"One You Lasik the Target..."

You Nexus, huh?
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5 Responses:

  1. wyndebreaker says:

    Afterward, he was heard saying, "If you could see what I'm going to see with your eyes..."

  2. omarius says:

    A television monitor shows the image from the operating microscope as Dr. Colman Kraff aligns the center of the pupil and the excimer laser for custom shaping....

    As a former Galactic Trader player, I'm excited to see the lasic folks are down with future technology. When will they upgrade to Mega?

  3. technotronic says:

    Man, wouldn't it suck to have a bug in the software that controls that puppy. "I don't know why it carved 'OWNED' in his eye, we just upgraded to the lastest version!"

    • curious_jp says:

      Well, arguably it's a little better than a Therac-25 nuking a hole in you because of a race condition in the input routines. But that'd never happen, ha ha!

      I laser you eyeball,
      -- c_jp