"An ostrich jockey rides a two-year old male ostrich during a training at a Ostrich farm in Kitengela, Kenya. (AFP/Simon Maina)"

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  1. l_l_u_w_d says:

    Dude! That looks like so much fun! And, that is coming from a chick who rides bulls for the hell of it, just so you know. :D I'd try that just to say I did!

  2. yosh says:

    It's really too bad that ostriches can't fly.

  3. dossy says:

    Ostrich > Segway.

  4. 1eyedkunt says:

    I *really* want to get a group together to go to the Virginia City Camel Races next year. They race bulls and ostriches as well, and apparently anyone can sign up to race. I hear that with the ostriches it's more about who can stay on the longest - actually crossing the finish line isn't really expected!

    • was JUST ABOUT to poke you about this, after seeing this entry. CAN WE DO IT, MOMMY? CAN WE?

      • 1eyedkunt says:

        problem is it's right after burning man, so i've assumed that no one would want to go - most people are still in recovery and they've already taken off all the time from work that they can to do BM. course, it *is* just a weekend, so it probably wouldn't require more than friday off. or we could just go up saturday morning and come back sunday night. we could also stay at the cabin for free (it's about an hour away from virginia city). i'm totally down if others are ready and willing to do it.

        i will not be racing however. fucking eyeball-endangerment is what that is. but i will be delighted to watch my friends try and maim themselves!

    • matrushkaka says:

      Ooooo ... I'm all over that like white on rice.

    • nightrider says:

      I'd really be impressed if they raced the ostriches while racing the bulls. Just kind of... you know... let them all loose at the same time with jockeys [read: damn fools] on their backs.

      Now THAT I'd skip burning man for.

      Wait... I skip burning man anyway.

      ah. Oh well, ostrich vs. bull races it is!

  5. I'd be watching out for those pesky fucking pterodactyls if I were him.

  6. mactavish says:

    Oh, I miss Joust!

  7. ioerror says:

    My childhood returns. Huzzzzah.

    • baconmonkey says:

      Who are you trying to fool?Joust came out in 1982.I think this is more your childhood:

      • ioerror says:

        Ironically, I pretty much lived at my parents work as a young child. As a result, I spent all my time at this crappy quick-e-mart that only had joust. The fucking thing was as old as I was but it's all I ever played.

        When I got a bit older, I'd remember Stret Fighter came out. I really sucked at that game.

  8. mcfnord says:

    I was so good at that game.

  9. infrogmation says:

    Ostrich jockey?

    Oh, how retro.

  10. retrodiva1 says:

    OMG it's almost 2 am and I had to hold my hand over my mouth so I didn't wake Gary up I was laughing so hard.

    Speaking of Atari, we were at the Sony store in the Metreon yesterday and sat for a minute watching the $13,000 HDTV with the wrap around couch and Kim says "this would be great to play video games on" and Gary replies "yeah except all we have is her (nods at me) Atari 2600" and my thought was "are you kidding all my male friends would wet themselves to come over and play 2600 on this goliath of a TV." Heck I got pretty excited myself at the thought.

  11. mrbill1234 says:

    I've actually tried to ride an ostrich - about 20 years ago in South Africa.

    It's not as easy as it looks - and they do actually race them - and people bet on it too!

  12. While we're at it, Jousteroids. Only for Windows I'm afraid.