may vary. Go on some vacations, try some places out.

                  I guess what I'm getting at is, if you don't like how things are and don't know what to change, then just start twiddling it randomly and see what happens. Maybe something will stick.

                  • SF is cool. The only problem I have with it (and most of Cal.) is that you have to use exponential notation to buy a house.

                    What I was saying before about dreams isn't really true. I do have dreams but they seem pretty much unattainable. I would so love to work in a place like Apple or Google or the early days of Netscape. I want to work with passionate smart people who care about their jobs and want to make a difference. I see some of that where I work now. But I'm directly involved in the Passion at my job and I really don't want to be a teacher.

                  • caprinus says:

                    I like Portland. It's cheaper than SF.

                  • What about that whole seasonal effective disorder thing?

  228. starjewel says:

    I'm Kim, but my friends call me kimmie or immie. (<lj user="funjon"> ate the K.) And the why is frankly, I don't remember why, it's been a long time.

    But some of your posts made me want to live in San Francisco, and then I got a job as a Systems Engineer in the South Bay, and moved away from the east coast. With less than two weeks notice, no less. Put some clothes in two suitcases, hopped on a plane, slept on my boss' floor for a month, shipped my crappy little car, found 3 wonderful gay men as roommates, and bought some furniture. And here I am.

    I somehow doubt I listen to much music you don't already know. My iTunes most listened to says I should recommend Digweed and Sasha, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Dean Martin, Dance Hall Crashers, Less Than Jake, trigger10d, Jack Johnson, The Bravery, Ben Folds, and Neil Diamond :)

  229. cdamian says:

    I am a german programmer living in Barcelona, in my spare time I maintain a wiki about techno music around here.

    I can't remember why I subscribed here, probably something about xscreensaver & co. I also like your linux bashing, though I am still on linux. The dna lounge news can be amusing too.

    I think everybody should listen to "Richie Hawtins DE:9 Transitions" (the only reason for me to think about a surround system) or any DJ set by Richie and Magda. And all guitars should be burned, so shall boots with metal attachments.

  230. paisleychick says:

    I'm Beatrice, a Bay Area native and I currently live in San francisco with my husband, Kragen. I work at the Internet Archive as Brewster's assistant. I've been to your club a couple of times - the wrestling match with the flying tortillas was hysterical. I like reading what you post, as you have a tendency to make me laugh.

    As for music, we have different tastes, but I do really like Cirque du Soleil's "soundtracks" if you could call them that. You might like them too.

  231. boggyb says:

    1. I'm a random user who added you... well, I can't remember why I added you. It was probably something to do with the computer-related posts.
    2. I've not heard anything in your 2002-5 music roundups, so I shall randomly suggest Stratovarius.

  232. kroker says:
    1. I am a green alien frog from outer space, because I can.
    2. The Ark
  233. pete23 says:
    1. xemacs fanboy, let's say no more...
    2. go on, finish off your coil collection. give it another go.
  234. hatter says:

    I am the hatter, yet another geek from a startup, recently finally escaped and living life as a was kid, fanboy from your xscreensaver and about:jwz past, and since finding you on here, appreciator of your flavour of geek rant, tentacle fixation, career choices and aggregation of several photo sites. Still not quite over the fanboy thing, obviously, since when I went to SF I had to include a visit to see what you'd done at the DNA Lounge (and bizarrely, introduced my local friends to the venue and Dark Sparkle) and went away with a smile and a tshirt.

    Diving into the slightly obscure, try Monowheel, I found them on a cdbaby recommendation, only one album, light industrial, decent slightly fuzzy feel to it.

  235. skryche says:

    1. I'm an actor in NYC. I like the strange things you link to. And, uh, things you say about software. Oh, and your rants, which I often find incisive.

    2. The Meat Purveyors - The Madonna Trilogy
    It's a folk cover of Madonna songs. And it's good!

  236. rickbooth says:

    1. Mathematician, musician (you probably wouldn't like it), Brit. I'm here because you link to good stuff, I enjoy your media reviews, and your article on wrist pain helped me get my hands back.

    2. About the only thing in our known intersection is SYL; have you listened to Devin Townsend's solo stuff? It's great.

  237. neutopian says:

    1. I have a career in decorative lounging. Some guy in a wolverine-suit recommended you, so here I am. I live in SF, have known the DNA for years, and you're an interesting read.

