Danger Will Robinson!

If you use Missing Sync, it's going to ask you to upgrade to 5.0.2 today. If you value your sanity (and the contents of your calendar and address book) I really recommend you not. <LJ-CUT text=" --More--(13%) ">

Here's what I sent via their feedback form last night. No reply yet, except an auto-reply saying that the company will be completely shut down for Thanksgiving! Making it even more awesome that they did a release the day before. "Time to ship, save your buffers!"

I upgraded to 5.0.2 and synced, and all kinds of bad things happened:

  • every email address, postal address, and AIM handle in my addressbook was duplicated: if someone had 3 email addresses, now they had 6.
  • the tags on lots of those addresses changed from "work" or "home" to "other".

  • every "repeat yearly" entry in my iCal was duplicated. Now there are two copies of every birthday reminder I ever entered.

So I restored Library/Application Support from backup and tried again, this time saying "overwrite handheld at next sync" for contacts and events. That seemed to work at first, but:

  • then the next time I synced without doing "overwrite", it screwed up the start times of all of my events! E.g., every event that was "8pm - 10pm" is now "12am - 10pm"!

Should I downgrade to 5.0.1, or do you expect 5.0.3 to be out almost immediately?

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17 Responses:

  1. nester says:

    I think you should send the author the "poo" doll from here.

    Replete with note that reads "this is what i think of your upgrade."

  2. autopope says:

    Details, please? (Yes, I use TMS.)

    • jwz says:

      Details added. This is the second time I've made the rookie blunder of upgrading Palm-related software without backing up my Mac first, so it took me hours to reconstruct the events that got lost. Hopefully next time I'll remember.

  3. lroberson says:

    Thanks for the warning...

    I was just going to try to finagle ScummVM on the phone today in anticipation of impressing family mem... err... okay, fine, playing Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion to pass the time tomorrow.

  4. davidglover says:

    I'm still running v4, since v5 was a paid upgrade.

    Is it worth it?

    • autopope says:

      Well, if you can get network hotsync over wifi to work on a lifedrive more than one attempt out of ten you're a better man than me; but that's one of the features, and I have seen it working so I believe it exists, and it's just my screwed-up configuration that causes the LD to promptly shut down Wifi and start trying to dial in via my mobile phone ...

      • ewindisch says:

        how do you like the LD? Thinking of getting one.

        • autopope says:

          It's a palm with wifi, bluetooth, and a hard disk. Ergonomics are good and it does what it says on the can (for values of "does what it says" that correspond to modern PalmOS, i.e. as flaky as MacOS 7.5.3 with lots of twiddly patches on top, which is to say very flaky). Only real drawbacks: (a) when it resets, it takes ages to fsck the disk, and (b) I'm having weird trouble, probably due to a b0rked network connection configuration, such that it keeps trying to turn bluetooth on and talk to my phone instead of using wifi as directed.

          I am now drooling in the general direction of an Orange SPV-M5000 (aka HTC Universal, iMate JASJAR, etc).

    • jwz says:

      I didn't use v4 because it didn't seem to do anything that I cared about, but I had been happy with 5.0.1. It fixes the complaints I had about Apple's conduit, namely synchronizing all the address book and calendar fields instead of just some of them.

      • inoshiro says:

        I was considering buying the program, but the steep cost (half the price of the OS upgrade if Apple somehow manages to integrate this functionality into 10.5), and this post are causing me to delay that.

        It sucks that my two choices are PalmOS (which syncs via an old Carbon app out of the box, and has no official support from PalmSource), or WinCE (which is, by all reports, still shitty).

        Will Apple ever release a PDA? Hopefully.

  5. brianenigma says:

    5.0 wouldn't sync my address book at all. 5.0.2 had a bugfix that properly synced my address book. Oh, and it wiped my calendar but only after locking the Treo in such a way that it kept rebooting halfway through the boot sequence, requiring a hard-reset and subsequent restore (with Missing Sync's already questionable data). It still won't sync my calendar, but that may be a good thing considering each event is duplicated four times.

  6. violentbloom says:

    never ever do releases on fridays or right before holidays... duh!

    so weren't you previously raving about the treo??
    perhaps you just hadn't gotten to know it well enough.

  7. iamnoskcaj says:

    I haven't read your blog recently, but now that I'm here I'm happy to see that you're still using a Mac. I have been an open source user for many years. I try to volunteer my effots to projects that I love, but since I'm such a lousy, underdeveloped coder, my help hasn't always been the most useful.

    My home pc's have been running Linux since the mid-90's. I've also been fortunate enough to be in a decision making position at work, so I've been running Linux on my desktop at work since 2000. I run a local ISP and phone company where we not only run Linux on all our desktops in the NOC, but we also use it where appropriate on our servers.

    I've always been a Mac lover, but open source had my attention for so long, so I never bought one for the house. I used to play a double role at a couple jobs, that actually helped me get my foot in to the IT department. I scanned photos, designed ads, and worked on commercial publications. This type of work always had me using Macs. Growing up, my Dad had ingrained in me, the notion that Macs were toys that didn't get used in the business world. In fact, he went so far as to talk to my highschool computer programming teacher, and demand that I learn on an IBM compatible, instead of the Apple IIe's the rest of the class used. This prompted the teacher to pull out a trash-80, errr TRS80, where I plugged away for quite some time. We always had Tandy computers at our house until the technicians at my Dad's electronics store started building him generic beige boxes from the local parts store.

    My live-in girlfriend had a G4 Cube from 2000, but it overheated due to it's horrible ventilation system and complete lack of fans. She became a daily Linux user, and was proficient in GIMP, as well as tons of other desktop apps, but she never felt like she was "at home" with my Linux boxen. The truth is, she had no choice, because her Mac was dead. I think using Linux really killer her desire to work on graphic design.

    If I fast forward to this year, and compare my computing life before and after my first purchase of a Mac for myself, I'm so f*CKING amazed at the differences I'm finding. My artistic evdeavors on the computer hadn't slowed down while using Linux, they had crashed. I worked in GIMP and inkscape all the time, but I never moved through them with ease like I did/do with Adobe's products. I used to record/compose/sequence in Linux, using Audacity, Jesusonic, and anything else I could get my hands on, but my musical exploration was extremely limited. Now that I have my Mac I really am a more productive computer user at home. I use Garage Band religiously to slap together all my song ideas that I always have. I get more music done and I'm much faster, and enjoy it way more using my Mac. I work on graphic design and site design on a near daily basis now, and get way more done than I ever had. Mind you my 23inch LCD probably has a great deal of influence in my productivity in music and visual arts, but the ease-of-use and simple, sane defaults in the OS and applications means I tinker WAY less than I did on my Linux box.

    I actually only meant to say, "Cool! I'm glad to hear you're still using a Mac." but I obviously ran-on a little bit.

    • Let me close this book with a couple questions for you, jwz:
    • Are you still enjoying your Mac?
    • Do you still work on Open Source desktop projects? If so, are you doing your development on your Mac?
    • What text-editor do you use on your Mac?
    • Have you done any projects/hacks on the Mac platform?
    • Do you still catch a lot of shit for switching/staying with Macs

    If you read this book-of-a-post, thanks for your time. I'd love to hear your answers to these last six questions.


    • jwz says:

      I pretty much don't write software any more, except the occasional only-in-self-defense perl script. I use the Aqua port of XEmacs. Every couple of months I do some maintainance on xscreensaver by running X on the Mac (and that's the only time I run X.)