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CIA Sabotage Manual:
"In the 1980s the CIA produced a small illustrated booklet in both spanish and english designed to destabilise the nicaraguan government and economic system. It was hoped that if enough disenfranchised individuals undertook activities that subverted economic stability, the Leftist government would be more easily overthrown. The manual described itself as 'a practical guide to... paralyzing the military-industrial complex... without having to use special tools and with minimal risk for the combatant.'"

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40 Responses:

  1. substitute says:

    Now we know. It was all those false hotel reservations that finally knocked down that wall and brought Freedom™ to those suffering under Communism.

  2. mark356 says:

    I love the "slack off!" one!

    • jwjr says:

      Who knew that the subgenius literature contained the key to overthrowing the Sandanistas? Sure, it's obvious in retrospect ...

  3. kakaze says:

    While I don't doubt the US is capable of this, there's one thing in it that makes me think it's fake: The US government would never spell the word "tire" as "tyre".

  4. transgress says:

    I always love these manuals, they're so.. useless. Like you should give a good read to the al-quada training manual, its like 'make sure to have a stable car before performing an operation' and other such more or less common sense/useless information.

  5. ciphergoth says:

    While I don't doubt that the US might do such a thing, I'd like evidence that this is for real. If such a leaflet were publically distributed, could it be obtained under the FoIA?

    • infrogmation says:

      Oh, this is absolutely real. It was a big story when it was revealed in the '80s, and versions with the original Spanish and an English translation were availible in print.

      • giles says:

        I remember it being mentioned in Bloom County, where Binkley was suggesting that they sneak into the Pentagon and flush all the toilets to throw the entire military-industrial complex into a state of higgledy-piggledy.

        I'm not sure how to spell higgledy-piggledy in American vs. British English, however, nor do I know if it translates into Spanish.

      • otterley says:

        Call me skeptical, but I'd prefer to see scans of the original before jumping to conclusions of "reality."

      • lovingboth says:

        Yep - it's the 'block toilets' one I remember.

  6. pyrop says:

    Anarchy! Sponsored by the CIA.

    • edouardp says:

      Much like buying one of those Che Guevara tee-shirts from a big chain store in the mall, that seems, uhh, wrong on some level.

      • catullus_5 says:

        Hey, if the irony-oblivious dime-store white-bread suburban American high-school rebels want to lap those shirts up, I can't blame retailers for selling them first and smirking later...

  7. Looky what I made.

  8. jkonrath says:

    This would be really great if someone was saying "Haw haw" in one of these.

  9. wisn says:

    It would have been so much cooler if Jack Chick had written it.

  10. irishmasms says:

    make a manual for another county: Sabotage
    same actions done here in the US: terrorist

    • catullus_5 says:

      Are you saying there's no difference between phony hotel reservations and what Al-Qaeda does? Or maybe I skipped the page that said "BE A SILLY GOOSE! Kidnap innocent people and murder them on camera."

  11. vxo says:

    Those completely, absolutely, need to be made into bumper stickers and/or t-shirts.

  12. Apparently Big Explosions in Latin America are not so disruptive after all. Or maybe Bush really can't do anything right. ;)

    Venezuela blames foes in oil pipeline blast

    Monday, December 5, 2005

    CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) -- An explosion that damaged an oil pipeline supplying Venezuela's largest refinery was caused by government foes attempting to disrupt congressional elections, officials said.

    The state oil company, Petroleos de Venezuela S.A., said Monday that Saturday night's blast had not forced any reduction in output because the refinery has enough crude on hand to continue operations while the pipeline is being fixed and the oil field has capacity to store pumped crude.

    "We have enough storage capacity," said Oscar Rivas, the company's head of operations for western Venezuela. "Production will not be affected."

  13. belgand says:

    The slack off one looks a tad bit racist. I mean, maybe it's just the mustache or something, but I can't help but the get the impression that someone really wanted to draw a caricaturized lazy hispanic guy.

    My preferred method of sabotage is to inset my wooden shoes into machinery causing it to break, but sadly nobody respect the old ways any more.

    • dzm6 says:

      My preferred method of sabotage is to inset my wooden shoes into machinery causing it to break, but sadly nobody respect the old ways any more.

      Pff. Only luddites are afraid of the New Ways.

  14. saltation_lj says:

    Fast and eager learners, the English.