Stupidity Leak!

Ghost Rider teaser trailer. This is going to be bigger than Catwoman, I can feel it.

The only good thing about Ghost Rider is the awesome lyrics to the Rollins Band song on the Crow soundtrack:

Ghost Rider motor cycle hero
Ghost Rider motor cycle hero
Baby, baby, baby, baby, he's a blazin' away
Like the stars, stars, stars in the universe, yeah!
Baby, baby, baby, baby, he's lookin' so cute, yeah!
ridin' around in a blue jump suit, yeah!
Baby, baby, baby, baby, he's screamin' the truth!
America is killin' its youth!
cause he is cryin', dyin', chokin', drownin'
Going to jail, going to jail, going to jail
I see him dyin'! Dyin'!! Ohhhhhhh
He's ridin' through town with his head on fire
He's ridin' through town with his head on fire!!
head on burnin' eyes all tired
head on burnin' eyes all tired
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider!!
keep ridin'
never stop ridin'
don't forget to burn, don't forget to burn
burn....with fire!! with fire, fire, fire, fire, fire!
with fire!!!

That just about covers it right there.

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34 Responses:

  1. psymbiotic says:

    Nicholas Cage? Bwahahaha! :D

    Egan >:>

  2. burn, motherfucker, burn.

  3. chaoset says:

    The song's originally by Suicide.

    • jwz says:

      Wow... I'm amazed anyone would cover such a dumb song... And then I'm amazed that I'm amazed.

      • malokai says:

        Them: Hi! Would you like some money?

      • caprinus says:

        Well, I don't know how familiar you are with Suicide, but the monotonous drone was their "thing", the lyrics always seemed incidental. A whole album's worth of that steady hum/drone is kinda soothing and hypnotic. Acquired taste I suppose.

  4. bodyfour says:

    > That just about covers it right there.

    Or rather, he covers it right there

  5. ammutbite says:

    For my money, the original by Vega and Rev, or the Siisters of Mercy cover still beat old Hank any day of the week.

  6. jagger says:

    Someday I hope to learn why a song about Ghost Rider was put in the soundtrack to The Crow. Did someone not tell the band that they got the wrong comic book?

  7. alex_victory says:

    You know that the song isn't going to be on the movie soundtrack, just like Anthrax's "I Am The Law" failed to make it to the soundtrack for Judge Dredd.


    • I'm pretty sure American Psycho by the Misfits wasn't on the soundtrack, either.

      Inside a wall street mind a psycho lurks
      lines of cocaine cut in hell

      lots of great "whhhoooaa-oa-oa-oas", too.

  8. greyface says:

    This is going to be bigger than Catwoman, I can feel it.

    that is a... precarious? Interesting? Odd? choice of words. Though I find it hard to believe that much of anything could tank as badly as Catwoman did. Then again, some people did see Catwoman... didn't they? Something about Halle Barry in bondage straps, which probably wouldn't sell with Nicholas Cage.

    • from imdb:
      On Febuary 26, 2005, she showed up in person to accept the Razzie award for Worst Actress for her role as Catwoman (2004) and became the first actress to do so. Accepting the award, Berry smiled and said "Thank you and I hope to God I never see you guys again."

      One of only three actresses, along with Faye Dunaway and Liza Minnelli, to win both the Academy Award for Best Actress and the Razzie Award for Worst Actress (Dunaway shared her award with Bo Derek).

  9. lordshell says:

    That . . . would be why I prefer Henry's spoken word shows.

  10. tinymammoth says:

    <lj user="flyingcamel"> was inspired to write the following song for me:

    Tiny Mammoth!!
    keep mammothin'
    never stop mammothin'!
    you're tiny
    a tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny.... mammoth!!!!

  11. dojothemouse says:

    I hear Nicholas Cage took the project because he only had to do two days of filming.

  12. rzr_grl says:

    you just posted lyrics.

  13. telecart says:

    The Raveonettes have a nice song called Ghost Riders on the Attack or something.