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  1. detritus says:

    That HTML is all fucked up.

  2. dzm6 says:

    And that one on the left isn't even trying.

    "I'm a worm! Let's scritch!"

  3. ninjagirl says:

    "That'll do, pig. That'll do."

  4. elegantelbow says:

    Bah. That's clearly not a pig penis.

  5. kap_ says:

    Here's the image without the watermark and all the shitty processing artifacts. Really, really hate people adding watermarks to shit that isn't theirs.


  6. pdx6 says:

    In furry sex land, it doesn't matter if the phallus will fit into the girl, they just have to be the same color.

  7. vxo says:

    It would be most amusing if that faked being biologically functional.... haha. "Tapioca fountain".

  8. mackys says:

    Results 1 - 10 of about 684 for fuckpig. (0.17 seconds)

    Including, I kid you not, this story from Warren Ellis:

    I had to kill the pig.

    It was a GM Vietnamese potbellied pig that some freak had meatfitted with a voicebox and the frontal lobe of a grown-up crack baby.

    It scuttled across the carpet on fat little legs, firing hideous acidic turds out of its fortified arse like it was Satan's vending machine. I loaded the harpoon gun I'd borrowed from Sunil. There are a few parts of the world where you can legally hunt humans who have gone aquatic, and Sunil owed sexual favours to all of them. The pig turned, rasping "Fuckpig! Fuckpig! Fuckpig!" I'd not yet worked out whether he was talking to me or telling me his name, but it seemed to be the only word he knew. I'd been listening to it for two weeks. Two. Weeks.

    The harpoon locked down into the receiver chamber, and the air compressor hissed, charging the gun.


  9. bonniegrrl says:

    she's totally faking it.

  10. bonniegrrl says:

    "Squeal! squeal like a pig!"


    And this little piggy ran all the way...oh wait."

  11. ciphergoth says:

    I have to admire it just for the purity of vision. The pig is modelled on the cutest pig in the cartoons. The pink is the pinkest of warm, furry pinks. And the phallus is clearly as big as it could ever possibly be and still attatch to the costume. But then I believe that YKIOK, IJMNK extends to furries.

    So long as they don't really think they're animals. "Tell you what, we'll put you and a wolf standing next to each other, and then we'll know which one is the real wolf because it'll have bits of fanboy in its teeth."

  12. wilecoyote says:

    Dear american people: please stop exploring, etc., etc.

  13. ultracool says:

    i was browsing a friend's friends page and saw this picture and just couldn't keep my eyes of the folks in the background-- the girl in the tight purple looking very proud of herself for being entertained, and the white haired person on the left not really understanding what's going on. also, mr pig looks very macho and has a nice butt.

  14. (from The Ophiuchi Hotline by John Varley)

  15. So is this where republicans come from?