    2. They still make music? I just listen to the Carpenters now.

  238. down8 says:

    I'm a fanboy, just b/c.

    LTJ Bukem? It's good to nap to.


  239. I am not a friend. No person of taste should die without hearing the Polysics. I will also suggest hunting down Lenin I Shumov. Neither are remotely industrial.

    You may honestly enjoy Pole, if you're not familiar. They were described to me as 'minimalist glitch dub', and are almost the polar opposite of the previous two bands.

  240. roninspoon says:

    I'm a veteran, recent college graduate, and low level manager at a university IT department. I used to read the rants on your website and added you as an LJ friend because you post some interesting links. I also get a perverse sense of amusement watching people give bad and irrelevant advice on computers and programming.

    I'm afraid I can't recommend anything you might like. Most of the bands and artists you reference, I don't recognize. Since I'm relatively ignorant of these musicians, I lack enough information to suggest something similiar without saying something offensive or stupid.

    I like The Darkness though, reminds me of old Queen and other 70s rock acts that I like.

  241. scorpionis says:

    I live in Austin and am a practicing astrologer and mehndi artist. I think I found your journal through <lj user=xephyr> or one my other friends, most of whom like to friend people (like you) who just seem to post groovy shit. That and I love your main user icon: it's priceless. :D

    Music: the Asian Massive CD, MIDIval PunditZ, DJ Cheb I Sabbah, Talvin Singh, and a number of other related artists I could rattle off should you so desire. On the odd side, I think I must be one of the last people on earth who still listens to Marillion, but nothing post-Fish (former singer).

  242. macguyver says:

    1 - I'm a backpacker and a recovering programmer. I used to spend a lot of time hacking around with mosaic and netscape but these days I mostly spend my time in the mountains.

    I stumbled into the about: URLs at some point and then I've had an interest in geeks who leave the tech industry, so I've kept up with your LJ.

    2 - I'm sure you're as picky about music as I am, but here goes: Bombay the Hard Way: Guns, Cars, & Sitars.

  243. kfringe says:

    Music? Get the rest of the Black Rain stuff. You only had one song (One! On a compilation!) the last time I saw you.

  244. editer says:

    I know some people who know someone who used to work with you at Netscape; they showed me your original "gruntle" page years ago. I don't remember the former coworker's name, but my friends (who knew him in college) say he's proud of inventing the "blink" tag.

    My musical tastes probably don't overlap much with yours, but I don't know anyone who's heard the Waybacks and didn't like them a lot.

  245. robcallahan says:

    friending you to leach your links for my own use, and occasionally pick up new minions from your frinds list. Consider me an LJ remora, or a possibly pilot fish.

    You may enjoy Walt Mink's first album, which is out of print, but can be found here.

  246. It's just me.
    <lj user="JWZ"> is random and intelligent enough to pique my interest for a few minutes before I drift onto Wikipedia or Somethingawful or post in <lj user="randompictures"> or something extremely dorkish like that until I fall asleep or whatever.
    As far as music: I just saw Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys open for The Dresden Dolls. It's good stuff, mang.

  247. vajrabelle says:

    don't you have enough to do?
    1. you know who I am. When I figure out why I doubt I will need to comment on it.
    2. I doubt I will ever be ahead of your musical tastes, but evenso I'll add The Distillers, Coral Fang.

  248. justmealex says:

    25/m from Seattle living on the cheap side of the state. Working for a smallish university doing Oracle stuff. Why add you? I enjoy your sense of humor.

    Music -- might be too slow for you, but Tullycraft and The New Pornographers always put on a good show.

  249. bbbush says:

    I'm bbbush, this is my nick
    I'm listening to Coldplay X&Y when programming

  250. fixedd says:

    1) I'm fiXedd, it's an old nickname... long story.
    2) Your knowelege of music excedes mine so I don't know that I could offer much.

  251. spod says:

    I work in a computer game middle-ware company as a Sysadmin and Internal Tools type person. I have read on and off for years, since someone showed me about:jwz in an early version of Netscape when I was at an open day for the Maths department in a uni.
    I noticed you had an LJ through my friendsfriends page and read that regularly for quite a while. I think I added you as a friend sometime in the last year because I found myself checking it after I'd checked my friends page.


