giving new meaning to "Uncanny Valley"...

Apparently there's a new RealDoll model out with classy anime styling! Are its eyes larger than those of a human by the same ratio that its boobs are larger than its head?

Also, "All Realdolls will now include bottom teeth as a standard option, at no additional charge." Still waiting for the amputee model to come with a removable glass eye.


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25 Responses:

  1. dmlaenker says:

    How... positively... Uncanny!

  2. netik says:

    They now sell Vagina Dentata? Scary.

  3. avocado_tom says:

    um, wow.

    Why go to burning man when

  4. psymbiotic says:

    Dear Japanese People, please stop....oh wait, that's us. :p

    Egan >:>

  5. goth_kitty says:

    Anna Mae? She's actually been out for awhile. Scary.

  6. kallisti says:

    Thanks for keeping us...abreast...of these latest developments!

    Between this and the Octo-Tentacle porn, it really makes one wonder....nah, nevermind. Just don't want to go there...


  7. pygmalion says:

    Nothin' like a pair of tits that sag to girls belly button. Mmmmm.

  8. dossy says:

    "All Realdolls will now include bottom teeth as a standard option, [...]

    OMG, Realdolls came without bottom teeth, before?

    What, was that the "I already told her once" upgrade?

  9. lordshell says:

    This is really creeping me out.

    I'm thinkin' we shouldn't have dropped that second nuke on the japanese. We broke 'em.

  10. baconmonkey says:

    while that is creepy as hell, I find it's synthetic face makes it less creepy than the deathmask faces on the regular ones.

  11. C'mon Ursula! Let those things out! You know they're hotter than two fresh fucked foxes in a forest fire!

  12. billemon says:

    No SquickTime video?

  13. retrodiva1 says:

    That's so hot. It's like this gigantic out of control barbie doll. Can you say Cherry 2000?

  14. I've gotta say my favorite is the pre-teen looking realdoll...sick as it is, it's pretty realistic looking.