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Dear Lazyweb, here's an answer instead of a question!

Some web sites put "autocomplete=no" in their login forms to prevent your web browser from saving your password. I find that annoying (if I've told it to save my passwords, then I'd like my passwords saved, thanks) so here's how you fix Safari so that it will treat those forms just like all the others.

    sudo sh
    cd /System/Library/Frameworks/WebKit.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/WebCore.framework/Versions/A/
    mv WebCore WebCore.orig
    perl -pe 's/(\000)a(utocomplete\000)/\1_\2/gsi' < WebCore.orig > WebCore

Then re-launch Safari.

This change will get blown away the next time Software Update sends down a new Safari.

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explain to me the video codecs

Dear Lazyweb,

I again have a few Quicktime videos that I can't import into iMovie. The problematic files seem to be "Sorenson Video" or "Sorenson 3 Video", and "QDesign Music 2 Audio".

They play fine in Quicktime Player Pro 7.0.3, but the "Save As" and "Export" menus are grayed out (only for these files: "Export" works fine with other files.) Neither ffmpegX 0.0.9t nor MPEG Streamclip 1.5.1 recognise these files as having video in them at all.

What do I need to do to convert them to something that iMovie can import, like DV?

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It was flickering its little heart out, too!

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stuff to do

Here's what the remainder of 2005 is looking like so far:

Wed, Nov 16:   Veruca Salt @ Slim's  (tonight)
Oh hell yeah! I love this band, and I've never seen them.
Thu, Nov 17:   Cabaret Verdalet @ DNA Lounge 
Highly recommended.
Fri, Nov 18:   The Scorpio Ball @ DNA Lounge 
Dunno what to expect from this, but it seems to involve costumes.
Tue, Nov 22:   Android Lust @ DNA Lounge 
Thu, Nov 24:   Meat @ DNA Lounge 
Sat, Nov 26:   Pop Roxx @ DNA Lounge 
Thu, Dec 01:   Rasputina @ GAMH 
Sat, Dec 10:   New Wave City @ DNA Lounge 
Sun, Dec 11:   Ayria @ DNA Lounge 
Thu, Dec 15:   Good Vibrations High School @ DNA Lounge 
Fri, Dec 23:   Pop Roxx @ DNA Lounge 
Sun, Dec 25:   Death Guild Christmas Night @ DNA Lounge 
Thu, Dec 29:   Meat @ DNA Lounge 
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Matrix Reloaded Reloaded

There is some deep weirdness in the new Matrix video game... (Apparently these movies are actually in the game, not a parody.)

Part 1, 2, 3.

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  1. The Mystery Electrical Burning Smell is still here, but seems somewhat more rare now. I spent a week with most of the breakers turned off in another attempt to narrow it down. The only things I haven't left off for a day are the computers (because, like, I need those) and the fridge (because I don't like soggy food). Bleh.
  2. I have run out of the internets. You will entertain me now.


"this is in or around Dallas"

<lj-cut text=""No first timers, whiners, or men who don't know how to truly serve an officer of the law."">

Alas, this Craigslist entry is now deleted:

In town for a few days and looking for some tight ass to cram my cock into. When I say Bull Hung, that's what I mean. No first timers, whiners, or men who don't know how to truly serve an officer of the law. Playing in uniform, with cigar, or pissing all over you aren't optional. My cock, my rules, you will do as I say. 6'4 245 Rock Solid Muscle, furry chest, dark hair and stache Fat uncut hog, average balls, nice big NEG load Don't want to play email tag, I want location, when available, how you intend to serve an officer of the law and pics. Ass pics and face pics WILL be required to get my attention. FYI, If you don't read and follow this email, you are just going to get deleted like several who have emailed me so far. Don't waste my time and don't make me have to play 20 questions to find out about you. Either give me what I want or go wank about me, because that's as close as you are going to get. * this is in or around Dallas * no -- it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Bacteria Eat Human Sewage, Produce Rocket Fuel

Bacteria Eat Human Sewage, Produce Rocket Fuel.
Bacteria here to chew bubble gum, kick ass.
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Gun Nuttery

I don't own a gun, and I find the gun-nuttery of everyone I know who does own one to be offensive enough that I think they all ought to be in therapy. They all own guns because of some fucking Rambo tough-guy fantasy, and not for any kind of defense. For example, Octal and every single person who camps at Thunderdome: I don't know one person who owns a gun who doesn't think it's just a big loud toy, rather than a tool whose only purpose is to kill people (and not in that fun video game sense, but in the "mess up your head for the rest of your life" sense).

But after watching the Libertarian hootenanny that New Orleans turned into, I actually started considering whether owning one might not be such a bad idea, living as I am in a place that's prone to both earthquakes and zombie attacks.

Then, of course, the morons who live in this town went and voted to outlaw handguns. It's ineffective, unenforcable, and probably Unconstitutional, but wow, it sure is irritating.

Godwin in... five... four... three...

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C'était un Rendezvous

C'était un Rendezvous:

On an August morning in 1978, French filmmaker Claude Lelouch mounted a gyro-stabilized camera to the bumper of a Ferrari 275 GTB and had a friend, a professional Formula 1 racer, drive at breakneck speed through the heart of Paris. The film was limited for technical reasons to 10 minutes; the course was from Porte Dauphine, through the Louvre, to the Basilica of Sacre Coeur.

No streets were closed, for Lelouch was unable to obtain a permit.

The driver completed the course in about 9 minutes, reaching nearly 140 MPH in some stretches. The footage reveals him running real red lights, nearly hitting real pedestrians, and driving the wrong way up real one-way streets.

It has just been remastered and released on DVD.

Quicktime here. It's absolutely terrifying, despite looking a lot like a video game. "Red light! Red light! Red light! GARBAGE TRUCK!!!" The only thing it's missing is a woman pushing a baby carriage, and a couple of guys carrying a plate-glass window.

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