    Interesting best of 2005 wrap up. Will definitely have to check some of it out.

    New(ish) stuff I heard this year:

    Mad Villain - Madvillainy. This was an xmas present from a work colleague. Indie hip hop MCs who do stuff in character. It will be responsible for alot of CDs I end up buying this year.

    The Redneck Mainfesto - I am Brazil. A pretty good Irish band, formed by members of some legendary Irish hardcore bands. They've grown up alot, and learned to play. Instrumental post rock which has gotten increasingly melodic. They are awesome live, and this is the first record they've released which I've found myself listening to regularly.

    Room 204 - Trans Panda. Awesome instrumental guitar/drum duo from Nantes, France. Incredibly playful and energetic live. Well worth a listen.

    The new Silver Jews album isn't bad, it's a grower.

    Old Stuff
    If you like Gang of Four look up something from the Feelies, if you haven't already.

  252. jsbowden says:

    You and I exchanged email about the blink tag long ago, and when I found out you were here, I looked at your journal for a bit, liked what I saw, and added you.

    That and if my memory isn't totally fucking with me, I'm pretty sure <lj user="evilxyzzy"> said he's hung out with you, and if you're cool enough for Tom, that's cool enough for me.

  253. krick says:

    1) I discovered you by way of and the Netscape connection. I think it was around the time AOL pulled the plug on Mozilla. I like to watch because I like to see what you're going to whine about next. :)

    2) I'm a big fan of fast music. It can be punk, metal, dance, industrial, it doesn't matter as long as it's fast. With that disclaimer, you should check out "Sing Sing Death House" by The Distillers (circa 2002). The rest of their stuff is hit and miss but this one album kicks your ass. I'm also a fan of Shonen Knife. Their album, "Heavy Songs" (again from 2002) is pretty good. I also really enjoyed "The System Has Failed", an amazing comeback album from Megadeth in 2004. Finally, pretty much everything by "Me First and the Gimme Gimmes" is worth owning.

  254. westyx says:

    1. <lj user="westyx">. I read your journal because of your rants, your appeals for help to the internet (and the responses you get), and to see your updates on DNA lounge happenings
    2. I don't listen to music

  255. 40hex says:

    1. I'm 40hex - 31M Australian works in IT. <lj user="smokedamage"> recommended your journal to me.

    2. I don't do music much... I have more PC CD's than I do music CD's; your taste would be far better educated than mine. But since you mentioned video games; I highly recommend the soundtrack to Metal Gear Solid." That game was a work of art.

  256. karlshea says:

    1. I followed your backstage log from about a year after you bought the club, I'm not sure where I heard about it. One of the things I'd like to do in life is open a club, somewhat like yours in the sense that I want to be able to have a live band. I also program in Java, and so I read your Java rant.

    2. You may not like it, but currently one of my favorites is Dave McCullen - Bitch. Even if you don't like the song, the video is pretty cool: (WMV, unfortunately).

  257. madfire says:

    1. I'm me, it's all that matters. Found you following some searches on XScreensaver I guess. Me do Linux and KDE :)
    2. how about Kruder & Dorfmeister?

  258. 1. the anti-anthony, because a friend suggested it when I was searching for a user tag years ago. Here because I'm too damned lazy to search for interesting things myself, and your rants are at least interesting.

    2. Ahh, based on your lists, possibly Modest Mouse. Architecture in Helsinki just for the bizarreness factor.

  259. cananian says:

    C. Scott Ananian, gradual and graduate student @ MIT, linux kernel hacker etc, rabble-rouser etc, publisher etc. I read because it is interesting. I don't read for musical suggestions, and you would probably not like the music I listen to. Therefore, your second command is rather problematic. Instead, I'll recommend Francis Heaney's anagram-based book, The Holy Tango of Literature and the associated musical parodies: The Holy Tango Basement Tapes. I enjoy his blog; you probably wouldn't, being far Too Cool for friendly puzzle-geekery.

  260. caprinus says:

    1) I am Orbis (because I picked a pseudonym out of Borges when I got on USENET in 1990 and it stuck), a currently-Toronto-based library factotum whose interests centre around (rand. ord.) linguistics, board games and sexual perversion (because all three touch on the arbitrariness of rules and rulebreaking/building seems to be my kink?), and I found you via some LJ-hopping and have been reading faithfully since because there's an insufficiency of cool Polaks for me to look up to.

