"A Miracle of Modern Science!"

Some friends of mine, a lesbian couple, recently had a baby. I asked myself, what's an appropriate gift for that situation? And I answered, "self, go find an old-fashioned turkey baster and have it bronzed."

This got the best possible response: "that looks just like the one we used!"

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43 Responses:

  1. mooflyfoof says:

    Ahahahaha, brilliant!

  2. a DIY award!


  3. mactavish says:

    Aw, that is so romantic!

  4. violentbloom says:

    what no brozing company url?

  5. ivan_ghandhi says:

    So, this is the daddy! Or rather his bronze portrait...

  6. pir_anha says:

    perfect gift. you rock. :)

    (it never occurred to me that one could have a plastic item bronzed. goes to show you what i know about the process.)

    • jwz says:

      I'm not totally clear on how it works either. You'd think they'd just make a cast of the item, but the things I read gave the impression that the item is actually inside there. In any event, they sent back the padded tube that I shipped the baster in, but not the baster. If an un-bronzed copy of the baster had survived, I'll be they'd have sent that back too.

      • cabrius says:

        One common technique is to coat the item with conductive paint and then electroplate the copper onto that. That would indeed leave the item encased inside.

        • pir_anha says:

          *nod*. that makes sense, and i know that's what's done to electroform glass (in jewelry projects), but having tried to paint plastic just for colouring it, i know what a bitch that is. so i thought maybe they do actually make a cast. but no.

          this mini FAQ talks about different processes.

          lots of non-conductive materials can apparently be "painted" (sprayed, immersed), after first having had various other things done to them to seal and harden the surface. cool.

          with all the processes i looked at quickly, the item remains inside (bronzing baby shoes seems tremendously popular).

  7. xed_geek says:

    Absolutly brilliant.

  8. Oh God. We have a friend we call 'the baster' (i.e. she's self basting). We had let it slip for a few months...but now. Thanks for ruining her life once again. :)

  9. phreddiva says:

    So. Awesome. to have a visual to go with the story.

  10. decibel45 says:

    That's seriously what they use??! Somehow I would have thought there was something more sophisticated...

  11. bubblebabble says:

    that looks so raytraced. I completely believe you, but have a hard time convincing my eye to play along. *shakes head like a dog*

  12. roseredcity says:

    that fucking rules.

  13. cetan says:

    Better Living Through Kitchenware!

  14. sumerk says:

    chto eto za huinia? eto pipetka chtoli?

    • zoratu says:

      это шутка об искусственном оплодотворении.

  15. valacosa says:

    I've gotten humourus plaques for my friends before, but this takes the cake. I especially like the engraved remark along with it.

    Awesome. Simply awesome.