"this is in or around Dallas"

<lj-cut text=""No first timers, whiners, or men who don't know how to truly serve an officer of the law."">

Alas, this Craigslist entry is now deleted:

In town for a few days and looking for some tight ass to cram my cock into. When I say Bull Hung, that's what I mean. No first timers, whiners, or men who don't know how to truly serve an officer of the law. Playing in uniform, with cigar, or pissing all over you aren't optional. My cock, my rules, you will do as I say. 6'4 245 Rock Solid Muscle, furry chest, dark hair and stache Fat uncut hog, average balls, nice big NEG load Don't want to play email tag, I want location, when available, how you intend to serve an officer of the law and pics. Ass pics and face pics WILL be required to get my attention. FYI, If you don't read and follow this email, you are just going to get deleted like several who have emailed me so far. Don't waste my time and don't make me have to play 20 questions to find out about you. Either give me what I want or go wank about me, because that's as close as you are going to get. * this is in or around Dallas * no -- it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

36 Responses:

    • jwz says:

      I think that means "didn't have HIV six months ago."

      • cacepi says:

        Why, oh why did you have to post that?

        Now I won't be able to sleep at night; I live next to a big, tall brawny cop.

        Still, it's nice to know the police remember to protect when you serve, I guess...

      • ciphergoth says:

        "untested but has only taken it up the ass without a condom from others who put NEG load in their personal ads"

        Apart from that maddening little claim, I think whatever it is that you're all getting from this post is escaping me...

        • lovingboth says:

          Imagine it was a Tory MP, preferrably in the 80s: a mix of amusement and finger pointing at the combination of place and job, plus disbelief that he'll find anyone (knowing that he will...)

        • ygg13 says:

          Same here, the only thing that amuses me is the assertion of having a "NEG load." Otherwise he sounds like any number of demanding, egotistical assholes who think they can justify it with a particular sexual style.

          • cacepi says:

            Perhaps, but I'm from Ohio, and in Ohio, by law, the only "officers of the law" allowed are ones with Glocks and patrol cars.

            So come to Ohio, the "Our Anti-Gay Marriage Laws Can Be Used As Justification For Domestic Violence" State!

            We even gots the Foosball!

  1. xenogram says:

    So, anybody want a new icon?

  2. otterley says:

    But would Angela approve?

  3. do we even want to know how and why you came across this craigslist post?
    also, re the song you were listening to: Revolting Cocks are playing with Ministry @ The Fillmore on May 26th, and oh yeah, I got your refund for the GO4 show, still don't know why they cancelled though...

  4. greatevil says:

    Found this porn and thought of your perverson tag... totaly NSFW http://www.newsfilter.org/videos/index.php?id=18160

  5. ioerror says:

    Of all the posts to not make to creepslist!

  6. meadelante says:


    I do not think you have posted this before.

  7. 33mhz says:

    For more unintentional comedy about gay authoritarian fetish sex, http://www.worldskins.com

    Top viewed profile: "ANTONRAPIST"

  8. pvck says:

    My favorite line is "average balls". Is there a standard? Is it metric?

  9. chromebishop says:

    so was it an eerie coincidence that that particular revco song was coming through your speakers when you posted this or did you cue it up for affect?

    • fo0bar says:

      This must be your first time reading jwz's journal. Welcome!

      • chromebishop says:

        no, ive been lightly scanning his posts for some time now. guess i never noticed there was a tunes connection to the posts. he always seem to be listening to something like fuzzbox, cop shoot cop or other rare "alt" rock tunes when posting....

  10. that is truly awesome.

  11. defenestr8r says:

    now you've got me started...

    Original Pussy Beer

  12. mdl says:

    I wanted to show this post to my friend, but it's gone now. Anybody have its text saved?

  13. romulusnr says:

    * no -- it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services

    I thought that was the point.