    2) I just read through all 11 pages of comments and several people called your musical tastes a superset of theirs. Well, it's a pretty super set, but we don't overlap too much. Let me see if I can pull together some things that would actually be likely to interest you:

    • see if you can book Peaches for the DNA Lounge, she gives an awesome live show -- if you've heard her albums, you might be underwhelmed, but live she's the definite genuine article ("the").
    • give PROCON a listen, I've only heard them live once, opening for Peaches in fact, but the songs stuck in my head and it's been a while.
      What else, I don't listen to too many current releases...
    • I like that 1999 Steve Reich remix album, in case plain Reich doesn't cut it for you.
    • Big City Orchestra (variously spelled)
    • Nurse With Wound (but of course you already know them since you know Coil)
    • Lata Mangeshkar is a movie singer whose early career I have recently been obsessing over (it helps I live in Toronto's Little India)

    Happy New Year!

  261. zeldachik says:

    Thing The First:

    I'm Zelda. My day job is channeling my superpowers to provide brilliant secretarial assistance to various megacorps, but I moonlight as a fear-mongering, flesh-eating monster. I've recently moved to the Bay Area, but have appreciated your work for quite some time...

    I came across you in '95 when I used a primitive websearch to research information on the band Crash Worship (whom I was obsessed with after seeing them perform a concert in my hometown, the exotic paradise city of Cleveland, Ohio) and came across your particularly articulate review of their SF shows. Around the same time, my husband was still actively working on various "homebrew/code/OMGL33T!!!1one!KILLt3hSCRIPTkiddiez" projects, and corresponded with you briefly. Since then, I've kept running into you, a link here, a link there.

    I added you to my friends list a few weeks ago because, on the same day that I randomly came across a photo of you (11 pages into a GIS for "pinwheel") my husband pointed out your contribution on boingboing ("Hey, remember that jwz guy?" "That's kinda weird, I just saw a pic of him today"). Further investigation yielded your LJ, and seeing as how <lj user="purple_b"> was a mutual friend (he was kind enough to add me after a chance encounter at the SF Zombie Flash Mob last summer), I dared to presume this 1% of separation would entitle me to lurk out here in the fringes, semi-anonymously, among 2,000+ other fanlosers.

    Thing The Second:

    I have nothing new to offer in light of your already impressive musical knowledge, and the suggestions already mentioned herein. I look forward to eventually visiting your club, since when I am vodka-infused I enjoy dancing to things that sound like VNV Music Factory. Since you formally requested recommendations, I will offer up the CDs currently in heavy rotation in my car:

    The Ditty Bops (self-titled)
    Shriekback, Naked Apes and Pond Life
    DJ Tiesto, Live at Innercity
    O Brother Where Art Thou? (original soundtrack)
    Nine Inch Nails, With Teeth
    Blondie, Parallel Lines

    One Other Thing:

    Here is a random anecdote which may provide additional information about who I am, brought to mind by your recent post referencing Kurt Harland's VH1 adventure:

    In 2001, my haunted house acting troupe made the arduous trek cross-country from Cleveland in order to participate in Burning Man. Our was called "Le Petit Guignol" and we provided gory special effects makeup jobs to interested Black Rock citizens. Since Haunted House == spooky, and spooky (by proxy) == goth, our camp leader had affiliated with Deathguild, and we pitched our pitiful shelter directly under the shadow of the Thunderdome. Early in the week I spent every waking moment exploring the delights and mysteries of the playa, but as the heavier crowds began to arrive I started to stick closer to home, lounging in Deathguild's main tent, chatting with various folks.

    At one point, I met a girl who was venting frustration over her experience at the festival. She was so busy managing the logistics of the dome, and the drama of her fellow camp-mates, that she'd barely left camp, wasn't having any fun, and was giving the "Burning Man Used To Be So Great But I Don't Think I'm Coming Back Next Year" speech (which seemed unthinkable to me, as I was having the time of my life). I suggested that what she really needed was to walk away from the camp and see what the other 18,000 burners were up to - find someone who wanted to talk about the latest book she had read. This was the context of my interaction with Kurt, who astutely remarked that she was dealing with drama because Thunderdome was like high school:

    "Over there you've got the A/V club nerds," he pointed to the radio station. "The car guys are like the jocks, and Girl Camp has the cheerleaders. It's just like high school."

