top ten spam subjects

"AOL said it blocked an average of 1.5 billion spam messages each day."

Top ten spam subject lines:
  1. Donald Trump Wants You - Please Respond
  2. Double Standards New Product - Penis Patch
  3. Body Wrap: Lose 6-20 inches in one hour
  4. Get an Apple iPod Nano, PS3 or Xbox 360 for Free
  5. It's Lisa, I must have sent you to the wrong site
  6. Breaking Stock News** Small Cap Issue Poised to Triple
  7. Thank you for your business. Shipment notification
  8. Your Mortgage Application is Ready
  9. Thank you: Your $199 Rolex Special Included
  10. Online Prescriptions Made Easy
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6 Responses:

  1. dmlaenker says:

    That's funny; almost all of the spam that gets through for me has had "breaking news" as its subject line.

  2. transgress says:

    my favorite was one i received the other day:
    Subject: Your name ... in WOOD!

  3. mcsmurf says:

    Is this a serious or just for fun list ;)? The "Donald Trump Wants You - Please Respond" one can be found nowhere on the internet, just in this AOL news item.

    • strspn says:

      Ultimate varsity CAPTCHA: Was the poorly drawn cartoon drawn by a human or computer? Extra credit: What was the original spam subject line?

      Experimental design vocabulary might include: This post-impressionist pontillism represents the desire to inform you that it likes trumpets."

  4. ewindisch says:

    Uh, so last month when AOL gave me a nasty email telling me that my server was the source of 8% of their spam reports one day, that means that my server sent approximately 120 million emails? :-)

    (btw, the reason my server was sending spam was due to a hole in a client's contact form -- web hosting, its a dangerous business!)