Condom Culture!

Indian Muslim women hold placards during a protest in the southern Indian city of Chennai December 12, 2005. Plans to install 500 condom vending machines in the capital of one of India's worst HIV/AIDS-affected states has angered Muslim groups, which say they will take to the streets against 'condom culture'. REUTERS/Stringer

(I've had "cultures" grow in condoms when I've forgotten to take the trash out... And I can tell you, I'm against it.)

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12 Responses:

  1. dmlaenker says:

    Wow, fundamentalists really are the same everywhere.

  2. dojothemouse says:

    OMG! I know that chick!

  3. thaths says:

    Morons, all of them protesters. Morons. Giving my home town a bad name.

  4. phoenixredux says:

    Condom vending machines ARE a bad idea. They're always hidden in some skeezy restroom, and you have to have the right amount of change, and it never fails that they'll be sold out, you can never tell if they're sold out or not, and they're usually cheap, crappy condoms that aren't worth it. Really, there should be free condoms available everywhere and anywhere, especially in places like Chennai that have crippling AIDS epidemics.

    Well, at least their efforts to ban condoms will continue the amazing success they've had against the AIDS epidemic that they've had up to this point using alternative methods, like abstinance and monogamy. Clearly, that's been effective.

    • malokai says:

      Combined with the complete lack of sex education, because clearly people wouldn't know how to have sex if you didn't tell them about it.

    • sea_wolf says:

      This is one thing that the gay bars/clubs around my parts have got right. All three of them in Perth have a bucket of free condoms somewhere near the bar. And the raves usually have people at the door handing them out.

  5. _deviate_ says:

    is there some subtle difference between 'perversions' and 'religion' which is escaping me?

  6. bifrosty2k says:

    I've had "cultures" grow in condoms

    I put on my Ernest hat and go "EeewWweWwWwWwwww"

  7. joel says:

    Caller: "What is the worst STD you can get?"
    Adam: "Pregnancy"

  8. mizalon says:

    What are they doing showing their faces in public? What kind of extremists are they?