    Intrigued by the analogy, I asked, "So where does my little gang of horroshow freaks from the Midwest fit in?"

    "You," he said, without a moment's hesitation, "Are the Foreign Exchange Students." I was delighted, and gave him one of my hand-made porno pinwheels (yes, again with the pinwheels.)

    So that's me.

  262. omarius says:

    1) I'm Omar, because that's who I decided to be. But the username was taken on panix so now I'm omarius almost everywhere. (Sorry to omar on the panix shells whose account I still occasionally try to log into out of muscle memory.)

    2) Dude, you seem to have heard of everything already.

  263. joel says:

    1. I'm Joël, my latest hack is helping create slut-o-meter. I don't remember exactly how I ran across, something about xscreensaver, about:jwz or graveyards. I found boingboing and MetaFilter while going through your bookmarks, I started reading your Live Journal soon after that.
    2. I bookmarked a bunch of mp3s on for you, you can use the built-in flash thing to play teh music from your web browser.
  264. bratman says:

    I'm the little brother you never had, and never wanted.
    Now go listen to Husky Rescue's last album and relax a little.

  265. dratoff says:

    1. A club Kid who got old but still goes out, An ex-physicst, ex-inventor, internet addict, dancing fiend, patent agent. I work Hard, I play hard and I like it that way.

    2. Freezepop, Gram Rabbit and Devil Doll.

  266. killbox says:

    lurker not on your friends list.. been interested in you and your projects, sometime in 2002(i think) took a trip to SF to visit friends, found out there was a EFF benefit Will Weaton vs Barney going on at the DNA, i had to see it.. ive been a fan/member of the EFF for quite some time (10 or more years).

    My flatmate at the time reads your blog, <lj user="pvck"> and he kept linking things form you, so once i connected you and DNA i decided that when i was bored i would read your blog..

    Other than that who am i? i a Geek from the 505 area code, i (with help) started the local 2600 meetings back in 1996, im a tinkerer and a hacker of sorts.

    ive had my first borg implant back in 1996, i got a hip replacement.

    as for music, i recommend

    Yat Kah (tuvan throat-singing punk)
    Girls Under Glass,
    cEven Key,

  267. divelog says:

    Does livejournal have an enemies list? Can I be on yours?

  268. zwol says:

    1. I'm the guy who sent you a whole bunch of patches for the maze-solving mode of xscreensaver back in 1998 +/-2, and I read your LJ for the funny and the bizarro.

    2. I suspect we have incompatible musical tastes, but whatthehell, give Brother a listen.

  269. jwm says:


    I'm a systems administrator from New Zealand. If this isn't sufficient evidence of the brain worms, I get up to these sorts of things, when not provoking others into Back of the Y-style stunts at parties.

    I suggest having a listen to Minuit, who do a sort of breakbeat with Beth Gibbons/Bjork vocals thing, and Pitchblack, who do electronic dub that's both good to dance to and ambient with the volume turned down. I'd rate them both as the most consistantly interesting music coming out of NZ at the moment. Rotor+ are worth a listen if your tastes run to ambient music (ie Aphex Twin/Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2 territory), but they're hard to get hold of.


  270. babbage says:

    1. Not sure I can give a description of who I am that would make sense to
      you, but I'm that way because it's the way I enjoy being. I came across your gruntles while writing the epicycle screenhack, or perhaps before, I can't remember.
    2. Hmm, music. You mention many bands on your blog but I find it hard to figure out which ones you like most. Audioscrobbler isn't much help as I expect that this jwz isn't you. Still, my suggestions would be:

      Maybe also:

      There's also a load of stuff that I like that you probably have an opinon about, so I won't bother mentioning that. Full list here.

  271. omni_ferret says:

    1. I'm just this geek in San Francisco. I'm here for the webjunk.
    2. Beats me. Arcade Fire? KLF? They're old news to you, I'm sure.

  272. i am lauren, cohabitator of <lj user=uke>, go go stomper at a certain club a couple nights a month, and video game producer. i also occasionally get delusional and call myself a writer, sometimes of fiction but mostly of poetry.

  273. revsphynx says:

    Crap I'm way behind.
    1. Travis. I am what I yam.
    2. Borgia Popes.