"Dear Industrial Music..."

So, a few years back, something that would happen pretty regularly is that purple_b and I would be out at a goth club and he'd say to me, "hey, what song is this?" to which I would always respond, "I don't know, VNV Nation."

I thought it was obvious that this was my code for, "What, you mean this bullshit progressive-house track with MC Monotone droning on over it? It sucks ass and I don't know or care."

Turns out it wasn't obvious: purple_b ended up buying every VNV Nation album looking for the song or songs he kept asking me about!

And with that, I bring you the most awesome idea in the history of awesome ideas! an "EBM Party" which will feature only songs by VNV Nation, Covenant, Icon of Coil, Apikachu Berserk and Assemblage VNV! The comments are priceless:

    "That's damn close to a nightmare come true."

    "Don't those five bands get beat to death in every club already?"
    "I would pay good money to see those bands beaten to death at a club."

    "It is negative people like you that continue to drag the entire goth/industrial into the ground."

    "But think how easy it will be to beat match!"

    "It's a bold move of you to make hosting a night like that"
    "Dude, what the hell are you talking about? Playing the safest possible music is bold?"

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Underwear Rotation: Every 6,000 Miles.

"I guess I may never understand all the theory behind proper underwear rotation."

90 Reasons to Hate the 90s

And now, a little rant full of bitterness and hate!
That 90s Sham, part 1, and 2.
Current Music: Lamb -- B-Line ♬


I know you've all been kicking yourselves trying to figure out what to get me for Christmas, so I thought I'd help you out with this list. I know it's a little late, but I can wait.

If you really loved me, you'd get me:

  • A Lament Configuration ("Box of Sorrows", of course.)
  • A Space Suit of some kind (actual spaceworthiness not required.)
  • A Nixie Clock.
  • A Hypnowheel.
  • A Trebuchet or Mangonel.
  • A Ball Sucker.
  • A 360 degree panoramic lens, with Canon 35mm SLR mount.
  • A MAME cabinet or Millipede conversion controller.
  • A complete set of MAME ROMs, since most of my favorite games don't work in the copy I have now.
  • A 128K Apple Macintosh ("M0001", not a 512K Fat Mac!) I have one, but the monitor is dead and I can't be bothered to figure out whether it's repairable...

  • Volume Magazine, issues 5 - 17. (This was a jewel-case-sized British magazine from the early 90s that came with a compilation CD. It had a lot of good stuff, but I only ever found the first 4 issues.) Score! Thank you, Santa! I now have the music portion of all issues except 5, 7, and 11. (But, I would still like to read the magazine portions, so if anyone is willing to part with those, I'd still love to have them!)

  • "One Step Ahead of the Spider" by MC 900 Foot Jesus (either CD or MP3s; it's out of print.) Score! Thank you, Santa!

  • Vinyl records: "Playback" by SSQ and "Trans-Atlantic" by Jon St. James. I got an itch to listen to these a while back, only to find that my copies are scratched into oblivion.

  • DVD or Laserdisc of "Home of the Brave" by Laurie Anderson. (It was never released on DVD, and the VHS version was recorded in mono, so it sounds like the LD release is the one to have.) I finally found a torrent of a rip of the LD in 2008.

  • DVD, LD, or VHS of "ZTT: The Value of Entertainment (Time Capsule Version): a 1985 concert film featuring every Zang Tuum Tumb artist except Frankie." (VHS: "1986 UK, ZTT The Video Label/PMV; 041453-2"; LD: "1986 JP, PolyGram MusicVideo; SM058-3082".)

  • An Underwood Standard Typewriter from the 20s or 30s, in good repair. My lovely girlfriend got me one of these, but it doesn't type very well, and my attempts at repairing it have so far only made it worse. (Goal is to turn it into a USB keyboard.)

That address again:
    Jamie Zawinski
    c/o DNA Lounge
    375 Eleventh Street
    San Francisco, CA 94103

Thank you in advance, it's just what I've always wanted!

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world map scaled by population

Bigger; full poster; 100,000 BC; 1 AD; 1650 AD; 1900 AD; 2150 AD.

Previously: Purple County Cartograms.

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