"it's turtles all the way down."


12 Responses:

  1. gutbloom says:

    "Yea, it's me talking. I called you a schmuck. Schmuck. S-C-H-M-U-C-K. Me and my friend Giles here think you're a dirtbag. Got a problem with that?"

    • gutbloom says:

      Did I miss a literary reference? Now I feel dumb but will leave my comment here, in all of its ignorance, to foster the virtue of humility which I so fervently desire.

  2. telecart says:

    Haha, I remeber that line from Brief History of Time made me burst out laughing.

    Also, this picture rocks on so many levels.

  3. duskwuff says:

    Or alligators, as the case may be.

  4. hafnir says:

    Extra points if there's this really really tiny alligator (crocodile?) on the head of the little one. Fractalgators (Fractaldiles?)!

  5. encapsulate says:

    Not excatly the same, but there's a pan handler in Key West FL who has a dog, and on that dog, he has a cat, and on that cat he has a mouse.

  6. p3rlm0nk says:

    Small world, I know most of the people in that thread.

  7. rearkick says:

    Wow. I feel stupid. I thought that was a Frogger reference.