20 Responses:

  1. bcon says:

    I, for one, welcome our enormous inflatable Muppet overlords...

  2. tregoweth says:

    And satisfied with his work, Super Grover flies away.

  3. fnoo says:

    If anybody has that at desktop background size (say 1280x1024) I would be most appreciative.

  4. autodidactic says:

    Super Grover IS GOD!!


  5. baconmonkey says:

    I am surpised that my searches for graver slash fanfi came up empty. I figured for sure there would be some Grover and Elmo slash out there.

  6. ammonoid says:

    Those things that are supposed to be fur look like veins to me. *shudder* Giant veiny Grover!

  7. tfofurn says:

    When I followed the link, I got the photo labeled #14. The URLs appear to be zero-origin, while the displayed numbers are one-origin. Perhaps you want this link, or am I missing the humor of linking to the other photo?

    It's also fun to reorient and imagine this being an overhead shot of Sir Grover scaling a castle wall to save Camilla from Sir Lies-a-lot.

  8. telecart says:

    Sweet miserable christ

  9. catonic says:


  10. mortgagezac says:

    Elmo is about to get medieval or your ass